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Your Next Car May Let You Drive Hands-Free. Is That a Good Thing?



Car manufacturers are starting to sell cars equipped with automatic steering and cruise control to make driving easier, which should be a tedious experience, so that drivers can even drive hands-free in certain situations.

However, these characteristics raise new questions: How do you prevent people from being distracted while driving or making phone calls if they don’t have much to do with their hands?

Car manufacturers add safety technologies to prevent accidents, such as B. automatic emergency braking systems and systems that prevent a car from leaving its lane. Meanwhile, there are more and more car functions that make driving during rush hour or on the road less strenuous.

Some new systems allow drivers to keep their hands off the wheel on the highway or in traffic. They use sensors, radars and cameras to automatically centre the vehicle, control its speed and even change lanes.

General Motors Co.

In 2017, it was the first major car manufacturer to announce such features with its hands-free Super Cruise, which can be activated at the touch of a button on the steering wheel on most American motorways, allowing the car to take control of steering and speed.

Your Next Car May Let You Drive Hands-Free. Is That a Good Thing?

Tesla charging station in California. The car manufacturer has recently made a test version of the updated autopilot available to some owners, the company’s function for driver assistance.


David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News

The Detroit-based car manufacturer now plans to introduce the technology in about 2023, compared to just one Cadillac model to date.

Ford Motor Co.

F -1.45%

The company said recently that it will offer similar technology in 100,000 F-150 pickups and Mustang Mach-E electric sports vehicles starting next year.

Honda Motor Co.

CMC -0.45%.

In the coming months, Japan plans to launch a sedan that will allow drivers to completely relinquish control of the vehicle in heavy traffic or on the highway. The technology will even allow drivers to take their eyes off the road, although they must regain control of the road at all times, the company says. In Japan, the authorities approved the use of the product in November.

Honda said she hadn’t announced any plans to deploy the technology outside of Japan.

In the meantime,

Tesla Inc.

TSLA 2.44%.

reports that it has recently released a test version of its updated autopilot, the autopilot driver assistance function.


Would you be more inclined to buy a car that offers a hands-free system? Why or why not? Take part in the discussion below.

The $10,000 feature, which the company calls Complete Self-Driving, extends the use of automated functions to other types of roads and adds features such as navigation at intersections of highways.

The promise of completely driverless cars has faded in recent years as developers strive to improve the technology. But car manufacturers are increasingly equipping models with driverless car parts in order to offer so-called ‘driver assistance’ packages in the hope of gaining a competitive advantage and boosting sales.

They allow car manufacturers to offer consumers truly attractive and differentiated features at a reasonable price, he said.

Glen the Fox,

CTO of Aptiv PLC, a supplier of software and components used in driver assistance systems.

Consumer Reports recently tested 17 models that combine automatic steering and cruise control. According to the magazine, these systems can reduce driver fatigue, but their performance varies considerably depending on how smoothly they brake and accelerate or keep the car in the middle of the lane.

Nevertheless, safety defenders are concerned that drivers who have less to do behind the wheel may be tempted to look at their phones or be distracted by other things, which could lead to an accident.

When we put this technology in cars, we have to remember to ensure reasonable driver participation, he said.

Brian Reimer,

an M.I.T. investigator studying driver assistance systems.

Some advocates have criticized Tesla for promoting his latest update as a self-propelled system, claiming that the system is not completely self-sufficient, and advocates say that the test system should not be tested on public roads.

Tesla did not respond to requests for comments. The manufacturer of electric cars has previously indicated that the accident rate is lower when the Autopilot driver assistance system is activated than when it is not.

Automakers have installed camera-based systems that track drivers’ concentration and warn them when their attention shifts, executives and analysts say. General Motors and


BMW 1.78%.

use this technology to attract drivers, and Ford and other companies plan to use them in their future models. Such systems have been praised by researchers.

Mr De Vos d’Aptiv said that the company is working with five car manufacturers to equip cars with camera-based driver tracking systems.

According to the company, the owners of Cadillac have driven around 6.5 million kilometres hands-free using Super Cruise technology. A series of beeps warns the driver when his attention is diverted from the road.

Mario Maiorana,

GM Super Cruise’s chief engineer said it has become a point of sale for buyers, noting that 85% of owners say this feature will be an important factor in their next car purchase.

People have told us that they feel they have arrived at their destination fresh and settled because of our work, he said.

He stated that the latest update has improved driver control technology. It can now follow the driver’s eyes, not just the position of the head, to better determine whether the driver is stuck on the road or elsewhere.

A U.S. Senate Act introduced this year would require the U.S. Department of Transportation to study whether control systems for drivers could reduce driver distraction and possibly make their use mandatory in future models. Legislation introduced by Edward Markey (D., Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.) in July is still pending.

A spokesman for the department’s National Highway Safety Administration said it is studying whether driver control systems are effective in detecting and alleviating driver inattention or disorder.

The increasing availability of driver support systems has led to the introduction of a wide range of functions that vary according to the model and manufacturer of the vehicle, such as

Kelly Funkhouser,

The Vehicle Test Manager leads the automated coverage of vehicles in consumer reports.

All these systems behave so differently, and there are no performance or design standards, she said. We need more consistency.

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Cam Newton Gives N’Keal Harry New On-Field Role




The New England Patriots and Cam Newton need a big show on Sunday. What they need more than anything is a victory, and that will probably come when Newton can connect with his lucky guy.

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What are the odds?

Newton N’Keel referred to Harry on Thursday when he was asked about his second year in a live press conference.

is looking for pictures with N’Keel Harry.

Most of the season the Patriots’ passing game was mocked.

Newton got a lot of the criticism, but the receivers got a lot of the blame. Harry is the biggest media and fan-eater among the receivers. The selection of the first round of 2019 has been criticized several times for not reaching the level of the players who were drafted for it last year, such as B, for example. Seattle Seahawks, Metcalf and Tennessee Titans, A.J. Brown.

During the last two games we had some glimpses of what most people hoped to see from Harry. He was more physical and ready to embark on the adventure despite some tight coverage. A player like Harry, who is six feet tall and weighs 230 pounds, should win in these situations.

In one of these situations, Harry scored his second touchdown of the season two weeks ago against the Los Angeles Chargers (45-0). The following week Harry showed some brilliant flashes of genius by making some impressive rescues and almost caused a huge defensive passage.

He ended the race with a modest 49 meter reception, which was enough to lead the team in this category. This performance, although lost to the Los Angeles Rams, was still an improvement for Harry.

Based on Harry’s clues that allowed him to turn a corner, Newton was asked to talk about the development of the young receiver. Newton recognized Harry’s improvement and growth. He also called him the lucky man.

That means Harry is the kind of receiver you try your luck with by throwing a pass in the air and relying on your catch.

You can watch the whole interview in the video below.

Cam Newton on snow in New England, Julian Edelman in practice and more | Patriots Press Conference The Patriots’ quarterback, Cam Newton, spoke at the 17th December live Internet press conference on training with Julian Edelman, his confidence in N’Keal Harry, the preparation of the Dolphins and more.

Good strategy.

Let’s face it, the Patriot attack could take more fire out of the field.

One gets the impression that Newton is unable to implement these plans, but the statistics do not confirm this pessimism, nor do some of the highlights of this season.

Edelman grabs a nice bomb from Cam NewtonJulian Edelman puts a reel on a deep throw from Cam Newton. The New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks in week two of the 2020 NFL season. Subscribe to the NFL: Check out our other channels: Para más contenido de la NFL and Español

Cam Newton connects to Damir Bird for a long touchdown passAll rights reserved by NFL2020-11-22T22:22:38Z

Statistically, Newton ranks 2nd in the NFL for ball accuracy at depth (on any pass of 20 meters or more) with a completion rate of 57.9%, according to the Player Profiler. However, he is 33rd on the ranking for deep ball attempts with only 19.

It’s the kind of shot and look that would give Harry a good chance of success, and it’s probably the kind of ball that Newton throws the best. Why don’t you see that Harry gets those odds four or five times a game?

Not to mention the fact that Damiere Bird looks like this more often than not. Harry still has a chance to become a weapon in the passing game, but something tells me he needs more opportunities to become a man of chance.

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Can Broncos’ Melvin Gordon, Javonte Williams and Mike Boone all get carries? – Denver Broncos Blog




In the NFL, almost anything is possible, but only rarely do you see a high-usage running back trio. Since we likely won’t see the Broncos in the playoffs this year, I thought a good time to ask the question, “Can Broncos’ Melvin Gordon, Javonte Williams and Mike Boone all get carries? – Denver Broncos Blog”

The Denver Broncos are playing four preseason games this year, and each one will serve as a small window into how the roster is shaping up for the season. As we get ready for the NFL season, here are four questions to ask as we head into the preseason:

With the Denver Broncos finalizing their 53-man roster and practice squad, the battle for the team’s third running back spot continues unabated. So far, the battle has boiled down to three contenders: rookie running back Devontae Booker, free agent running back Justin Forsett, and former Bronco running back Mike Boone. Each has some advantages and disadvantages to his resume..

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Although the Denver Broncos’ running back position isn’t as scrutinized as the quarterback battle, it might be the greatest uncertainty of training camp, apart from what happens to Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater.

Melvin Gordon’s RB1 position, the role of rookie second-round selection Javonte Williams, free-agent signee Mike Boone’s vision, and what happens to Royce Freeman are all topics that are presently being discussed.

Before the start of training camp, Broncos coach Vic Fangio remarked, “There’s enough work for everyone.” “… We admire [Gordon], we admire [Javonte] Williams, and we admire [Mike] Boone. As a result, you can never have enough backs, and I’m sure that there will be enough work for everyone.”

The division of labor, on the other hand, is the stumbling block.

“I can’t be concerned about who I’m competing against,” Melvin Gordon, a running back for the Denver Broncos, stated. “… I’m always going to grind, and I’m always going to get it. I’ll do everything it takes to assist this squad win. That is why I have come.” David Zalubowski/AP Photo

The pads arrived on Tuesday, so the Broncos’ running backs are in the early steps of demonstrating their abilities in a full-contact session. Since the first snap of their offseason training, one thing has been clear: things will be different at RB1. When Williams and Boone are healthy, it’s impossible to see Gordon’s touch count not dropping.

Gordon led the Broncos in carries (215), running yards (986) and rushing touchdowns (10) in 2020, after Phillip Lindsay sustained knee and hip ailments as well as a concussion on his way to injured reserve (nine). However, with the appointment of general manager George Paton, the outlook on the backfield was somewhat altered.

The Broncos revoked Lindsay’s restricted free-agent tender, and he was forced to enter the open market (signed in Houston). The Broncos signed Boone in free agency and selected Williams in the second round of the April draft. Williams is “one of our favorite players in the draft,” according to Paton, who also believes Boone, who played for the Vikings during Paton’s time as deputy general manager, can be a key contributor.

Williams, who led major college football in broken tackles last season, is expected to demonstrate his power/quickness combo in the preseason, and has already showed the Broncos that he is at ease in the passing game.

“I’m simply demonstrating that I’m not a one-dimensional person,” Williams said. “I know how to put on a show. That’s something I’m capable of. Many people have told me that I’m simply a downhill runner. When I got home, one of the things I worked on a lot was catching the ball. Because I’m aware that in the league, if you want to be in the game for a long time, you must be able to do more than just run.”

It’s unclear what this implies for Gordon’s workload. And Gordon, who acknowledged last week that he got “too caught up” in his rivalry with Lindsay during training camp last summer, says he’s taking a more strategic approach this time.

“I have the greatest faith in myself to come out here and work,” Gordon said. “So when my number is called, I do what I need to do.” “I can’t be concerned about who I’m up against… I’m always going to grind, and I’m always going to get it. I’ll do everything it takes to assist this squad win. That is why I have come.”

When asked how he became “entrapped” in the fight with Lindsay, a Denver native, Gordon replied:

“Many individuals in this town adore Phil… They believe you are depriving them of their man. It lingered in my mind for a while. I got over it and dealt with the situation as best I could. We’re going to share this thing and create our own plays, I added.”

Reporters from NFL Nation break down each division to help you prepare for the season.

• NFC East | AFC East; NFC North | AFC North; NFC South | AFC South; NFC West | AFC West; NFC West | AFC West; NFC East | AFC East; NFC North | AFC North; NFC South | AFC South; NFC West | AFC

The preseason games may provide a clearer look at the rotation, but while Gordon was absent from the Broncos’ summer training, except for two days of required minicamp practice, the Broncos dialed Williams’ phone often, and the youngster answered. As the club proceeded through OTAs and minicamp, Williams and Boone shared the work with the starters.

So far in training camp, all three have worked with the starters in some capacity. None of this includes the addition of Royce Freeman, the Broncos’ third-round selection in the 2018 draft.

Gordon’s guaranteed salary was up for grabs until his DUI charges were dropped in March (he pleaded guilty to careless driving after an incident last October). Gordon’s $4.5 million basic pay is guaranteed now that the allegations against him have been dropped, and he earned a $2 million roster bonus when he arrived to camp last week.

In the end, Fangio has said that the run game will play an important role in the Broncos’ desire to become “more physical” on offense.

“The notion that the ball is being passed a lot more in the NFL than it used to be is just not accurate,” Fangio said. “Passes have risen four-point-something percent since 1980, according to a research I conducted this year. You must still be able to start and stop it. Yes, certain teams depend on one more than others, but the ability to run the ball is still crucial.”

The Denver Broncos have a running back depth chart that could make or break the team’s season. The team’s youngest back, RB Michael Boone, has yet to see meaningful action and hasn’t participated in the team’s off-season workouts due to a hamstring injury. RBs Devontae Booker and Kapri Bibbs have struggled with injuries as well and have been unable to be a consistent force on the ground. Meanwhile, veteran RB C.J. Anderson signed with the team in the off-season but has failed to live up to his expectations and has been replaced by RB Jamaal Charles.

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CIF Updated Plan for the Return of Educational-Based Athletics




The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Central Chapter has a plan to bring educational athletics back to the weekend, but still does not have a direct return method.

Just so you know, we have not received any updates from the County Health Department at this time regarding practices, competitions, levels, etc., the Central Division Commissioner Ryan Tos said in an email to track and field directors. At this stage the practice with the cohort can take place as long as there is social distance. In any case, contact your province and district, as local authorities may be stricter.

They pointed out that one of the clarifications the central department has received is that as long as a particular district has the Home Rule, no competition is allowed under the CPHRC rules, but that the practice can continue as long as the Home Rule is in force.

Below is a proposal for an updated return schedule for the Central Athletics Section:

Everyone in California wants students to resume their personal activities, sports, and all other extracurricular activities that are so important to their physical and mental well-being. As the rate of transmission of COVID-19 is increasing dramatically in California, communities across the state must continue to take steps to limit the spread of the virus. Therefore, we ask ALL Californians to wear a mask, be socially distant, limit domestic blending, and follow all basic hygiene measures. In this way, the CIF contest can start before the 25th anniversary, if possible, as allowed by the California Department of Public Health guidelines. Public authorities will continue to monitor epidemiological trends. The following information does not provide an indication of the full extent of the FRA’s lead. Bitte folgen Sie dem Link met dem Titel CDPH Youth Sports Handbook auf der nechste Seite des gesamten Dokuments.

– Corporal training, training, training, development of fertility bikes and drills can be carried out in freienne with a corporeal distance of 6 FTEs and internally stable team members and remain unaffected by occupational status. These activities can be carried out in the gymnasium after the gymnasium and the fitness centre have been completed. In rural areas which are subject to the Regional Stay at Home Ordinance, only such activities are eligible for the rural district status that comply with the terms of the Ordinance.

– Wettkämpfe, Begegnungen, Rennen oder ähnliche Veranstaltungen sind nur erlaubt, wenn (a) both Mannschaften in selben Distrikt sind and die Sportart erlaubt is erlaubt, or (b) the Mannschaften sind in direct aangrenzenden Distrikten sind and die Sportart in beide Distrikten erlaubt is.

– The state is not currently known.

– The occupations described in this document are for standorte/Regions in which teams, schools and individuals are active (e.g. where the players are located, where the equipment is located, e.g.).

– Turniers or change hands with more than two teams are not currently approved in Kalifornien. We have been able to achieve this by setting up a number of sports clubs for the development of sports events and we have also been able to support the sports clubs themselves in the best possible way: Leichtathletik, Cross-country skiing, Golf, Skifahren and Snowboarding, Tennis and Schwimmen/Tauchen.

Schools must continue to comply with all the guidelines of their Bezirks and their Bezirks- or Privat-/Parochialschulvorstands.

This document does not contain any medical or legal documentation. Schulen und Schulbezirke should be supported by their local administrative bodies and their own legal status.

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