From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a galaxy far, far away? Sebastian Stan says he hasn’t yet discussed a successor to Star Wars icon Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, but the Falcon and Winter Soldier star isn’t ruling out the possibility of playing an iconic character you don’t want[spoiler]. When Hamill responded to Stan’s uncanny resemblance to the young Luke during a 2017 appearance together on Good Morning America, the Star Wars veteran was asked which other actor might play a live-action role, Hamill notched Stan too well to play the farm boy-turned-Jedi before saying the Marvel star didn’t need his approval to become Disney and Lucasfilm’s new Luke Skywalker.

I keep hearing about [the Luke Skywalker rumors] and I’m always a little embarrassed, because if these kinds of rumors are going around, why doesn’t anyone call me about it? Stan told MTV Asia. Like everyone else, I grew up with Star Wars, and for me, The Empire Strikes Back was one of my favorite movies. And Mark Hamill is one of the most iconic personalities, and Luke Skywalker is an iconic character, so of course, it’s not my choice. It’s not like it’s me. Anyway, it will sort itself out, and if it affects me in some way, who knows.

Asked about the role of Luke Skywalker, Stan said that people love seeing him in the role and that he has always wondered what would happen to Luke once Return of the Jedi was over.

How, where will he go, what will happen to him? I think these questions would be very interesting, Stan said. And of course, this is another one of those things where you say: Well, you don’t want to make that character angry. They want to do things right. Anyway, we’ll see.

When Stan returned to GMA in March to promote Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he said he would only believe the Luke Skywalker rumors if Mark Hamill called me personally and told me he felt ready to share the role with me. In a tweet, Hamill reiterated that he has no say in Lucasfilm’s decisions.

After playing an older Luke in all three chapters of the studio’s Star Wars trilogy, an older Hamill and a Max Lloyd Jones lookalike played a 20-year-old Luke when the character made his appearance in the season finale of the Mandalorian series. The Star Wars series is currently set five years after Return of the Jedi, in 1983.

we were getting along great, and I thought: Oh, that’s a little scary. But he’s a great actor, Hamill said of Stan during his 2017 appearance on Good Morning America. People say: Will you help him become a young Luke Skywalker when they make these movies? I thought so: He doesn’t need me. He’s an experienced enough actor to stand on his own two feet, and I don’t have to put my thumb on the scale because I’m not the one who decides. This is the decision of Disney and Lucasfilm. I don’t want to bother any other potential Lukes.

Hamill added: But I’d love to work with him. I’d always want to play his father.

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