Detroit Lyons interim coach Darrell Bevell said the team will probably decide by the end of the week on Monday whether to play quarterback Matthew Stafford after suffering a rib injury in Sunday’s loss at Green Bay.

When asked whether Stafford had broken his ribs, Bewell replied that the X-rays were negative, but that he had no other information about his injuries.

It will be a deal that we will make by the end of the week, Bavell said. This afternoon is a bit better than this morning, so let’s see how it goes.


While the Lions put the quarterback’s situation in order, Bevell said the reinforcements Chase Daniel and David Blow will need more time to train this week, while Stafford tries to recover.

Stafford was injured by a shot from Packer’s defender Kenny Clarke as he slid into the fourth quarter. He stayed for another game, Kerrion Johnson’s touchdown, but caught the left side of his belly in celebration of the touchdown. He did not return to the race and was not available after the race – a rare event in his career.

Bevell said he talked to Stafford in the dressing room after the game on Sunday evening to see how he was doing and then again on Monday morning. He did this more to control his health than to learn to gamble. Bevell said it would take a long time to keep him away because of his hardness.

Stafford, 32, has been known throughout his career for his stamina – he has played with hand, finger and back injuries in recent years. Even on Sunday against Green Bay Stafford, he tried to throw on the sidelines to see if he could get back in the game before the combination of pain and the ability to do what was required of him led Bevell to put Daniel in place.

Bavelle, who played quarterback at the University of Wisconsin, said it would depend on where the injury is and how Stafford feels during the week. Bevell said you use the left side a little more than the right side, so you have to check that and how much you can squeeze.

Of course he certainly is, but we’ll use all the resources we have, which means we’ll have staff for sports education, we’ll have doctors, and then of course he’ll have a great voice when it comes to how he feels, Bevell said. We will look at the tests with our eyes and see how they work, but the most important thing is that they are based on performance.

If he is able to work at a sufficiently high level, he will perform well and has two years to defend himself.

Monday Detroit took another step forward: Beavell announced that debutant Jeff Oakuda will undergo surgery at the end of the season and that the team will add him to the injury reserve later this week.

Baywell said Okuda has had a difficult season with injuries and retirements, but he sees a bright future for third place this year.

He’ll be better off just for what he’s been through this year, Mr Bevell said. And I expect him to come in and do this operation, to come back with a renewed attitude and new efforts to get in shape, to prepare for the game and to prepare for this crush.

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