The last time we saw Big E, he was carried out on a stretcher after being brutally attacked by Apollo Crews. Crews throws a number of steel kicks in the air that landed on Big E last week, rendering him undeployable. Then we saw Crews come out with a tougher character and a new persona, and tonight we finally got Big E’s answer to what happened in SmackDown. Big E came out with all kinds of braces and bandages, but he quickly took them off and looked better than ever as he walked to the ring.

After grabbing the microphone, Rick approached Crews. When I was in a hospital because of you, Apollo, I had a lot of time to think, and Apollo, I hope and pray that you know what you did, because you crossed the Rubicon. You’ve opened Pandora’s box, Big E says. There’s no turning back. There’s nothing to be sorry about. To fix it. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Because you, Apollo, made me follow the Bible, I must follow the Old Testament with you, because now, now, an eye for an eye. You take one from me and I’ll take two from you. You came here to hurt me, and I came here to hurt you.

If you step on my lawn, I will destroy your home. You and me. Are you panning now? That’s not good enough. Now I have to finish with you. I have to finish this with you. You want what I’ve been working for. You want what’s mine. Very good, very good. Because now, now I’m ready to give it to you. To give you exactly what you deserve. We don’t have to wait. We don’t have to wait at all. Join me tonight and get the chance you’ve been waiting for. Mint. Mint. Do you want some? You begged him, you came for him. Take it now, Big E said.

The crew didn’t leave. I’m not surprised. Not surprised at all, Big E said, panicking. Everyone dressed up to defend my Intercontinental Championship, and that’s what I’m going to do. So if you don’t get yours, I challenge anyone who wants it. Come and get it.

MESSAGE SENT. @WWEApollo #SmackDown

– WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) March 13, 2021

King Corbin then enters the ring and tells E to calm down and stop acting crazy. But if he wanted to open the challenge, he wasn’t dressed for the game, but he wouldn’t have minded ripping his suit for 10,000.

He was interrupted by Sami Zayn, who took up the challenge and said it was the perfect ending to the documentary. He also said Corbin never took it and it was caught on camera.

Big E called them idiots and said whoever gets in first gets the game. Zayn came in first and Big E started hitting him with punches before hitting him with the Big End sending him out of the ring. Corbin instructed Zayn on the outside.

The bell rang and the game began. E went straight for Zayn and pulled him into the corner. The big knee hurt a little, and then Rick hit him again with his big knee. Zayn would change the pace, but would end up on the mat after a big elbow from Big E.

Big E then threw Zayn into the corner and Zayn landed hard on his neck and back. He stood up, looking normal, and wanted to slow Big E down with an elbow from the top of the turnbuckle, but when Zayn grabbed again, Big E ducked.

Zayn tries to escape but E hits him with forearms at ringside and then tries a splash but Zayn rolls out of the way. Zayn then hits E hard and almost gets the beating, but it’s not enough to keep the champion down. E would then hit Zayn with the Big End, and that was enough for the pin and the win.

As he celebrated Crews’ music kick, Crews ambushed him from behind by attacking him and then giving E a suplex before he even had a chance to sit down. Crews then had to get back up and hit E with another suplex, standing over his opponent.

Crews then grabs those steel shovels and shoves them into Big E’s arm and wrist, and the champ is clearly in pain after hitting the floor. Crews was in the ring on those steel steps, and this feud is far from over.

Here’s the official description of tonight’s SmackDown show.

On Friday night’s SmackDown, Daniel Bryan and World Champion Roman Reigns officially announced their title fight, Bianca Belair and World Champion Sasha Banks join Kevin Owens in the KO show, Intercontinental Champion Big E returns to the Blue Brand, and more! It all starts at 8:07 p.m. on FOX!

Here’s the map:

Daniel Bryan and Roman sign with Fastlane.

Bianca Behler and Sasha Banks appear on the KO show.

Large profits

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