Dana Mullen had Boston under control when she attacked the victim. (Photo: Aberdeen Journals, Lt.)

A woman was attacked by a dog so violent it left a tooth in her head.

Lynsey Casson, 37, a veterinary assistant, was attacked by an American bulldog when she took her dog to a community garden in Aberdeen.

The dog began to paralyze her, dragging her to the ground and biting her head, arm and both legs, forcing her to scream for help.

Dana Mullen, 42, who at the time was caring for a dog named Boston that belonged to her daughter, was sentenced to nine months in prison for assault and 15 months for assault and theft.

Aberdeen Sheriff’s Court has learned that the attack took place outside the Shapinsay Road property in Aberdeen.

said Ms. Casson: I’m glad she’s serving a prison sentence, but I don’t think it’s fair that I’m disabled for life and she only gets nine months for assault. I have to take heavy medication, I go to a PTSD therapist, and my life is irrevocably changed.

Lynsey Casson with her dog Rogue (photo: Aberdeen magazines Lt).

I’m not surprised at the length of the sentence, but I am disgusted. If I was a kid, I’d be dead.

I don’t feel safer knowing it’s locked. I’m a veterinary administrator, so I see negligent dog owners every day, and some of them expect an accident.

There should be more rules about owning a dog because almost anyone can buy one.

Lynsey, who feared for his life at the time of the incident, required surgery on his hand and ankle and remained in hospital for three days.

She then discovered that there was a tooth in his head.

Mullen has now returned to court via video link from his custody to be sentenced in connection with the Covid channel delay.

Mullen, an inmate of HMP Grampian, had previously pleaded guilty to murder on the 25th. June for driving a dog that dangerously swung and repeatedly bit a woman’s head and body, leaving her injured and maimed for life.

Lynsey Casson’s injuries after the attack (Photo: Aberdeen Journals, Lt.).

Linsey’s legs were bitten during the attack. (Photo: Aberdeen Journals, Lt.)

She also confessed to two charges in connection with a separate incident in which she threatened or insulted a woman on the 6th and assaulted a second woman. August and stole it.

Defense attorney Alex Byrne told the court that Mullen had left the dog in the yard to relieve himself, but had returned to the house to light the lighter when the attack occurred.

He said: As soon as she found out, she immediately went out to try to get her dog back.

Compared to the other charges, she doesn’t remember much of it.

Sheriff William Summers said: Anyone who owns or cares for a dog, especially one as large and powerful as an American bulldog, has a responsibility to take good care of it.

The court had already heard that the dog had already been euthanized, but this turned out not to be true, so the sheriff also ordered the destruction of the animal.

With regard to another matter, Ms. Ward informed the Court that on 6… August at 8:25 25 м. The sixth. In August, the victim was walking along Hilton Drive in Aberdeen when she heard the suspect walking behind her.

She said: As the woman approached the Roxburgh home, the suspect approached her from behind, put his arm around her neck and said: I have a knife.

The suspect grabbed the bag she was carrying and tried to snatch it out of her hands while repeating: Give me your bag, I have a knife.

The woman then dropped her purse and the suspect fled.

The total value of the bag and its contents is around £200.

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