Craig struggled with the release of Netflix’s documentary Tiger King (Photo: ITV).

Who wants to be a millionaire? Viewers screamed again on television after a question about Tiger King left one of the contestants puzzled.

Craig appeared on Sunday’s episode to try and win the million pound jackpot, but he ran into a technical obstacle on television.

Tiger King explored the strange underworld of big cat breeding and took the world by storm when the film was released on Netflix last year.

He was asked a question: What is the theme of the Netflix 2020 documentary series in which Joe meets Exotic Carol Baskin?

The choices were the American big cat community, the failed luxury music festival, Cambridge Analytica data hacking and New York drag queens.

The audience then probably shouted A on their screens, but Craig admitted he wasn’t sure and used his 50-50 lifeline to remove the two wrong answers, hoping it would help him.

Craig came home £32,000 richer (Picture: ITV)

He was arrested at the Failed Luxury Music Festival and the New York Drag Queens, but he didn’t come close to answering.

He then decided to call a friend to see if he knew which option was right, but he had no idea either.

Craig then turned to Jeremy Clarkson and used his Ask the Host lifeline.

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Fortunately, Jeremy had seen the documentaries and told Craig that he was fascinated by the story of the crazy people who raise fat cats.

Today, confidently, Craig chose option A – the big cat community in America – and was able to move on.

The competitor was relieved, but the audience was surprised that he had to use three lifelines to answer the question.

How has this guy never heard of the Tiger King !!!!

– Laura Whitmore (@thewhitmore) January 17, 2021

It’s time to wrap up my Who Wants to Make Millions application because this kid almost got fired for the Tiger King question and I think I won 125K.

– Lyle Anderson (@lylylyle) January 17, 2021

Others, however, said not everyone would have had the time to watch television during last year’s pandemic.

Anyone who makes a man look like he wants to make millions wonders why they haven’t seen The Tiger King. I wasn’t looking. I am a key worker and work was busier than ever in 2020, not everyone was sitting at home watching Netflix! Leave the guy alone!

– Kerry (@Kerri_may) January 17, 2021

I can’t believe the number of people commenting on Tiger King, Normal People and Netflix.
Not everyone sat at home and paid for television. Some of us worked. #Who wants to be a billionaire #

– Steve Bradstreet (@stevebradstreet) January 17, 2021

Craig did well in the end and went home with £32,000 in his pocket.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire continues on Sunday at 8pm on ITV.

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