Star Wars and EA are the antithesis of fan appreciation. On one hand, fans love Star Wars, even if the sequel trilogy has become polarizing. In the meantime, you have EA, which has an almost legendary reputation in the gaming industry. That’s not to say that the deal between the two entertainment moguls seems to last forever. Actually, the fans hated it. But now this marriage of Disney (who owns Star Wars) and EA is starting to change. With the acquisition of LucasArts to Lucasfilm Games, Disney is distancing itself from the EA deal. With the rebranding of Lucasfilm Games, new deals have recently been made with Ubisoft and Bethesda, who are already working on their respective games.

But what exactly does this Disney move mean for the future of Star Wars games? Is this CEW abandonment a good thing or a bad thing? What else can we expect from this news? We’ll figure it out.

We can hope for more and better Star Warsgames

The first and most important argument is the quantity and quality of the game. In the seven years that EA has exclusively released Star Wars games, they’ve only released four. It was Battlefront, Battlefront II, Jedi: Order and squadrons have broken down. The worst part is that none of the four games were a resounding success. In fact, all four games were mediocre, if not mediocre. With the exception of Fallen Order, everything EA has done in its time with the Star Wars franchise has been criticized for its poor story and lack of substance.

As more and more developers step into the breach, we can expect to see new games released in the coming years. Ubisoft already has an open game in the works, and we can expect more to be revealed soon. This doesn’t take anything away from the experts either. After all, his contract runs until 2023.

Lucasfilm Games Vice President Douglas Riley clarified this point: We will continue to work with them and our relationship has never been stronger. While we can’t share many details at this time, we do have a number of [Star Wars] projects with talented teams at EA. We don’t really know what games we’re talking about yet.

As a result, there will be more studios developing video games in the Star Wars universe. More games means we have a better chance of getting a great game. In addition, these developers will compete with each other for potential exclusivity offers. All involved will undoubtedly do their utmost to curry favor with Lucasfilm Games and Disney.

More content, less microtransactions

One of the biggest criticisms of the way EA handled the Battlefront series was the heavy microtransactions. These are certainly not unique Star Wars games. EA’s penchant for microtransactions has been heavily criticized, especially for the FIFA series.

In addition to the gambling problems that are angering lawmakers in Europe, microtransactions are also causing gambling problems. The need for microtransactions and looting has a big impact on the balance of gaming, especially in multiplayer. It’s obviously very frustrating for the actors.

If EA Games isn’t the only offender when it comes to microtransactions and loot, it’s certainly one of the worst. Meanwhile, Ubisoft and Bethesda also had problems with fans because of their microtransaction policies. But with Lucasfilm Games at the helm, we can expect microtransactions to at least be muted in the next Star Wars games.

With fewer microtransactions in future games, developers can focus on more important things: more content, better service, better stability, and better stories. But that’s just wishful thinking. Only time will tell if the future of Star Wars games will still be dominated by microtransactions.

Fewer Star Wars titles cancelled

Many games are planned for EA’s Star Wars universe, but not all of them have been released yet. When Disney announced its deal with EA in 2013, EA split the game’s development between three studios: Biowar (Mass Effect, Dragon Age), DICE (Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge) and Visceral (Dead Space). Of the three studios initially tasked with developing the new Star Wars games, only DICE was able to publish the planned designs. You’ve created a critical Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II.

The visceral throw is two sets for the top line: Yuma and Ragtag. Yuma should be like Assassin’s Creed: Black flag in space, where you board other ships with the help of the Millennium Falcon. Senior management specifically refused to approve Yuma. Meanwhile, another project has been given the green light. Ragtag is supposed to be like Uncharted, but in the Star Wars universe… When EA Games wrapped up Visceral Games in 2017, Ragtag went with them.

Around the same time, the task of developing a solo game for the Star Wars universe was given to Respawn Entertainment and Motive Games. Respawn created the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which was better received than both Battlefront games. In the meantime, Motive Games bought Ragtag, but decided to work on another project instead. They started working on Orca, an open-world Star Wars game. But that was also cancelled. Senior management decided to give up on the Orcs in favor of the Relays, as they would be able to release them much sooner.

With Bethesda and Ubisoft jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon, one would hope there would be less news of game cancellations and more news of successful launches. One can only hope.


Overall, this Disney initiative is viewed positively by fans. Star Wars fans have been clamoring for EA’s head for seven years. Now that EA no longer has total control over the fate of the Star Wars video games, fans are hoping to travel back in time. When LucasArts was responsible for developing and publishing Star Wars games, there was a Star Wars game for every genre. If we’re sure the golden age of Star Wars games will never return, we’re sure this deal will return to form.

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