How did Aaron Rodgers prepare for his two-week gig as host on Jeopardy!

Here’s what you’d expect from a quarterback of the Green Bay Packers: how he prepared for the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship.

Despite having seen hundreds of episodes and being a top contender in 2015, Rogers returned to film.

Rogers announced in January that he would be a guest when the show finds a way to replace host Alex Trebek, who died on the 8th. November died of cancer at the age of 80. Rogers said two weeks of episodes were recorded in two days in February. The first episode will air on Monday.

I’ve watched hours and hours of episodes, Rogers said Friday in a phone interview. Thankfully, Netflix has a few seasons and I’m back on DVR. But I had to see it from a different angle, Alex. As a fan, I couldn’t watch it anymore.

I took pages and pages of notes. I wrote down everything he said about a clue. I wrote how he would react if they were wrong. I recorded the minor points of the show. I wrote down everything he could have done to break it. I wrote down what he said during the break. Literally, I learned it like no other. I just wanted to crush him.

Aaron Rodgers is expecting a viral moment during his first episode of Jeopardy! The host will be aired on Monday. Courtesy of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

And it looks like Rogers has Geopardy!

The first day was training and Rodgers said he could honestly say they weren’t ready for me yet.

I know they weren’t expecting what I would bring, but I was so prepared, Rogers said. I was ready. So we go to the first game, the first round, 30 questions in the Jeopardy round, and after the first 15 questions, we take a break. It’s in your ear: Take a break. So I took a break, and there was a break, and I think it’s like that for everyone: Hey, okay, this guy knows what he’s doing here.

One of the big producers said the same thing. It’s her: I appreciate your approach. And I felt that the best way to honor Alex’s memory was to be prepared, and that’s the approach I took. So I was ready to rock and roll.

Rogers soon discovered that as moderator of his panel, he could see on a screen what the contestants wrote for their final Jeopardy questions. Rogers couldn’t say too much, but he did touch on what he believes was a viral moment from the first episode.

Just wait until you see the first show and what the defending champion has written, and then think about me standing on the stage watching him write, Rogers said. For 25 seconds I watch him write, he thinks about the answer and says: I’m going to write a response that will probably be one of the most viral moments of my two weeks, a response that capitalizes on something that happened to us at the end of the season.

But as a presenter, it was great, I watch it and think: I can’t believe I’m seeing him write this. It was incredible.

Rogers said some of the best moments were on set. It reminded him of sitting in the locker room and talking to Packers staffers who have been there for years.

Many of the people who worked on the show were lifeguards, Rogers said. There are so many that have been there for over 25 years. Alex was 36, I think. The lead author, Billy [Sage], has been there for 31 years. Lisa [Broffman], one of the producers, has been there for 30 years, I think. The makeup artists are incredible, they’ve been around for 27 and 29 years. It was nice to hear those stories.

It’s like in the ballpark, where if you’re an older guy, you’re attracted to guys like [outfitter] Red Batty and T-Bone [Tom Bakken], [retired athletic trainer] Pepper Burruss and [current coach] Kurt Fielding. They have stories that are the story of the franchise. The same goes for the glove box! I just listened to the story about what happened on set with Alex and how he was off set.

Rodgers’ arrest as host came amid a flood of questions about whether this would be his last year with the Packers. Was this question answered during or after the program?

Says Rogers: Not really. I don’t know if I have any updates or what.

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