Rodrigo celebrates its fourth goal Leeds scores four goals in the first half of a Premier League away game for the first time since November 2002.

Leeds United showed all their offensive bravery, embarrassed West Brom and left Sam Allardyce in search of his first victory as Albion coach.

Marcelo Bielsa’s team scored four goals in the first half, putting Allardyce in a sorry state before having even more bad luck with a fifth goal after the break.

After a tight start Leeds was good for the first goal when Romain Sawyers of Albion scored his own goal from 25 metres.

From that moment on, Leeds completely dominated. Ezdjan Alioska’s precise shot and Jack Harrison’s brilliant finish up close gave Albion a 3-0 victory as the team lacked ideas and confidence.

Rodrigo’s deflected shot gave Leeds a 4-0 lead before halftime – but Albion didn’t give up after the break.

Another quick attack ended with Brazilian winger Rafinha going in from the right and scoring the fifth goal with a nice stroke in the top corner.

Leeds, who returned to the top flight in July after an absence of 16 years, is in 11th place with 23 points from their first 16 races.

As promoted, Albion remains in the penultimate position, five points off the pace next to Leeds.

Sam Allardyce Allardyce saw one of his teams concede four goals in the first half of a Premier League game for the fourth time in his career.

Swashbuckling Leeds offers Bilzamasterclass.

Two of the most famous managers in English football will lead the team for the first time. The contrasting styles of Allardyce and Bielsa promise an exciting collision for the Hawthorns.

In reality, the match turned out to be a failure, as Allardyce’s pragmatic approach was defeated by Bielsa’s offensive philosophy in a one-sided first half.

Opinions were divided on Bielsa’s methods after the 6-2 defeat at Manchester United before Christmas, but this kind of performance justifies Argentina not changing its tactics – regardless of the opposition.

And why would he do that? It’s a style that Leeds has transformed from a mid-tier league team into a top-level team that’s causing a stir in the Premier League.

Admittedly, there may have been a little surprise – there were also heavy defeats in Leicester and at Crystal Palace – but few Leeds fans would want to see something else.

Against Albion they organized a master class on the philosophy of Bilza. Leeds owned 75 percent, played 750 passes on Albion’s 238 and fired 14 shots, while the hosts fired only four.

United has already scored 30 goals in the Premier League this season. The only team in the history of the league that scored more goals after the first 16 games of the season was Newcastle in 1993/94 (31).

But it’s not just offensive impressive. In spite of the fact that they allowed 30 goals in those heavy defeats, they also kept their cages six times uninterrupted.

Defensively they rarely suffered from Albion, who fired his only shot at goal in the second half.

At this stage the game was already decided after Leeds was impressed by the high quality of the finish.

A strange own goal prevents Allardyce d’Albion.

Although no one can deny that Leeds didn’t deserve to win on that score, Albion will play on a strange own goal from Sawyers who tipped the game in favor of the visitors.

After the home side played in their half without any pressure, Sawyers tried to pass the ball to Sam Johnstone without looking at him. However, the Albion-holder was sidelined when he swerved to the left and gave Sawyers a good chance.

Allardyce found it hard to believe what he saw, and he returned to his earthly chair, his arms folded, and saw his game plan thrown out the window in 10 minutes.

The own goal was a mistake, Romain thought the goalkeeper was there, but he should have looked, said Allardyce.

That was the last thing we wanted. Before I arrived, we were inundated with previously missed targets, and this time we gave them a Christmas present.

Romaine Sawyers scored an own goal for West Brom against Leeds Sawyers thought Albion goalkeeper Sam Johnstone was in the middle of his goal when he sent the ball back.

After another heavy home defeat to Aston Villa in the first stage, after the replacement of Slaves Bilic, former English coach Allardyce got much more support on Sunday as his side pulled 1-1 with defending champions Liverpool.

However, he lacked the same resilience and the same fight.

Allardyce mentioned the same starting eleven who played at Anfield, explaining that he wants to focus on consistency and reward players who have worked hard to win this point.

Yet they seemed to be falling behind, lethargic and unable to cope with the energy of a spirited Leeds side, even unchanged by their courageous victory over Burnley on Sunday.

After a mistake by Sawyers, Leeds got the best of Albion’s disappointment and took the opportunity to seal the victory before the break. The hosts didn’t have many positive chances, although they did manage to limit Leeds to another goal after the break.

I was shocked to see such a poor performance and we have to work hard to make it happen, Allardyce said.

Consistency is essential to us. We can’t figure out how to attack and defend.

When we lost the ball and tried to defend ourselves, we were terrible, we have to find the right balance in the transition. Life gets hard when you can’t do it fast.

Our idea is a coherent game – reaction after the game

Marcelo Bielsa, head coach of Leeds United:

It was a game where we were well defended and effective in the future. We took five out of eight chances and that contributed to the result.

We played the whole game seriously and we handled the ball well, we didn’t make any mistakes to let them attack us, except a few times in the second half.

We have to do the same thing over and over again for a long time. We have had many ups and downs, there are only two games where we have suffered a big loss, and our idea is to play consistently.

Man of the match – Stuart Dallas (Leeds United)

Stuart Dallas played for Leeds against West Brom Although Stuart Dallas was not one of Leeds’ top scorers, the quality of his ball and the display of energy were of great importance for the team’s victory. The Northern Irish international created a Raphinha-goal with the striker and then received praise from his boss Bielsa.

Does Albion need another big escape? – Statistics of the day

  • West Brom raised only eight points in the Premier League this season, and even less in the 1985/86 season after 16 matches in Ligue 1.
  • Leeds have won seven of their 16 Premier League games this season, with only six new teams in league history winning more at this stage of the season.
  • West Brom coach Allardyce has lost at least three consecutive home games in the Premier League for the first time since November 2007. He had previously led Newcastle United (4-1 against Portsmouth and 3-0 against Liverpool).
  • Leeds achieved his biggest victory in the Premier League, with a margin of five goals for the sixth time in the league. It was also the biggest chance in the history of their competition to win from home.
  • Leeds leads with four goals at halftime in the Premier League for the first time since May 2001 against Bradford City. White leads 5-1 at rest and wins 6-1.
  • Jack Harrison has been directly involved in seven goals for Leeds United in the Premier League this season (three goals and four assists). The only English midfielder who has been directly involved this season is Jack Grealish (11) of Aston Villa.
  • Since the start of last season, no team in the top four of England has scored more league goals than West Brom (seven, tied with Southend United).

The player of the game

Aliosky-Ezzan Aliosky

West Bromwich Albion

  1. Team number1 Player nameJohnstone
  2. Team number 27 Name of Fighter O’Shea…
  3. Team number18 Player nameGallagher
  4. Team number 20SurnameIvanovich
  5. Team number2Player’s nameFerlong
  6. Team number6Player nameAjayi
  7. Team number7Robinson player name
  8. Team number12Player nameMateus Pereira
  9. Team number11 Player nameDyangana
  10. Team number19 Player nameSawyers
  11. Team number10Fillips Player name
  12. Team number17Player nameKrovinovich
  13. Team number22Peltier Player name
  14. Team number29Player nameSubsidy

Leeds United

  1. Team number10Player nameAlioski
  2. Team number18Player nameRafinha
  3. Team number23Phillips Player name
  4. Team number 2Player name illness
  5. Team number 22Player name Garrison
  6. Team number20Player nameRodrigo
  7. Team number 15Player nameDallas
  8. Team number 21PlaynameStruyk
  9. Team number9 Player nameeBamford
  10. Team number46Player name Shackleton
  11. Plough number 19Pablo Hernandez
  12. Team number43Player nameKlich
  13. Team number1Player nameSir
  14. Plough number 17Veteran’s nameSenior Costa


West Brom

  • 1Johnstone
  • 2Furlong.
  • 6Ajayi
  • 27O’Shea
  • 22Peltier
  • 19 Sawing machines
  • 7Robinson.
  • 10PhilipsReplacement for Ivanovikat 45’min.
  • 18Gallagher
  • 11DyanganaReplaced by Krovinovichin 73 minutes
  • 29SubsidyReplacement by Costa Pereyrat 61’min


  • 12 Costa Pereira
  • 13Grossicki
  • 15Austin
  • 16Harper
  • 17Krovinovich
  • 20Ivanovich
  • 24Kypre
  • 25Key


  • 1Meeting
  • 15Dallas
  • 2Attenuation
  • 21Struyk
  • 10AlioskiBed at 41Minutes
  • 23Phillips
  • 18Diisa BelloliReplacement of the older Kostaat 81 min.
  • 20RodrigSubstituted for Hernandezat 70 min.
  • 43KlightReplacement for Shackletonat 58’min
  • 22Harrison
  • 9Bamford


  • 7Poveda-Ocampo
  • 11-oberts
  • 13 Casilla
  • 17Heller Costa
  • 19 Hernandez
  • 24Notifications
  • 46Shackleton.
  • 47 Jenkins.
  • 49Casey.

Real-time text

  1. The game is over: West Bromwich Albion 0, Leeds United 5.
  2. End of the second half, West Bromwich Albion 0, Leeds United 5.
  3. Attempt blocked. Callum Robinson (West Bromwich Albion)’s right shot is blocked by the edge of the box. Sponsored by Lee Peltier.
  4. The attempt failed. Callum Robinson (West Bromwich Albion)’s right shot is high and wide on the right side of the penalty area.
  5. Leeds United’s Calvin Phillips’ free kick is awarded in the other half.
  6. Semi Ajayi (West Bromwich Albion) will be punished after committing an offence.
  7. Pascal Struyk (Leeds United) is punished after committing an offence.
  8. Callum Robinson (West Bromwich Albion) gets a free kick in the opposite half.
  9. Corner, Leeds United. Prepared by Branislav Ivanovic.
  10. Corner, Leeds United. Designed by Lee Peltier.
  11. Replacement : Leeds United. The former Costa replaces Rafina.
  12. Corner, Leeds United. taken hostage by Philip Krovinovich.
  13. Attempt blocked. Patrick Bamford (Leeds United) tries a left foot shot to the center of the box and is blocked. Sponsored by Jack Harrison.
  14. The attempt failed. Luke Ayling (Leeds United) shoots with his right foot from the left side of the penalty area. He’s close, but he misses the target. Prepared by Calvin Phillips with a cross on the edge of the box.
  15. Corner, Leeds United. Presented by Dara O’Shea.
  16. Corner, Leeds United. Prepared by Branislav Ivanovic.
  17. Alternative, West Bromwich Albion. Filip Krovinovich replaces Grady Diane.
  18. Aim! West Bromwich Albion 0, Leeds United 5. Rafinha (Leeds United) shoots with his left foot outside the penalty area in the upper left corner. Sponsored by Stuart Dallas.
  19. Replacement : Leeds United. Pablo Hernandez replaces Rodrigo.
  20. Fouls from Stuart Dallas (Leeds United).

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