the sequel to the God of War

We don’t even know the name of the new god of war yet (photo: Soni).

GameCentral readers discuss their most wanted games for the new year, from God of War 2 to Zelda: The breath of nature 2.

As the first hot topic of the new year, the choice of this weekend’s inbox theme was obvious, even though many release dates are still unknown, and will likely prove unreliable.

Everyone had something to look forward to, even though many admitted they knew nothing about the game until more information was revealed.

God of the Unknown
The game I’m most looking forward to, even if it doesn’t really come out this year, is the new God of War. The last game had a great ending, but at the time no one knew how important it would be, and I can’t wait to see what happens now that Sony knows it’s one of their most successful and critically acclaimed games.

I really hope the sequel to PlayStation 5 is as good as I want to get the full treatment with a big budget and really show what PlayStation 5 can do. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is well and good, but I really want the God of the 2nd War to be at least as beautiful as Souls of Demon, because the difference was very clear.

I also want to see what they do with the Kratos character next. He’s a good guy at the end of the first game, so I’m not sure what happens to him now. Will he relapse or will he try to repair some of the damage he caused? I couldn’t have predicted this, and I don’t even know what I would have preferred, which is part of the reason I’m so excited.

Forgotten Wars
My most anticipated game of 2021 is the one that was inexplicably overlooked in your review of the year! Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker saga. The quality of Lego games may have deteriorated recently, but older Lego Star Wars games are among my favorites. Everything I’ve heard about the Skywalker saga excites me, and I can’t wait to play it. I even plan on getting the deluxe edition and I never will.

As for the year 2021 as a whole, I’m excited about a lot of games, but especially Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Psychopaths 2, and Ratchet and Clank: The lateral break. But for the latter, I’d have to get a PlayStation 5. Fortunately, Nintendo has a few surprises up its sleeve as well.
Piggy2 (PSN ID)

GC : Oh, we really forgot. However, there is no date yet for his release.

Fantasy Pick
Among the confirmed games for 2021, Horizon Forbidden West is probably the one I’m most looking forward to. This game and the next-gen update to Cyberpunk 2077 – if they can fix many problems – are probably the ones that will motivate me the most to buy a PlayStation 5 this year.

With Final Fantasy 16 (though unconfirmed), I’m also very excited to see a new entry in the series for the first time in a long time. Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Persona 5 Royal have rekindled my interest in Japanese RPGs, and the Game of Thrones tone evoked in the trailer is appealing.

Also, the fact that it’s led by the director of Final Fantasy 14 seems promising. I haven’t played the last one (I’m not a fan of the MMO), but I’ve heard from many fans that it has some of the best plots in the series. I also admire the risks and experiences Square Enix takes with each new entry into such a great franchise, even if it doesn’t always work out.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed (or surprised) if many of the games mentioned hadn’t been released this year. There are still many next generation games I want to play, including The Last Of Us Part 2, NieR:Automata, XCOM 2, as well as Indian games like The Outer Wilds, Disco Elysium, Kentucky Route Zero and Hades. I’m always surprised when people complain that they don’t have enough new games!

GC : Not everyone is behind.

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together probably wouldn’t have chosen many others, but I’m a big fan of Brothers: I loved the story of the two sons and the coming out, and the revelation It Takes Two at the End of the Year. My girlfriend and I loved playing together, and while she didn’t like the crime theme of A Way Out, it was much more up her alley.

I just love being able to share my love of the game with her. So, as far as I’m concerned, everything is fine and the variety of gameplay seems much more interesting than in other games. I also feel like the game is much more serious than it seems, with cartoon characters. It’s a guaranteed buy for us.

Growing interest
I look forward to the rise of monster hunters. I’ve never really played any of the games in the series, but something about this game captured my imagination. Then I saw the new trailer on Thursday, and being able to edit the monsters only added to my excitement!

Gotham Knights looks promising too, even if it’s not the most original Arkham game, although I always thought Arkham Origins had a much better story than Arkham Knight! Since this game is not set in the Arkhamverse, I can’t wait to see what WB Games Montreal has to offer by trying something different. Also, the Bat-family seems far less thoughtful than Batman, well, maybe not Red, but three out of four aren’t bad!

Even though we’ve only seen the CGI trailer so far, I love the look of Evil West, it reminds me of the awesome first person shooter Darkwatch on PlayStation 2!

Honestly, I wouldn’t say
is my most anticipated game, but the game that caught my attention when the original PlayStation 5 was released was Stray.

The city and its futuristic, neon-lit art style really appealed to me, and the premise of exploring as a cat in a world where androids have replaced humans definitely piqued my interest. I haven’t heard much about it since, but 2021 is on my radar.
Russell, York.

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Plausible Optimism
Happy New Year to KM and to all who read. I appreciate that in your preview of 2021, you had reasonable doubt about the release of Elden Ring this year and the prospects for Zelda: The sequel to Breath Of The Wild doesn’t seem to be much better, but these are definitely games I’m looking forward to, and I’ve decided to be as optimistic as possible about the two.

We know so little about either that I won’t go into detail about why I’m excited about them, but the backgrounds of both developers should make that clear. Instead, I’m going to focus on why I’d be a little surprised if they didn’t both come this year.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same person who first reported the details of Paper Mario: Origami King also revealed that prior to the announced internal delay, Zelda was originally scheduled for late 2020. While we can’t read too much into it, the end of 2021 would mean Nintendo has four and a half years to complete the game – a time frame similar to developing a prelude from scratch.

Looking at Nintendo’s 2019 release schedule, I’m convinced that Super Mario 3D All-Stars was converted to a Fall release when it was originally scheduled. As for the big games that may be delayed, Zelda is the only one where we don’t know exactly what else Nintendo has in store (with the exception of Metroid Prime 4, which won’t be released until late 2022, I think).

As for Elden Ring, I think FromSoftware has a knack for getting things moving quickly and efficiently, and delivering a neat game soon after the presentation or announcement.

If Elden Ring doesn’t come out this year, it could happen three years or more after it was announced, and with COVID’s obvious obstacles, the assumption that this is their most ambitious game yet, and the fact that George R.R. Martin is involved, I think it would be rather out of character.

Especially when key players from outside the team report that they played the game more than a year before the final release. In fact, if you look at the entire history of their games since 1994, there are over three years between them after Sekiro: The fact that the Shadows will die twice in the spring of 2019 will be unprecedented.

I’m not a journalist, so I can afford to throw reasonably prudent and responsible speculation out the window. So I will continue to be careless and predict that we will know more about both games by the end of April (additional unexpected exposure to COVID allowed). If they both deliver on their promises, they could be the cream of the crop for a very healthy 2021.

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