Your rule: Whoever ends this season at the bottom of the league should have spent 24 hours at the Waffle House. Each eaten waffle takes one hour of the total time.

While on the 3rd. Janvier tried to eat as many waffles as possible, Carsley also found a way to turn punishment into reward.

To survive the ordeal his friends dreamed of, donations were collected for his server, Waffle House. In the end, she got over $1,000.

I’d do it again, Carsley said in an interview with CNN. The punishment was absolutely terrible, but it was more than worth it.


Carsley, a 32-year-old salesman from Parsons Roofing, north of Atlanta, belongs to a group of 12 fantasy footballers.

After finishing last, Carsley informed his Facebook friends about his next food challenge.

He’s heard about people who want to help pay the bill, which he thinks is stupid of people throwing money away on waffles.

Instead, he thought it would be better to give money to servers that dealt with fewer customers during the Covid 19 pandemic. He placed the name of his Venmo account and invited his friends to add it to theirs.

Several people volunteered to sit with him during the event, including players Mike Reich and Brett Hessler, who joined him for a while.

Carsley’s strategy was that if he could eat 21 waffles, the adventure would be over in three hours. He said he could have postponed the call for a longer period, but he didn’t want to spend the whole day on it.

I had never eaten so much before, but I soon found out what it meant.


Mosammat Shumi, a waiter in the Waffle House for 11 years, came to work this Sunday morning just like everyone else. She works all the time in the morning shift and takes care of new and returning customers.

Waffle House, a 24-hour restaurant chain popular throughout the Southeast and Midwest, is known for its lively weekend breakfasts.

This Sunday was no exception, not even during the pandemic. The plexiglass walls are stretched up to the ceiling to separate the different cabins, and the masks are put on as soon as someone leaves the office.

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When he approached Carsley and his friends, Shumi soon realized that his table would be different.

In an interview with CNN, Schumi remembered her surprise when she heard the news of the coming day.

He told me: I have to eat 20 waffles. And I said: Are you sure?

Carsley wanted to reassure Shumi that he wouldn’t fill the cabin all day and waste her time telling her that they would take care of her at the end of the challenge.

I thought we could make $100, $200, he said.

Carsley started with a set of seven waffles, which he polished in less than 30 minutes. According to him, no syrup or spice was added to the waffles to make room in the stomach for the rest.

On Facebook, he reports live on all the difficulties he encountered among his friends in his absence. When he ordered a second batch of seven waffles, the crowd gathered in groups of ten. The signals on his Venmo account light up as his account balance increases.

It’s grown exponentially. First it was $60, then $150, then $200, almost $300, he said.

Donations ranged from a few double-digit dollars and piled up like piles of waffles for him.

Second half

The task of eating waffles soon caught Carsley’s attention. He hit the proverbial wall halfway through his ninth waffle.

All hope, all hope is lost, he said. My confidence in success was at an all-time high, and after the first seven years I had no hope.

The live video shows the fear on his face with every bite he takes, while everyone online and at the table realizes that his ambitious 21-point goal will be almost impossible to achieve.

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Carsley’s rhythm has stopped. Eventually, after four almost painful hours, he finished his second round of waffles. Spectators and stand visitors discussed the possibility of creating an alternative offer and cancelling the waffle tournament.

And yes, unlike the more embarrassing food problems, he was allowed to use the bathroom.

I felt sorry for him, Shumi said. When she realized he wasn’t joking about how much food he was planning to eat, she wanted to make him thin waffles.

But as time went on, the number of waffles he had to eat decreased, and the finish line was in sight, Carsley recovered.

We have to end it from this point on, he said.


The news spread quickly through the restaurant, and Carsley said other customers learned about the fundraiser by tipping more on their own.

A lot of people started paying in advance after they saw what we were doing.

Occasionally dipping waffles into the water like a professional hot dog eater, Carsley reached the home stretch.

He said it was the most pathetic thing I’d ever done to my body.

I love waffles, especially those from the Waffle House, but I don’t know if I’m going to use them anymore, he added.

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The barrier was finally removed in a small ceremony. Final score: 18 waffles consumed. Almost six hours. Forty-nine dollars.

And most importantly, what Schumy didn’t know: more than 90 donations for a total of $1,040.

In the live clip, Carsley keeps his friends sharp. He signs the form and gives it to Schumy, who says: Oh, my God! Really? Are you serious?

They thanked her abundantly, as Carsley told her: Today we wanted to do something important for someone.

Full of emotion, her hands in front of her face, she says: I can’t believe it! Thank you so much!

Carsley told CNN that this was an incredibly moving and invaluable moment for him. One of the best feelings I’ve ever had.

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A few days later the recognition and disbelief of Shumi’s voice matched what was heard on the livestream. I’m still in shock. I’ve talked to my family, everyone.

She spoke about the difficulties of the past year and was relieved to see that things were beginning to change for the better.

According to her, Shumi hasn’t received a tip yet, because it’s being processed and judged by the Waffle House. Yet she already has plans for her four-digit price.

She spoke with love about her mother and her family in Bangladesh, whom she had not seen for three years. Your plane ticket, together with the correct order of minced meat and cheese, are now covered.

Once in your life, Shumi says, there is always a smile under the mask. I don’t know how to explain it. What luck.

With a view to the next season of fantasy football and to avoid a repetition, Carsley laughed as he thought about what initially bothered him because he remained loyal to his home team during the selection process.

If you’re in a fantasy world, he said, don’t you dare recruit someone from the Falcons.

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