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The new Netflix series Crime Scene: The Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel explores the mysterious disappearance of Elise Lam.

Elisa disappeared in February 2013, her body was found a few weeks later in a water tank at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles where she was staying.

His case has hit the true crime community since a video of his strange elevator behavior was released. The surveillance video is the last time it was seen.

Since then, Internet detectives have worked hard to try to understand what happened to Elise and the reasons for her behavior in the elevator.

Metro.co.uk looked at the theories circulating on the web.

Elise kept a low profile.

One Reddit user is certain that Eliza was enjoying herself in the elevator, pressing a few buttons for fun – without realizing that she had also pressed the “hold the door” button.

They think Eliza stopped on the roof to take pictures of the view before boarding the elevator, as her Instagram page shows, she loves the aesthetic of the skyline.

Elisa Lam

Eliza’s body was found in a water tank at Hotel Cecil in 2013 (Photo: PA).

“She did not seem anxious, scared or manic, she seemed in a good mood and pressed all the buttons,” they wrote. She unconsciously pressed the “Hold Door” button on the Hotel Cecil elevator panel because it was aligned with all the floor buttons she had pressed in the center column.

“The hotel staff says the button holds the door open for a certain amount of time and is meant for people moving furniture/trash so the door doesn’t close on them. It is confusing when the elevator doors do not close. Only when she seems to realize that the door won’t close does she worry”.

To explain Elise’s erratic behavior, they added: “From that point on in the video, all of her movements seem to concentrate around the elevator door or hide.

She jumps around the elevator door, waving her hands between them, trying to get it to close. Confused, she presses the wait button a second time. This time, however, she seems to be paying more attention to the buttons. She realizes what she has done. It becomes a waiting game”.

Finally, the user suggested her theory: “Now she probably thinks she has been stuck on the ground for a while. Fortunately, she remembers the fire escape she saw just as she took the picture and went to investigate.

She goes back to the window to recheck the fire escape to the roof and discovers that the roof is only one floor high.”

Elisa was mentally unstable

Many believe that Eliza’s behavior in the elevator had to do with her mental state. Elise was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and some believe she had a psychotic episode.

She gets in the elevator and pushes all these buttons because she spills everything,” wrote a Reddit user. “The elevator doesn’t move and she panics.

Elisa Lam, 21-year-old university student, found dead in the water tank of the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.. FILE - This file photo released by the Los Angeles Police Department shows Elisa Lam of Vancouver, B.C. Los Angeles police say a body has been found on the roof of the Cecil Hotel where Lam, a Canadian tourist, was last seen last month. (AP Photo/Los Angeles Police Department, File)

Elise was 21 years old when she died (Photo: AP)

“If she seems to be seeing something or talking to someone, I think she is hallucinating.

They continued, “It’s very common to hallucinate when you have bipolar disorder and you’re in the shower really hard. If she had found out about the hotel, I’m sure it would have exacerbated her hallucinations”.

Elise didn’t have her glasses on.

Other Reddit users speculated that Eliza left the hotel without her glasses, which would explain her actions in the elevator.

“If you recall, she leans very close to the panel in the shot to press the buttons, an action that makes sense when you realize she’s not wearing glasses,” one of them wrote.

Then, when the elevator seems to be stuck in the open position, she bends down again to get a good look at the buttons before pressing them again. Unfortunately, it appears that she also pressed the “Stop Door” button a second time.

The other thought that Elise’s lack of glasses would explain her lack of sight of the water tank.

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“The buttons on the elevator panel were not in the order we expected and she pressed the button to hold the door open, but did not see it and wondered why the door was open,” they added.

She was also bipolar and, perhaps without her medication, she could feel that someone was following her. Without her glasses, she could not see the water in the reservoir or the depths and she may have thought it was a safer place than with someone she thought was following her.”

However, not everyone is convinced by the theory.

“Why would she go out without her glasses if she sees so poorly without them?” one of them asked.

The Disappearance in Cecil is available for streaming on Netflix.

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