According to Andy Beshear of the Kentucky Governor’s Office, there is a real and significant increase in cases in the state, as well as our positive momentum from the people who gathered around the celebration.

The governor added that the tidal wave we’re in now is at least twice as fast and fiercer than the previous tidal waves we’ve seen. This is our most dangerous time.

Dr. Rachel Herlihy, an epidemiologist from the state of Colorado, warned Friday of an increase in Covid-19 cases. We’re beginning to see the effect of the holiday in our data, she said. Health experts estimate that one in 105 inhabitants is now contagious, Gerlihy added.

We continue to see that a large part of the population of Colorado is actively infected with Covid-19 and has the potential to transmit the infection to each other, so human contact in the state remains a high risk, Herlihy said.

This warning has been repeated in other states since the beginning of the new year.

The governor of Arkansas said earlier this month that the state is experiencing a real post-Christmas wave. And Mississippi officials said Monday that the state has seen more Covida 19 patients in intensive care than ever before and is preparing for a new spike in the virus after the holidays.

We expect a further increase after the holidays, said Dr. Thomas Dobbs, state health inspector. It’s kind of a recurring theme, so it shouldn’t be too surprising. And sometimes we have full ICU rooms, our hospitals are really overwhelmed.

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The unprecedented storming of the American Capitol on Wednesday is also an alarming pandemic.

Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warned Friday that the riots were probably just an isolated case with public health implications.

They actually uncovered people who were all over Capitol Hill, he told the McClatchy Press Group. So all these people are now driving cars, trains and planes all over the country to get home.

So I think it’s a development that’s likely to lead to a significant adoption, he added.

It’s been a murderous week in the United States.

These dark predictions come at an already dark time for the country. For the first time in American history, more than 4,000 deaths were reported on Thursday for Covida 19 – a new record after other record deaths last week.

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In California – a state struggling with a sharp increase in the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths – the state emergency service increases the capacity of the mortuaries for the victims.

The California governor’s office of emergency services has launched a state-wide cadaver reuse plan to help the county’s coroners and respond to the increased storage needed to reduce shortages caused by the rising death toll, he said.

The wave, which has already begun, has prompted hospitals to send more and more deaths to the county coroners, who then have to hold the bodies until they can send them to the undertakers for processing before the funeral, the office said.

In the province of Los Angeles, one person dies every eight minutes from Covid-19, according to official records.

On Friday, district health officials reported the highest number of deaths of Covid-19 in one day: 318.

Public health reported more than 200 deaths per day this week, according to a press release. By comparison: On average, about 170 people die every day in the province from all other causes together, including heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, car accidents, suicide and murder.

CDC rejects U.S. variantreports.

Meanwhile, according to the CDC, more than 60 cases of the Covid 19 variant, first identified in the United Kingdom, have been discovered in eight American states.

CDC explained that this figure does not reflect the total number of cases circulating in the country, but only those cases identified in the analysis of a positive sample. Although variant seems to spread more easily, there is no evidence that it is more deadly or causes more serious disease, the agency said.

The CDC has also downgraded reports from the White House Coronavirus Task Force that warned states of a more communicable and native American version of Covid-19.

The error started during a telephone conversation with the governors, an official of the administration told CNN. Officials discussed by telephone whether the sharp increase in the number of Covida 19 cases in the country could be caused by a possible American variant similar to the one first discovered in Britain, but one official said that the American health authorities had not established whether there was an American variant of the virus.

University researchers also expressed their surprise at these reports, adding that there was no evidence that varieties of the virus had contributed to its spread in the United States.

I don’t know which variant in the United States has been identified that could be responsible for the increase we are seeing, said Scott Hensley, an expert on viruses and immunity at the University of Pennsylvania.

He added that there are many reasons why the number of infections has increased in autumn and winter. The increase in the number of cases does not necessarily require a genetic explanation.

States requesting assistance from non-traditional vaccine providers

More than 22 million doses of Covid 19 vaccine were distributed in the middle of the stampede and more than 6.6 million doses were administered, well below the number some officials hoped the country would reach by now, according to the latest CDC data.

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Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn said Friday that he urged states to expand their Covid-19 immunization requirements, as some states use only 30 to 35 percent of the available vaccines, he added.

But states are struggling to find enough people to administer the vaccines, and some are now turning to non-traditional vaccinators to help them. The Californian authorities have granted a waiver allowing dentists to administer the vaccine to persons 16 years of age or older.

In other parts of the country, health systems recruit well-trained students in nursing, medicine and dentistry to help them with their work. And others are looking for retired healthcare professionals who have the skills to administer vaccines and who are not actively involved in Covid 19 patients.

And some states have called in the National Guard to help them.

Fauci: Second dose of Covid-19 critical vaccine

A second dose of Pfizer’s Moderna Covid-19 vaccine is needed for optimal protection, said Dr. Anthony Fauci Friday.

The second dose is absolutely critical, he said. A single dose of one of the vaccines added by Fauci has not been as effective as we would like, and we do not know how long the protection will last.

Whatever you hear, a dose of moderator and a dose of Pfizer are not optimal, he said. Ideally, a single dose of Pfizer, followed by amplification after 21 days. Or a dose of Soverna for 28 days, followed by fortification if you want optimal protection and a long lifespan.

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Moderna believes that a second dose of the vaccine can be administered effectively within 21 to 42 days of the first dose, a spokesperson told CNN.

In clinical trials, the Moderna vaccine was administered in two doses at an interval of 28 days. On Friday, President-elect Joe Biden said his government would deliver virtually the entire Covid 19 vaccine immediately, instead of stopping half of it to make sure the second dose was delivered on time, as the trump card government did.

When asked whether Moderna would be able to produce enough extra vaccine to deliver a second dose on day 28, the company refused to respond immediately.

Gisela Crespo, John Bonifield, Lauren Mascarenhas, Naomi Thomas, Betsy Klein, Jim Acosta, Maggie Fox, Michael Nedelman and Melissa Alonso of CNN have contributed to this report.

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