The number of coronaviruses is increasing at all levels. In the five days after the 2nd. In December there were more than 1 million new cases in the United States, bringing the total number of cases to over 14.9 million, according to Johns Hopkins University. The country also recorded 15,658 deaths in the last seven days, the deadliest week for coronaviruses since April.

And for the sixth consecutive day, more than 100,000 people were treated for the virus in hospitals across the country.

We’re probably just beginning to understand what it means when people travel and gather in seemingly innocent places, Fauci told CNN on Monday. The situation is such that the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas will not be easy.

As the U.S. prepares for a wave of cases that could come from Christmas and Hanukkah at the height of a possible Thanksgiving peak, authorities are stepping up their efforts to distribute Pfizer and Moderna candidate vaccines pending FDA approval for emergency use.

Despite the production and distribution problems, the company will continue to exist until the 20th century. Tens of millions of Americans will be vaccinated in January. The Minister of Health and Labor, Alex Azar, told Axios on Monday.

If worst comes to worst, hospitals cannot treat patients

As the effects of the virus spread to the United States, leaders are worried about the pressure on hospital systems.

Massachusetts hospitals will reduce selected procedures to free up staff and beds for coronaviruses starting Friday, Governor Charles Baker said Monday.

It is possible that the positive results of our tests stop growing before the holidays, he said. And about 5 to 10 days later, a typical incubation period after Thanksgiving, they took off like a rocket ship.

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Pennsylvania is also in an increasingly difficult situation for the hospital beds, said Governor Tom Woolf Monday. Pennsylvania secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine said patients are already referred to other facilities due to overcrowding in the emergency room.

If the worst happens, the hospitals won’t be able to treat all the sick Pennsylvanians, Wolf said. They will be forced to turn down people in need of treatment, which means more Pennsylvanians will die.

And in Arizona, where 92 percent of emergency beds are occupied, almost half of the beds are occupied by coronavirus patients, according to the Arizona Department of Health.

Meanwhile, Governor Andy Beshear in Kentucky announced that he does not plan to extend the restrictions on personal lunches in bars and restaurants that were in place on July 13. This means that the next day the occupancy rate will be 50 % again.

The governor added that when the restaurants and bars go back inside, they have to be combative on the camouflage guarantees.

Registration of vaccinations during the holidays

Officials hope to distribute the first wave of recommended vaccines for seniors and health workers later this month. Although the candidate vaccines have not yet been approved, efforts are being made to disseminate and administer them rapidly.

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The Mount Sinai Hospital System in New York City began recruiting people to vaccinate health workers during the holiday season, said Susan Mashne, vice president and chief pharmacist of the Mount Sinai Health System. In addition to nurses, pharmacists and those currently administering flu vaccines, they also target pharmacists and internal nurses, as well as students and residents of medical schools.

The system includes injecting Pfizer vaccine into capsules through walls and makeshift compartments in hospital lobbies and staggering vaccinations among staff while waiting to experience side effects.

It is still unclear whether those who have already had Covid-19 and the antibodies should be among those who have received the vaccine, Azar said Monday.

That’s something the FDA hasn’t decided, and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) hasn’t made a decision on providing recommendations, Azar told NBC.

Holidays can lead to really dark times.

Health experts warned before Thanksgiving that Americans should practically gather and not get in the way, but millions of people still traveled through airports to meet friends and family in person.

A surgical thank-you can start as early as next week, Fauci said, as it normally takes about two and a half weeks from the event to a wave of new positive results and possible hospitalizations.

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The problem is that the beginning of Christmas is approaching, a possible Hanukkah peak, he said.

If Americans travel during the next holiday and spread the virus, mid-January could be a very dark time for us, Fauci said.

It is so natural to think that when I have family and friends during the holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah, you go in and take off your mask because you eat and drink. And you don’t understand that maybe someone you know, someone you love, a friend, a family member who is completely healthy and symptom-free, and yet he got infected in the community and brought it to this little gathering you now have in your house, he said.

Brandon Miller, Rebecca Riesse, Lauren Muskarenas, Laurie Urie, Shelby Erdman, Naomi Thomas and Steve Olmasi of CNN contributed to this report.

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