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Twitter has never been a money machine like…


or Google. But Twitter completely dominated the market that created it for political commentary with 280 symbols. So far. The social media company has decided to use its power to promote the party’s agenda and seems to have attracted a formidable competitor – so formidable that other media that support Twitter’s agenda are now targeting the highest level.

The accelerator, called Talk, was founded in 2018 and has recently attracted millions of users because it promises an open platform. Following Parliament’s latest recommendations published last week:

Our goal is to provide a welcoming, impartial public space to all members of the community. Although the First Amendment does not apply to private companies such as Parler, our task is to create a social platform in the spirit of the American First Amendment. We prefer to keep the withdrawal of parishioners or the content provided to them to a minimum. We prefer to leave the decisions about what we see and hear to everyone. Under no circumstances will Talking decide which content will be removed or filtered or which account will be removed based on the opinion expressed within that content. It is Parliament’s policy to use the well-known concept of the First Amendment Act, which is neutral towards the vision.

Readers may have noticed that the First Amendment is not very popular with the left these days, and indeed, many media are now offended by the idea that the president, such as

Donald Trump

should be allowed to address the public without applying a filter used by the media industry.

Tens of millions of voters are naturally offended by the media industry. It is therefore not surprising that many of these voters are attracted to a platform that promises to be impartial. Are they now discouraged by the negative media coverage of parliaments?

Talking has problems with porn: Adult companies focus on the pro-Trump social network, according to the headline of the Washington Post. At this moment it is not yet clear if the mail has more problems with pornography or with a site that allows the modern media to get users to agree with Mr. Trump in an indecent way.

According to the Post’s report, talking is softer in porn than on Twitter:

Parler once banned all pornography, but in recent months it has revised its terms of use to allow essentially anything legal, and has based its policy closely on Twitter, although a little more permissive. However, Twitter also has automated systems to prevent overly fast messages and other types of spam, and uses human moderators to enforce its policies. Talk, on the other hand, outsources moderation to volunteers who evaluate potentially unwanted content after it has been tagged by other users. Their systems and policies have given nudity and adult sexual behavior a wide reach, according to a study published in the Washington Post in recent weeks. A wide variety of pornographic material is easily found on the site, using both explicitly pornographic and non-pornographic keywords.

It is not surprising that the First Amendments section allows for many views that are perceived as offensive by many people. There may be another competitor that ensures open political dialogue and the absence of pornography. But what most consumers might find shocking and ridiculous is any suggestion that Silicon Valley giants like Twitter are being used as a bulwark against pornography.

In response to a Washington Times article in The Post, Parler’s Jeffrey Wernick responded to his company’s efforts to help users avoid pornography by saying he was able to find large amounts of it quickly on Twitter.

Consumers can decide for themselves whether they want to talk, and most of them should already have understood the Post’s real objection.

As far as Twitter is concerned, many American parents would probably want a social media company to block porn so conscientiously this year because they didn’t allow the New York Post to spread their news about the impact of the Biden family business.


Mr. Freeman is co-author of Price: Trump, China and the American Renaissance.


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