On Wednesday, Trump became the first president in American history to be indicted twice. A week earlier, the crowd had stormed the U.S. Capitol following a speech by the president that galvanized his supporters against the vote count that had certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. The riots left five people dead, including a Capitol Police officer, as the nation’s capital and state capitals prepare for possible violence at Biden’s inauguration next week.

Trump blamed his longtime personal lawyer and many others for the difficult situation he now finds himself in, though he has not taken responsibility publicly or privately, people who know his reaction have told CNN. Giuliani is still expected to play a role in Trump’s defense of the indictment, but so far he has not been involved in most of the conversations.

Another source of Trump’s anger is House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who angered him even more on Wednesday when he said he was responsible for last week’s riots. The president was already angry at McCarthy after the California Republican launched a version of Trump’s censorship in a letter to his colleagues earlier this week.

The president is more isolated than ever. Several of his cabinet secretaries – those who have not resigned in protest – are fleeing him, his relationship with the vice president remains strained and several of his key staff are expected to leave their posts this week.

A White House aide told CNN that everyone is angry at everyone in the White House and that the president is angry because he doesn’t think people are protecting him enough.

Source says he’s in self-pity mode. Trump complains that he has been under siege for five years and considers this latest charge an extension.

But many people close to Trump believe the current situation is different from the first time he was indicted, when he was accused of pressuring the Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on Biden in an attempt to influence the presidential election.

His actions here have led, no one else, the White House aide said, adding that causing crowds to attack the Capitol building to stop certification will not find many Republicans sympathetic.

During the latest impeachment attempt, allies inside and outside the White House publicly defended him and steered talking points throughout the impeachment process. This time, no effort was made and the Republican leaders in the House decided not to pressure their colleagues to toe the line, but to allow them to vote their conscience. Ten Republicans voted with each Democrat to pass a single bill of impeachment.

With his favorite medium – Twitter – no longer available since Trump was banned from the social network on Friday, one White House aide fears Trump will come after him even more.

He was hiding in the house. That’s never good. He’s alone, there aren’t many people to spread his ideas. When this happens, he uses his worst instincts, the man said. With Twitter gone, God knows what the result will be.

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