Mr Trump came to the chair and claimed that he was the accomplished trader, the CEO who can do it all in a jiffy. He will go down in history as the president who exacerbated the suffering and tragedy of the pandemic itself for more than 100 years by rejecting the masks and security measures of his own government – a man incapable of empathy who prefers to stay in his White House bubble at a time when leadership would have been important.

For weeks, Trump spent much of his time thinking about how to undo the results of the November victory of President-elect Joe Biden as he fled his supporters to pay for a series of ill-considered trials rejected by some of his own jurors. When those efforts failed, he headed for the 6th. A joint congressional session will be held in January to officially count the results of the electoral college and see a new opportunity to try to derail the democratic process.

In his Twitter comfort zone – where he posted countless fake tweets claiming the elections had been rigged – Trump kept quiet about a disturbing hacking campaign allegedly linked to Russia, which threatened US national security. Although he was briefed on Thursday by senior intelligence officials on a massive data breach, he said nothing about the risks to the federal government or how it plans to deal with them.

Senator Mitt Romney, who criticized the president, called the modern equivalent of quasi-Russian bombers flying over the country unnoticed as piracy, and spoke to SiriusXM on Thursday. And in this context, it is really very unusual for the White House not to speak out aggressively, not to protest and not to take punitive action.

Biden, not to mention Trump and his administration, tried to make a contrast. Our opponents need to know that as president I will not stand idly by in the event of a cyber attack on our country, he said Thursday.

Perhaps the biggest mystery of Dr. Trump’s disappearance is that he stayed away from the public when he could have done a victory lap after the FDA’s historic approval of the first Covid 19 vaccine – despite his earlier insistence that he should get all the credit for these vaccines because he was trying to force the companies that developed them to be tougher than ever.

But if he were to come forward to announce a vaccine, he would also have to acknowledge the suffering America has caused, both disease and economic hardship, which he knows would only tarnish the image of his legacy. There are currently more than 17 million cases of covid-19 in the United States, and the number of new cases of coronavirus occurring daily in the United States is approaching 250,000. Mr Trump also lost his main point about how the economy is shrinking: Unemployment claims released on Thursday showed that 885,000 Americans applied for unemployment benefits for the first time last week.

Trump posted a sunny tweet on Thursday to express his outrage at this disturbing news: Always high on the stock market. The evaluations of the vaccines and their use are the best. I’m fine. I’m fine. Hurry up, everybody! The president twittered and ignored the fact that the lean doses of the vaccine will only be distributed to primary health care workers, residents of long-term care institutions and some government officials. Moreover, the discussions about incentives seem very good, he added.

Stimulating negotiations on the deadline

But while Congress is trying to structure a two-pronged aid package from Covid – with much-needed help for millions of unemployed Americans and small businesses about to collapse – the president has failed to use his so-called negotiating skills to push the agreement to the finish line.

While leaders say they’re close to a deal, some progressives and conservatives have formed an unlikely alliance to support a $600 increase in direct payments to insolvent Americans. Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri said he plans to vote on his bill on Friday, which would yield direct payments of $1,200 for individuals and $2,400 for families. Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders also advocated more direct payments.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday night that talks are continuing and progressing, and asked his members to prepare for the weekend. Despite the fact that these negotiations should have been concluded a few months ago, when unemployment and other benefits were exhausted and the deteriorating situation led to further blockades of Covid by the local authorities, Mr McConnell blamed the Democrats for the delays.

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Families across the country have waited too long to receive another major dose of help, McConnell said Thursday in his Senate address. We should not get entangled in a routine negotiation to be conducted at the usual pace of Congress. So we have to finish the job, and we have to do it now.

Republican Senator John Thune, a member of the leadership team, said the longer the negotiations lasted, the harder it was to keep the members in line – he described the process as some sort of folly.

Knock here and somebody else shows up… There’s a lot of interaction between the moving parts, and it’s pretty hard to reconcile everything at once, the Republican of South Dakota said. But I’m still hopeful.

Members may have to take another interim measure to maintain public funding and avoid closing at midnight on Fridays. But Mr Towne said the midnight deadline on Friday actually helped move the talks forward.

We need the pressure to get there and I hope this pressure will last until midnight tomorrow, Tan said.

Big day for the second coronavirus vaccine

Doses of a second coronavirus vaccine produced in Moderna could soon be distributed to Americans after a major Food and Drug Administration Advisory Committee advised Thursday that the agency grant an emergency waiver. FDA officials indicated that a decision would be taken quickly.

Following the positive outcome of an advisory committee meeting on the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA informed the sponsor that it would work quickly to finalize and approve emergencies, FDA commissioner Dr. Steven Hahn and Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA Center for Biology Evaluation and Research, said Thursday evening.

Hahn and Marks said the agency has also informed the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention so that they can prepare for the next steps in the approval process. Once the FDA has given its approval, a CDC advisory panel will meet to make recommendations on who would benefit from vaccine moderation, and the CDC must approve this advisory before the vaccine moderation can be placed in U.S. hands. FDA officials stated that they have also informed the Warp Speed operation that they are about to make a decision so that they can implement their plans for vaccine distribution in a timely manner.

In a public vote of confidence, Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence will receive the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech, along with surgeon General Jerome Adams, on Friday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said they too will receive the vaccine in the next few days.

The president, who contracted the coronavirus in early October, will not receive the vaccine until the White House medical team recommends it, a White House official told CNN.

But while the nation sinks into this critical battle with Covid, it still lacks the action, the content, to make the mechanisms of power work without him.

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