The last episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian language has revealed important new details in chapter 14: Tragedy, the last episode of the second season of Disney+, but the fans are probably interested in the baby Jedi Yoda AKA Grogu, who has turned to the Jedi Temple. After Dean Jarin and the child went to Taiton to fulfill the mission that Ahsoka Tano had given in the last episode, the group was bombarded by shocking return figures and the invasion of the Imperial troops of Moffa Gideon. Unable to protect Groga from being kidnapped, Jarin can only watch the child being kidnapped – but not after using his powers to seek the help of a mysterious Jedi.

Fans are still buzzing with Ahsoka from last week. But it seems that someone else has a chance to turn a young alien boy into the Jedi he’s about to become. Look at the different symbols he can use to get help from below!

The director of 14. Robert Rodriguez of the chapter told SFX magazine that executive producer John Favraux had other plans for the release. But the filmmakers were called because they were in trouble.

The new episode of #TheMandalorian has made one thing very clear:

Mando builds its own avengers. X

– (@) 4. December 2020

I’m friends with John Favraux and he needed a replacement director at the last minute, according to Rodriguez. And I said: Of course, I’ve come to play in the Star Wars universe! What a dream! And it filled all my… It exceeded my expectations, I mean, it was so much fun that you can’t imagine what it’s like to walk into a place that has the classic look of The Empire Strikes Back. Just after that time, just after the return of the Jedi. Those were the days. So you really feel like you’ve stepped into your childhood.

He went on, all of a sudden, you go upstairs, touch things and say: That’s what Han Solo said when he shot the car and the storm troopers said not to get in. That’s what I am: I thought I recognized that! It’s just a very strange and exciting experience to really play in a children’s environment. And let’s get started! That’s really cool… Visual language is so ingrained in our minds. So, I took one of those [Selfies]. Look, I’m off the switchboard, isn’t that cool? It was so much fun.

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Lukas Skywalker

Isn’t that something? Technically, Luke is here, and the fans would totally lose him if that happened. However, it would be good to see Mark Hamill in the Disney+ series. But fans can dream!


Ezra Bridger

It is now a popular choice among fans. With the arrival of Ahsoka many immediately threw themselves on the rebels, and this strange thread ended at the end of the anime series… Anything could happen, and it would be really unbelievable.



(Photo: Luke film)

It’s also a kind of shooting in the dark, but that has to be said. Leia would be the perfect person to accompany a young man after all this time. She handled Ray’s training with Rise of Skywalker well and stuck to the lessons she had adopted herself. If you want someone else to play that part… Nobody’s ready for that, and to be honest, maybe never.


Cal Kestis

Again, Cal Kestis is an odd choice. The protagonist of Star Wars: The Jedi Order of Traps is a place where fans want to know more about what’s going on. He’s young in his education, but he can handle the challenge.



That’s sneaky, because Palpatine was hiding in the shadows the whole time. It would be a way to make the link with the main plot of the films. But there will also be many explanations for the performance of the Big Bad in the fallout show.


Ben Solo

So, uh… It’s a little tense, but technically, he’s here. However, a Jedi in formation can hear this message. But little Ben probably won’t come to the rescue.


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