Some of the 17 federal lawmakers who voted against Trump are also facing consequences at the local level: county-level caucuses reprimanded state officials from Michigan. Fred Upton and Peter Meyer, as well as Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

Senator from North Carolina. Richard Barr.

Burr, another Republican senator who voted for Trump’s censure, faces a vote of no confidence Monday from the North Carolina Republican Party for his decision.

Although the senator is not a candidate for re-election, the vote is expected to be positive, given the Republican anger that gripped Burr last Saturday after he was removed from office. Among his critics, party chairman Michael Whatley called the senator’s decision “shocking and disappointing.”

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Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy.

Cassidy, who was one of seven Republican senators who voted to convict Trump on Saturday, was quickly condemned by the Louisiana Republican Party after voting for him.

The senator rejected the party’s approach, saying he had been elected to “swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution.”

“I’m trying to hold President Trump accountable, and that’s the trust that I have in the people who elected me, and I’m confident that people will move to this position over time,” he said.

Liz Cheney, Wyoming journalist

Cheney, the third Republican in the House, was censured by the Wyoming Republican Party earlier this month for voting with nine other Republicans in the House to impeach Trump.

In its critical motion, the party called on Cheney to “resign immediately” and stated its intention to “withdraw all future political funding from him.” It also called on him to return donations from the state GOP and all Republican parties in districts for his 2020 campaign.

The vote of no confidence was filed after Cheney, who had long been an ideological conservative, easily survived a challenge to her leadership position.

Tom Rice, representing South Carolina.

Rice, who was also part of the group of House Republicans who voted to remove Trump from office, was denounced by the South Carolina Republican Party late last month for his vote.

“We expressed our frustration on the night of the impeachment vote. Attempts to depose a president who has only a week to live are never legitimate and are nothing short of a political kick in the teeth,” said party chairman Drew McKissick in a statement.

Rice, whose vote for impeachment came as a surprise, said after his tweet that he is “a strong and loyal supporter of the Republican Party of South Carolina” and that he “stands behind them ….And was in their corner through thick and thin. ”

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse.

Sasse had already faced an attempted vote of no confidence by the Nebraska Republican Party before his guilty plea.

The party vote was delayed until March because of concerns about weather conditions in the state, but the senator pressured party leaders who criticized his positions against Trump.

“Let’s be clear: the anger in this state party has never been because I have violated principles or abandoned conservative policies – I am one of the most conservative voters in the Senate – the anger has always been because I have not bent my knee to a man,” Mr. Sasse said earlier this month.

Caroline Kelly, Dan Merica, Daniella Diaz, Eric Bradner and Caroline Kenney of CNN contributed to this report.

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