Will Jordan Love ever see the field with the Green Bay Packers? There are a number of reasons why the team would be better off trading him for something more useful to the team’s short-term prospects.

Salary cap issues could force the Packers to restructure Aaron Rodgers’ contract.

The Packers are in a tough spot with a record of salaries. Although they haven’t added any free agents yet, they are 25th in terms of cap space in 2021. Next year they will drop to 31. The next year? Around 26.

Jaire Alexander and Davante Adams will be free agents next season. The Packers operate with limited space, and while the roster is clearly good enough to win the Super Bowl, only the horseshoes and hand grenades are close enough to matter.

Fortunately, the Packers reportedly have a plan to get rid of some sort of cap. Word is they want to restructure Aaron Rodgers’ contract. This would allow for short-term coverage, but make it difficult to move later. But is it really a problem to be linked to Rodgers for a few more seasons?

Aaron Rodgers looks to be elite for a few more years

Rodgers had an MVP season, playing in a very different style than he has in the past. Improvised sandbox games have largely been replaced by pocket precision. The Packers gave up the second most sacks in the league in 2020. In this category, they are generally above average. One of the drawbacks of him keeping the ball so long is trying to create something downfield.

Rodgers’ play with Matt LaFleur should age well. He’s 37, QBs can throw in the 40s now, and his arm is even stronger than Brady’s, Manning’s and Brees’. Rodgers has three years left on his contract, and it looks like he can provide a high level of play during those three years.

Jordan Love required

What does this mean for Jordan Love? Love will spend three more years on the bench with a team that needs a push to win the Super Bowl. At this point, Love can almost certainly be traded for the first round. Love to begin with. Which one of these teams says no: Carolina Panthers (Love + pick 29), Chicago Bears, Washington football team and Pittsburgh Steelers?

Given that Deshaun Watson may not be a viable trade option, that could increase the demand for Love. Each of the teams listed has good numbers, but the QB position is a void. If Love were in the running this year, one of those teams would almost certainly pick him first.

Loves season 2019 has been mediocre at best, but the emergence of Justin Herbert so soon might give teams hope that the raw ability is translatable, and the shortcomings have more to do with the coaching/support staff.

The Packers will have more Jordan Love in the future. We are not talking about generational perspectives here. The front office liked Deshaun Kizer and was reportedly very close to selecting him in 2017 – for what it’s worth, Kizer and Love were similar prospects.

They will have other opportunities to build strong weapons for the future, but if they want to win the Super Bowl in this small window, if they want to have a top-10 team, they have a Super Bowl window now. That’s not guaranteed in the Jordan Love era. You should take full advantage of it, even if it means giving up on love.

More of Jordans flavors in the future

The Packers organization has a history of resting a QB for multiple years. After all, that’s what Rogers did.

However, the situations are different: Rogers should have come in the first round and fell, Love was more of a second man out late first round and they moved up. There was no precedent in 2004 for players playing like that at 40, and Favre wasn’t exactly coming off an MVP season. Plus, the chances of Love being even half as good as Rogers or Favre are very high. Most teams don’t have two QBs that good in franchise history.

It’s foolish to assume Love would be like Rogers just because he was behind him.

The love contract is pointless at this point anyway. If the plan is to restructure and keep Rogers until 2023, let him go, four years of love is over. One of the nice things about being a starting QB is the cheap years. In 2024 they have 17 games to see if Love is worth a big deal. This is not the most efficient way to manage a contract with a rookie.

You can get all the benefits of a rookie for a good price by trading the Love draft later. You can help the current team by trading Love and choosing one of them later. And honestly, given the 2019 Love movie, you could even help a future team by trading Love and getting one of them ready later.

For the Love trade to be a huge failure, Love would have to become elite, Rodgers would have to collapse in the next three years, and the draft that Love threw into the net would have to go bankrupt. Trading Love could be a win-win for both teams involved in the deal. It makes too much sense.

frequently asked questions

Why were the Packers traded for Jordan Love?

One of the most controversial moments of the 2020 NFL Draft was the Green Bay Packers’ choice of Utah quarterback Jordan Love, both because the team already had future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the roster and because the team gave up valuable assets to get him in the trade.

What does Aaron Rodgers think about Jordan Love?

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he enjoys being in the QB room with former Utah State signal-caller Jordan Lovell and believes the rookie has a bright future.

Is Jordan Love still with the Packers?

Love is technically under contract through 2023 – as is Rodgers – but the Packers have a fifth-round pick for 2024 because he’s a first-round pick, so there’s still time…. 3 behind Rodgers and Tim Boyle. He helped lead the scouting team during the season, but those meetings were closed to reporters.

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