We have a brand new trailer for the Netflix series The Mitchells Vs. the Machines. The upcoming animated comedy is produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who are behind hits like The LEGO Movie and Spider-Man: In the Spider-Verse. This time they are working with original material, with Mike Riana (Gravity Falls) in the director’s chair. Described as an animated action comedy about an ordinary family, but in the midst of their greatest family ordeal saving the world from a robot apocalypse, it seems to live up to what we’ve come to expect from the minds of Lord and Miller.

The trailer opens with a shot of robots destroying the world in search of the last humans. The Mitchells then approach these robots in their 1993 station wagon, ready to fight and save the world. Then we meet Katie, the daughter of the family, who was a bit of the black sheep in the family before the robot uprising. It’s a mix of light-hearted, apocalyptic action and a heartwarming story about family bonds. There’s also a lot of humor in the shots. Not to mention a pug who is destined to become a rising star.

APPROPRIATE: Mitchells versus machines: The latest episode of the Spider West team is coming straight to Netflix.

The voice is very impressive. They are joined by Abbi Jacobson (Broad City), Danny McBride (Pineapple Express), Maya Rudolph (Bridesmaids), Mike Rianda (Gravity Falls), Eric Andre (Bad Trip), Olivia Coleman (Beloved), Fred Armisen (Portlandia), Beck Bennett (Saturday Night Live), Chrissy Teigen (Battle of the Lips), John Legend (La La Land), Charlene Yee (Knock), Blake Griffin (Double Cross), Conan O’Brien (Conan), Sashir Zamata (Spree), Elle Mills (D Cut), Alex Hirsch (Fishhooks) and Jay Faroa (Unsane). Mike Rianda co-wrote the script with Jeff Rowe (Disenchantment).

The Mitchells vs. The Machines has the creative Katie Mitchell at the helm. She’s been accepted to the film school of her dreams and can’t wait to leave home. But her nature-loving father insists on taking her to school with the whole family on one last forced road trip to bond. Just when things don’t seem to be getting any better, the family suddenly finds themselves in the middle of a robot uprising. Everything from smartphones to room bass to mechas are used to capture every person on the planet. It’s up to the Mitchells, including cheerful mom Linda, quirky little brother Aaron, their pug Monchi and two friendly but simple robots, to save humanity.

This film was originally produced by Sony Pictures and was scheduled for a theatrical release. However, when the cinema closed for most of last year, Sony decided to sell the film to Netflix. Sony was planning to release a movie called Connected. Netflix has decided to go back to the original title. The deal is worth more than $100 million and includes the rights for China. Mitchells vs. Cars comes out on the 30th. April.

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