Fans were very enthusiastic when they heard that director Robert Rodriguez was going to direct the episode of Mandaloria, because the director showed his impressive ambitions as a director in films like Sin City (Sin City, Alita): Battle Angel and Planet Horror, although it seems that the only person most excited about this opportunity was Rodriguez himself, as if he was living his 12-year-old dream, just because he saw the names in the script. Since his episode in the series, chapter 14: Tragedy, saw Bob Fett’s first living heroes after his apparent death in Star Wars: The return of the Jedi is not the only one who waited decades for this adventure to become a reality.

It was my dream of 12 years, Rodriguez Collider told me about it in detail. When I was 12 years old, when [Star Wars] came out, the Empire Strikes Back, I was a big Bob Fett fan. You know, they were teasing him before the movie came out. You already knew he’d be a personality to look at. The marketing was really great, like this Bob Fett character, and when you saw the movie, you couldn’t wait to see it. It appealed to the imagination even before the film was released; that’s all we talked about at school. I remember how mysterious that character was. You’ve got a taste of her, but you’re waiting to see more.

As for the official canon, there’s no reason to believe that Fett survived his encounter with the Sarlaacon in Star Wars: The return of a Jedi, despite some legends that explore this path for the character. In this respect, Rodriguez seemed baffled by the idea of making such a character a reality.

When I saw the script (sent to me), in which Boba Fett and Darksaber and Mando and Fennec were written, I thought: That doesn’t even sound like a real scenario. It’s as if a fan wrote it in a feverish dream, hoping it’s an episode, jokes Rodriguez. And yes, it was a scenario. It had all the good stuff. It was like the best hits of all time, I couldn’t believe it. Playing Star Wars with all these toys and playing with Bob Fett as one of your main [characters] – I was just thinking: I should go and just… I don’t know if he’s going to play in other episodes or whatever, so at this point I just have to make him super cool [and] be the character I thought he was when I found out he was 12. It was my mission to continue this 12-year-old hobby for a character.

While the premiere of this second season was plagued by the return of Fett, the Rodriguez episode is certainly a historic moment for the character, marking the first time since 1983 that fans have seen a bounty hunter in armor live without his contribution to the distant Star Wars scene: New hope in 1997.

What do you think of the Director’s comments? Let us know in the comments below or contact Patrick Cavanaugh directly on Twitter to talk about all things Star Wars and Terror!

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