Rocket League Season 2 – Live on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Nintendo Switch and a new patch update. The second season also saw the release of a new Rocket Pass with a new R3MX car that would use a hybrid hitbox. In addition, the prices of the Season 1 competition have been cancelled, a new arena called Neon Fields has been added and player hymns are available.

With player hymns, players can customize their goal celebration with any number from the toy library. However, if you are not interested in listening to Monstercat for any reason, you should not do so. This function is not only optional, but can also be turned off completely, which means that you will not hear music from another player.

It is not clear whether the update should be downloaded or not. And because it is not clear, the size of the file, if there is the required download, is also not clear. However, we do have some patches that you can see below:



  • Season 2 Live on all platforms
  • The second one. The Rocket Pass season started with the new R3MX.
    • R3MX uses Hybrid Hitbox.


  • Season 2 tournaments are already available
    • Add new prizes and tournament titles
  • The limit for tournament players has been raised significantly.
    • Over time, we will continue to build capacity and provide additional support to each region.
  • Changes and updates
    • A preview of the theme at the end of the tournament no longer obscures the player’s summary of the tournament.
    • It will not be written on the tournament card after a player’s registration.
    • I’m checking… the message has a clear time-out condition…


  • Step 1 : Season Two Live Challenge
  • Players must now complete 22 or more of the 24 challenges in order to receive a prize for the league of the season.


  • Season 2 The race has started
  • Standard 3v3 : The smooth restart of this season will be less aggressive than that of season 1.
    • Grand Champion and Super Sound Legend ratings in the Standard 3v3 will be slightly easier to obtain.
  • Rumble: Champion I and higher will be more difficult to reach.


New Arena: Neon fields

  • Neon fields have been added to the online playlist rotation and can also be used in personal and free games.
  • New Arena works with Rocket League radio and anthems for all players in the game.

Player antennas

  • Player anthems are a new setting option that allows you to play your favorite music from the Rocket League soundtrack at key moments in the game. Players play hymns when you do this:
    • Shooting a target
    • saga
    • Winning MVP honours
  • To use the player’s national anthem, go to Profile > Select the player’s national anthem.
  • There are three options under Settings > Sound > Player Answers:
    • It’s still running: Play while playing and in free play.
    • Just matches: He only plays during matches.
    • Out: Deactivates your anthem and the anthems of other players
  • The volume of the player’s national anthem can be adjusted using the Music – Playback function in the Settings > Audio menu.
  • The five-player anthems are now available to all players on the Rocket League Vol. soundtrack. 1 :
    • We speak Chinese for Mike Olt and Abandoned Carnival.
    • Love Thru The Night (feat. Morgan Perry) by Mike Olt.
    • I could be Mike Olt’s Crysta.
    • Flying Forever (performance. Morgan Perry) by Mike Olt.
    • The wings of an angel (Avianna Acid) by Mike Olt.

Season 1 Contest price

  • The first season of the competition is over. Season prizes and titles are awarded on the basis of the best score achieved during the season and the successful completion of the respective stages of the season prizes.
  • Season 1 prices – personalized, non-commercial and universal stickers.
    • Bronze I or higher: S1 – Bronze
    • Silver I or higher: S1 – Silver
    • Gold I or higher: S1 – Gold
    • Platinum I or higher: S1 – Platinum
    • Diamond I or larger: S1 – Diamond
    • Champion I or higher: S1 – Master
    • Great Champion I or higher: S1 – Great Champion
    • Super Sound Legend: S1 – Super Sound Legend
  • Title of the great champions (in the language of diamonds)
    • Great champion of the competition: S1 GRAND CHAMPION
    • The great champion Rambla: S1 RNG CAMP
    • The great champion of hoops: S1 DARK MASTER
    • The great champion of Snow Day: MASTER OF BLIZZARD S1
    • Big Dropshot champion: S1 LAND DESTROYER
  • Supersonic captions (Titan White in the text)
    • Competition: SUPERSONIC LEGEND
    • Rumble: S1 RNGENIA
    • Tyres: the legendary S1 soccer player
    • Snow Day: S1 ICE TITANO
    • Figure: TILT BREAKER S1

Rocket League is available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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