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Marlon Humphrey is partying with Matt Judon.

The Baltimore Ravens have experienced a turnaround of epic proportions in their 2020 season, and this is largely due to the solid defense of the team.

Although it took some time for the attack to adjust and solve the problems, the defense was still solid, despite many changes on the other side of the ball and other problems.

It’s of course thanks to the players, but it’s also hard to see what defence coordinator Don Wink Martindale had in mind for the team. Throughout the season, Martindale has been a stabilizing force for the team, and he could be rewarded for his work with more head coaches seems this season.

Clearly, the Ravens don’t want to lose Martindale, as good as it is. Cornerback Marlon Humphrey also made this clear by admitting on Twitter that although he thinks Martindale is a great prospect, he doesn’t want to lose him to anyone else.

I don’t want him to go, but an excellent candidate

– Marlon Humphrey (@marlon_humphrey) 28 December 2020

Reality seems to have hit Humphrey when he says he understands how good Martindale is, but it’s almost impossible to believe the team can keep him for another round, especially given the way the Ravens have played under him. It’s proof of the love many people have for Martindale.

Don Martindale seemed like a hot candidate for coaching

The two Ravens coordinators have recently been named as competition-wide candidates, and that could happen again this season. Recently, at Good Morning Football, host Peter Schrager was asked to nominate a few discreet candidates from the league who could get the job this round. As he explained, Martindale was selected in Baltimore because of everything he has done with the team, both now and recently.

Several teams will interview HC candidates in the coming weeks. @PSchrags & @MikeGarafolo presents four names that could be the next HC of your team.

[email protected] DC Todd Bowles
[email protected] OC Joe Brady
[email protected] OC Arthur Smith
[email protected] DC Wink Martindale

– GMFB (@gmfb) 23 December 2020

Mr. Schrager said:

I know the Ravens aren’t the team they were last year, but Wink’s defense has done a lot and they continue to play and show off. A sparkle in the eye belongs to the players. The players love him. Not a 30 year old and no newcomer, but Wink Martindale gets the attention of the players, he motivates them, and he interviewed them very well last year. Add to that the Kale Campbell case, Brandon Williams, and the whole COVID-19 case that tore the defense completely apart, and it’s a fact that the Ravens still play good football, to the credit of Wink Martindale.

Martindale applied to the New York Giants last season, but passed it on to Joe Judge. The Ravens may have a harder time keeping their coordinator this year, given his experience and what he has done with the Ravens. Even their players seem to understand this.

Teams of possible interest to Don Martindale.

But Humphrey doesn’t want to lose to Martindale, because he has admitted that he is an excellent candidate and could be a very popular dark horse this cycle. According to Tony Pauline, an insider of the Pro Football Network, he was once connected to the Detroit Lions. The New York Jets might also be interested in Martindale. For the time being, these are just a few openings, and when he has the opportunity to interview, Mr Martindale may find other eligible positions.

The Ravens performed a small miracle last season by retaining Martindale as finalist of the New York Giants, but it becomes clear that they may not be so lucky this time.

The Earl of Humphrey is such a great supporter of Martindale that he wants him to stay.

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