As the NHL approaches the 2020-21 season, the rest of the hockey world is on the move. With many North American junior leagues not yet started or often interrupted by delays or cancellations, and European professional leagues doing their best to finish the seasons, the outlook for Trekking has never been more difficult.

But even if we don’t have as complete a picture as we would like right now, there is still plenty of work to be done to compare and contrast each NHL candidate. So we’re in the top 100 now. Many of the players on this list are expected to be used in the coming NHL season, as the fixed limit puts even more emphasis on players with entry-level contracts.

The criteria on my list: In fact, any player who still qualifies for rookie status in the NHL this season can also be on that list. The limit is 26 games in a season or 50 games in a career up to this point. In addition, players must be at least 25 years old to participate in the game. Rasmus Sandin and Ryan Poehling, for example, barely missed the cup based on last season’s games.

Here are the top 100 prospects currently associated with an NHL club, starting with the obvious.

Ranking the top 100 prospects in hockey Ranking the top 100 prospects in hockey

The first choice in the 2020 design goes directly to the NHL and has even had extra time to continue physically strengthening and preparing for its first season. Lafreniere has been one of the most decorated young hockey players in the NHL for some time, winning the CHL’s Most Valuable Player award twice. He develops his palette talents, but the extra sharpness and physicality with which Lafrenière plays can make him a player of choice in his first season. Expectations are high for this exceptional candidate.

Ranking the top 100 prospects in hockey

Whether or not Byfield plays in the NHL this season does not change the fact that he currently has one of the highest caps among non-NHL players. His size and speed give him a head start, but he also plays many games with a first-class vision and sense of hockey. As one of the youngest players on the list, Byfield’s potential is a decisive factor.

Ranking the top 100 prospects in hockey

He can play in the middle, but I think in the long run he will end up on the wing and perform at a high level. He is a natural player, has good zone control and can play all over the ice. Stewatle’s speed is an exceptional feature that allows him to challenge NHL defenders. Add to this natural puck handling skills and creativity, and you have a very exciting player.

2 Connected

Ranking the top 100 prospects in hockey

At the beginning of the season Raymond took advantage of the extra ice time he got in Frolunda. He played first class matches and showed great skill in standing up to the opponent. Raymond also showed more speed and a better shot to increase his scoring power. He fights fiercely and never rests. Raymond could finish the year in Sweden and probably be able to join the Detroit team already in the 2021-22 season.

Ranking the top 100 prospects in hockey

Kaprizov’s watch is effectively over, as he has finally managed to land in Wild’s watch. We’ll see what he can do in the NHL now. Few young players like Kaprizov come from the KHL with many awards. He is the reigning double KHL scorecard champion, leaving behind a series of technical achievements including an Olympic gold medal and a KHL title. With 113 goals and 230 points Kaprizov surpasses all his KHL predecessors under the age of 24. At the top of the point rankings Kaprizov has a great engine and a lot of power on the puck, and he never strays from the hard spots on the ice. The excitement is justified.


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