On New Year's Eve, the organizers of the Airbnb party can be brought to justice.

The company forbids anyone who has not received positive reviews to book a one-night stand (photo: Getty).

On New Year’s Eve, when they party in properties rented by Airbnb, the company warns.

With the restrictions on Covid-19, which means that many clubs and bars can’t open, people will have to find a new way to call in the new year.

Homeland parties are also banned by rules that prohibit illegal meetings – and Airbnb has made it clear that it will prosecute anyone who doesn’t trade in its shareholders’ homes.

The rental company stated that it would ban anyone who did not have a positive rating from entering the market at 31. December in Great Britain to book accommodation for one night.

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Those authorised to make reservations for New Year’s Eve must confirm that they will not be hosting the meeting and acknowledge that they may be prosecuted in this case.

The San Francisco-based company announced that it will use technology that will limit certain local and last-minute bookings and block bookings in a larger area.

Patrick Robinson, director of public policy, said that we know that this festive period will be different from any other and that many of us will toast at the end of an incredibly difficult year.

So here’s a small minority who may be trying to ruin the vacation, and our message to them is clear: you won’t be welcome on Airbnb.

November 2020.

Because of the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, many will not be able to get together with their friends (Photo: SWNS).

With these extra measures we hope that the owners, guests and residents of the region will have a safe and peaceful New Year.

Last month, the company discovered that 800 UK advertisements had been removed or suspended as part of an action against home parties, and blocked more than 13,500 booking attempts as part of an action to promote anti-social behaviour.

In August, Airbnb banned customers under the age of 25 with less than three positive reviews from booking entire homes near their home.

Airbnb says many suspensions are caused by concerns about the Neighbourhood Tool, where people can complain about items posted on the website.

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In June, a 26-year-old man was stabbed to death at a party on the Airbnb grounds on Denmark Hill in southeast London.

In response to the incident, a company spokesman stated that the guest had been removed from the site and that the listing had been suspended during the investigation of the isolated incident.

In August, Metropolitan Police agents distributed an illegal batch, allegedly held at the Airbnb complex in North London, following complaints from neighbors.

In the images a neighbour describes as an illegal rave, dozens of people in the garden of a terraced house in Tavistock, Archway, were not wearing masks and were not standing at a social distance.

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