PEO Philanthropic Sisterhood is a nonprofit that provides scholarships to women who want to further their education, but can’t afford it. Founded in 1984 by local women, the PEO Philanthropic Sisterhood is growing in its community support.   It has grown from administering only two scholarships in its first year, to running a program that has given scholarships to over 700 women in the last 30 years. We are proud to support this great organization that is changing the lives of women in our community.

Recently, PEO Philanthropic Sisterhood (PEO) has been focusing on supporting women through education. PEO is an active group of large-figured women, who meet each month to discuss topics in health, fashion, and other areas. It is quickly growing in numbers and, in some way, is a direct result of the work of the very first PEO member and founder–the late, great, Ms. Lynn Behnke, who passed away several years ago.

PEO Philanthropic Sisterhood is a sisterhood that is a network of women helping women in education in the Philippines who are either working or not working. Every month, we meet at one of the member’s place (the PEO member’s place) and we discuss about a relevant topic that is relevant to the Filipina woman. Our meetings are free and open to all women.

PASO ROBLES – Founded 150 years ago, the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) is one of the oldest women’s organizations in North America. With nearly 6,000 chapters and more than 500,000 members in the United States and Canada, the organization is passionately committed to the empowerment of women through education. PEO International has helped more than 114,000 women in North America achieve their life goals by providing more than $369 million in educational support. The PEO Chapter HL was founded in Paso Robles in 1992 and is the local chapter of PEO International. Since 2002, the Paso Robles chapter, with 56 active members, has assisted 52 women and received more than $126,385 in financial assistance. As a non-profit philanthropic and social service organization, PEO has worked behind the scenes for many years and only recently decided to speak more openly about the financial assistance and moral support it provides to women trying to build a more productive and financially secure future for themselves and their families. We’ll get through this together, Atascadero. word-image-1331 With a mission to help women reach for the stars! PEO celebrates the advancement of women, educates women through scholarships, grants, loans and leadership at Cottey College, and motivates women to achieve their highest goals. The efforts of these organizations are based on the belief that when women are supported in their educational endeavors, it has a lasting positive impact on families, communities and countries around the world. Our local PEO chapter is dedicated to helping women in northern San Luis Obispo County, said Joan Burgess, HL chapter president. The Kipper Twist scholarship fund is a scholarship established in 2002 in honor of two special members of our chapter who have dedicated their lives to the education of young women. North Slo County residents and high school graduates with at least a 2.8 GPA or GED equivalent may apply and attend the school of their choice. The Paso Robles office also helps applicants apply to seven PEO programs in California and six international PEO programs for scholarships, grants and loans. PEO membership is open to women 18 years of age and older. Scholarship applicants are encouraged to visit to learn more about PEO scholarships, grants and loans available to residents of northern SLO County, the state of California and the United States. word-image-3299 This year Ashley Jones and Angela Lopez received scholarships from Kyper-Twist and California PEO. Ashley Jones is a 42-year-old single mother of two daughters aged nine and six. Ms. Jones is a PhD candidate completing her master’s degree in speech-language pathology online at New York University from fall 2020 to spring 2023. PEO’s support has had a huge impact on me, both financially and emotionally, Jones says. I’m trying to get my degree without accumulating excessive debt, and I’m doing that by saving and applying for scholarships. The PEO stipend covers the cost of my books and additional expenses related to my studies and clinical rotations. Knowing that there was a group of strong, smart, successful women around me who wanted to help me convinced and encouraged me. My goal is to give back the scholarship and support to a future graduate student as soon as I can. I am proud to be an example of hard work and perseverance to my daughters and look forward to a successful career as a speech-language pathologist after graduation. I hope they will learn that they can achieve almost anything if they work hard and make sacrifices. Angela Lopez is 31 years old and a single mother of a 12 year old boy. Lopez is a PhD student in Marriage and Family Therapy with a concentration in Hispanic Mental Health at Antioch University (Santa Barbara), October 2019-Fall 2021. PEO has had a huge impact on my life, Lopez said. PEO has not only given me financial support for higher education, but also the hope and strength to persevere despite the difficulties. I was born in the United States to immigrant parents who chose to raise me in my native Mexico. I earned my bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology there and decided to return to the United States to find better career and life opportunities. It was a true privilege to be an American citizen and to be able to pursue higher education, but I faced many challenges in transferring my degree. My son has witnessed my efforts in this country, and I can see how adopting this behavior has made him an excellent student and a kind little man. I would be honored to work at PEO in the future to help women achieve their dreams. As I see the challenges in my community, I hope to build a practice in working with Latinos in San Luis Obispo, as my experience allows me to share a deep compassion for them. For more information about PEO Paso Robles Chapter HL and PEO International, visit


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The PEO Philanthropic Sisterhood is a multi-faceted organization that promotes women’s education and development. It supports women’s education in the areas of leadership, management, finance, marketing, and technology. The PEO Philanthropic Sisterhood is not a charity or a non-profit organization. It is a sisterhood of women who support each other in the areas of education, leadership, management, finance, marketing, technology, etc.. Read more about what does peo stand for and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PEO stand for in PEO Sisterhood?

PEO Philanthropic Sisterhood, a non-profit organization, has existed for over two decades as a way to provide support for women who have lost weight and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Men and women from all walks of life are welcomed to join the organization, and have the opportunity to interact with other women who share their weight-loss goals. What began as a group of six women in 1996 has grown to over 150 members, with over 30 active committees and affiliate chapters worldwide. PEO Sisterhood is a non-profit organization that was created in 1997 to help women improve their lives through the power of education. The organization was founded by two women who wanted to give back in a way that was meaningful to them, emphasizing the importance of education. PEO Sisterhood teaches women how to take control of their financial lives, and empowers women to live within their means.

What is the mission of PEO?

We are all very close to the hearts of PEO members, and this is why we keep providing them with information ranging from birth control to financial planning to breast and prostate cancer detection. We also keep them up-to-date with news and happenings, and we provide them with a voice in areas that they want or need to be heard. PEO stands for Philanthropic Education Organization and is the philanthropic arm of PEO Philanthropic Network. PEO Philanthropic Network (PEO) is a community of volunteers that supports women through education by giving scholarships to women who want to attend college. PEO Philanthropic Sistershood supports female philanthropists and offers them support through PEO-sponsored events and workshops. PEO Philanthropic Sistershood is currently comprised of over 300 women from all over the world. In the last year, PEO Philanthropic Sistershood has awarded more than 20 grants to female philanthropists attending college for the first time.

How do I join PEO Sisterhood?

PEO is a lifestyle support community for women who share the same goal of bettering the world, one person at a time. Since we began in 2001, we have given nearly $30 million to communities and charities throughout the world. Visitors to PEO Philanthropic Sisterhood can learn about our commitment to sharing our resources, expertise and energy with others through programs and initiatives that promote education, literacy, literacy, arts and culture, health education and health services, and human rights. It’s a good day to be a woman! The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have brought to light the truth that women have been abused for decades. And while we’re all in agreement that sexual assault is WRONG, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many questions left unanswered. Did you know that some people still try to sexually assault women by wearing sexy lingerie? And some women are too embarrassed to go to the police about their assaults due to the stigma attached to being assaulted.

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