Fans of the original short circuit will soon be able to live in the same house that was used for the classics of the eighties. All this is thanks to a super fan, Richard Bates, who bought a house in Astoria where the film was shot and restored it to the exact reproduction of the set. It will also be transformed into a toy museum, as well as a living tribute to the film, which people can visit and borrow for short periods if they wish.

Everyday people: The super fan of Short Circuit brings the film to life on (@EdwardGStratton).

– Astoria (@DailyAstorian) 7 December 2020

Richard Bates fell in love with the film as a child and paid for a house in Astoria, Oregon, which he visited regularly for years. This area is also home to the Goonies, which were closed to tourists a few years ago due to vandalism and damage to property. So Richard Bates has good neighbors near the Gundocks in Athens. Last year Superfan managed to buy the short house and move from Washington to take over the project. He has now been given permission to stay with his family and plans to start making reservations for those who want to stay next year. Bates will also present his immense collection of antique figurines and toys to guests. Bates should have said so.

POWERFUL: The restart in case of a short circuit is done by running a Classic
80 It’s easy to get this movie out of your head because they didn’t make many toys for it. I don’t think they knew how to sell it. So the line between classics and icons is a little blurry… This is my chance to make sure he survives.

He’s referring to a cult movie robot, Johnny 5. Right now, Johnny 5 is not in the house. However, the intention is to raise money to build a copy of the robot as soon as the house and garden are finished. As fans will remember, the Ellie Sheedy character kept animals in the garden. As Richard Bates explains, I will essentially support the entire exterior of the house, as close as possible to what it looks like on the screen. It will be a pen similar to the one in the film, which guests can use for their pets.

Originally the short circuit was published in 1986. Directed by John Badham, it focuses on an experimental military robot that is struck by lightning and regains consciousness. She flees the army and meets a young woman, Stephanie Speck (Ellie Shidi). Meanwhile, his creator tries desperately to find him, because his whole project is in danger of collapsing. The sequel, Short Circuit 2, was released in 1998, but is commercially not as good as its predecessor.

A new edition is being prepared, which will give the original a Latin tint. Eduardo Cisneros and Jason Schumann are determined to write the script. There is no information yet on the cost of staying at the Short Circuit House once it is finished and how Richard Bates will handle the booking. But the trip can be interesting for film lovers from 2021 onwards. This message is coming to us through Astorian.

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