Media signature. Abdulhadi escaped the kidnapping of the school, but his twin brother Mustafa was lost in the chaos.

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Photo captionThe pupils left their shoes in the melee after the attack.

On Thursday, a video of the emblem of Boko Haram was broadcast, showing dozens of boys, some of whom still look very young.

One of the boys said that they had been kidnapped by the gang of Boko Haram’s chief, Abubakar Shekau, and that all government troops sent to help them had to be sent back.

What is the general situation?

Boko Haram has become notorious for his kidnappings of schoolchildren over the past ten years, including in Chibok in 2014, where some 300 schoolgirls were abducted. The name of the group translates loosely as Western education is forbidden.

However, these abductions have so far taken place in northeast Nigeria, where Boko Haram is located.

Despite Boko Haram’s claims, the Nigerian government has stated that the kidnapping of Katsina was carried out by local gangs associated with the Islamic group.

Armed robberies and kidnappings are commonplace in northwest Nigeria and are often attributed to banditry, which is not a clear term for gangs operating in the region.

According to Amnesty International, bandits killed more than 1100 people in the first six months of this year and the government failed to bring the perpetrators to justice.


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