26. January 2021

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The 2021 NFL selection is still three months away and anything can happen in that time. Team needs will change, rankings will fluctuate, and the direction of many franchises will change. Even if we take the night off the lineup, there may still be surprises in store.

We asked our NFL reporters to identify the teams that will be selected from the top 10 to look at some of the strange scenarios that could happen and disrupt their plans. This is something top teams need to consider and be prepared for. So, after reading what our own Mel Kiper Jr. predicted for each pick, let’s see what could happen if things get out of hand the night of the draft. Here are 10 scenarios and how the top 10 teams can deal with them, starting with a big commercial offer for Jaguars.


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What would the Jaguars do here if. The Jets offered two of their first round picks (#2 and #23) and a first round pick in 2022 for overall pick #1?

They would have said thank you, but no, thank you. The Jaguars can’t afford to be without Clemson’s quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. He is considered one of the best QBs since Peyton Manning, and there is a big gap between him and the other callers available in the project. New coach Urban Meyer said this year’s number one pick was one of the things that made working in Jacksonville so appealing. Lawrence is making a huge difference to this team.

Additionally, owner Shad Khan stated the following: What was missing from the Jaguars’ history was actually the quarterback of the franchise. And I think what’s definitely unique is that we now have the opportunity to make a choice, and that will determine how the franchise will evolve. Jacksonville takes Lawrence and never looks back. -Michael DiRocco

What would the Jets be doing here if…? ? They picked Sam Darnold as the starting quarterback for 2021?

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They will ask for proposals for choice 2 in the hope of obtaining additional capital. The Jets have nine picks in the first three rounds, and GM Joe Douglas would like to add at least two more. He has a lot of holes to fill, including offensively. If Darnold stays in New York, he will need better support, and more selections will help the team achieve that.

But if the Jets can’t find a way to trade down, I’ll be looking for an offensive player to help Darnold, whether it’s Oregon’s Peney Sewell, an Oregon offensive tackle, or a popular wide receiver like Alabama’s DeVonta Smith or USL’s Ja’Marr Chase. — Rich Cimini.

What would the Dolphins be doing here if…. The Jets picked DeVonte Smith as their number two?

The Dolphins will likely actively consider price cuts from teams in need of a QB and will be among the top ten picks. A trade, perhaps with the Panthers in eighth place, could allow for a first-round pick in 2022 or more picks in the second round and give them more resources to improve an up-and-coming team.

If nothing appeals to them, they’ll probably opt for Pena Sewell’s tackle or Ja’Marr Chase’s reception with the No. 3 pick. These moves will either further strengthen the offensive line around quarterback Tua Tagovailoa or give him a new weapon to play with on the outside. Sure, Smith would be perfect for the Dolphins and Tagovailoa, but there are other options. — Cameron Wolfe

What would the Hawks be doing here if… Quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Zach Wilson have gone to 1-2-3?

They have several options. Firstly, they could put a piece of paper with Peney Sewell’s name on it to lock the spike as quickly as possible, securing the base element for the next decade. You can’t go wrong with this decision. Then they can get a point guard to help quarterback Matt Ryan. His contract makes it difficult to separate from him, so the Falcons can help him as much as possible in this scenario. These playmakers could be WR DeVonta Smith, WR Jaylen Waddle (Alabama) or even TE Kyle Pitts (Florida). One of them, along with Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones, would give the offense a big boost.

Another possibility, if it comes to that: What would the Bengals offer Atlanta to win a seat and keep Atlanta from taking Shewell? Can the Falcons get extra capital in the form of line picks and still get one of these offensive weapons? -Michael DiRocco

What would the Bengals do if they drew an offensive tackle with Taylor Moton or kept Joe Tuney in free agency in March (and OT Pena Sewell off the board)?

In this scenario, the Bengals have many more options in the fifth, as they already have Joe Barrow’s quarterback as their main defensive target. If the needs of the offensive line are met, Cincinnati could try to get a big gun in the passing game on Burrow, like Ja’Marr Chase. Remember, Chase played with Burrow at LSU. It makes sense for the free agency and the review board to go down this road.

LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase received 20 passes from Joe Barrow in 2019. Kevin K. Cox/Getty Images

But a nice choice? Как насчет Кайла Питтса из Флориды ? He could take Burrow and the Bengals’ offense to another level and change the game for years to come. — Ben Baby

What would the Eagles be doing here if wide receivers DeVonte Smith and Ja’Marr Chase were not on board?

The Eagles certainly need help at wide receiver, but there are problems elsewhere as well. Cornerbacks Patrick Surtain II (Alabama) or Caleb Farley (Virginia Tech) would be interesting options. The Eagles have struggled this season to get consistent production in the CB2 behind Darius Slay. Slay and Surtain can be a sneaky jab. Otherwise, Philadelphia is always looking for offensive and defensive linemen, though it’s unlikely Pena Sewell will fall that low.

And while the Eagles are always looking for a receiver, Jaylen Weddle – another former quarterback for Jaylen Hurts at Alabama – is exactly the kind of explosive playmaker the Eagles attract. — Tim McManus.

What would the Lions do here if they were if they traded quarterback Matthew Stafford in a hurry?

The situation offers very real possibilities. If the Lions fall in love with quarterbacks Justin Fields or Zach Wilson, they may have to leave their current position to get either player. If Detroit stays in seventh place, North Dakota’s QB Trey Lance could be a player to keep an eye on, especially if the Lions contract the bridge quarterback to sit in the back for a year and learn from him. Lance has incredible talent, but he’s very young – he’ll be 20 in the draft – so he’s interesting to a team that’s rebuilding.

The quarterback seems like the right person for Detroit, but not including him in that pick will allow a player like Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons to lead a sagging defense. — Michael Rothstein

What would the Panthers be doing here if… The team had already traded him for Kyle pitts?

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Start by looking at the best quarterback out there. Did Justin Fields or Zach Wilson go down? Carolina will have to evaluate whether Fields, Wilson or Trey Lance – whoever they are – can be an upgrade to the current Panther quaternaries, Teddy Bridgewater, P.J. Walker and Will Grier.

Outside QBs, Pena Sewell probably won’t fall that low, and other offensive tackles don’t deserve to be in the top 10. But a linebacker like Micah Parsons could be a good option. — David Newton

What would the Broncos be doing here if…. Did Justin Fields or Zach Wilson do it?

Let’s start with the fact that we don’t know what new General Manager George Paton thinks of a player – or current QB Drew Lock. And in the new power structure, Mr. Paton’s preference for the position means everything the team will do in the coming months. He says he doesn’t like Lock’s performance last season yet, but he’s seen enough to believe Lock can still grow. But he also said that playing in the BQ is one of the biggest components of long-term success, and that he would consider anything in this position.

So it’s hard to be sure now, because Denver still has business with Locke. But at the end of the day, the Broncos will definitely take a good look at Fields and Wilson. -Jeff Legwold

What would the Cowboys be doing here if …. hadn’t picked a defender yet and they could have had at least one on the roster?

It’s a simple answer, but they take the best defender available. It is still unclear who is so far away. Cornerback is a big need, so Patrick Surtain II and Caleb Farley would be good options, especially with Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis poised to become free agents. The Cowboys feel like they got another corner from Alabama in last year’s draft with Trevon Diggs, and Surtain has the play they need. And Farley has the size, speed and ability to play.

The bad news for the Cowboys is that there will be no dominant forward or defensive tackle at No. 10, and it may be too soon for a team like Dallas to go with an out-of-position linebacker like Micah Parsons, even with questions about Jaylon Smith’s future. — Todd Archer

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