A data specialist discovered new information about the Nintendo Switch Pro system that will be released this year.

Switch Pro has two SoCs

According to Wccftech, SciresM shared data about the wire, revealing the presence of new hardware in the Switch firmware. The new Switch model, codenamed Aula, has a Mariko chip that has been reduced in size compared to the first generation. The result is better cooling and longer battery life. Dateline also indicated that the tablet will certainly have an updated view.

Dataminer also revealed that Aula has firmware that supports Realtek’s chip, which is marketed as a UHD 4K multimedia SoC. He therefore thinks he can handle the 4K resolutions, although this has not yet been confirmed at this stage.

It also implies higher rates worldwide.

However, the strangest thing about this chip (which he doesn’t suspect) is that it would be in a Switch-dock and not in a tablet. But the Aula model clearly supports manual mode, which means that it is not a model that is simply anchored, as a leak was previously suggested.

Switch Protectors against Nintendo

The Switch Pro, as is generally known, is an assumed takeover of the normal Switch model. Rumours about such a model were already circulating in 2019, with media sources and the WSJ suggesting possible updates to the design and functionality of the device. This includes an OLED display, redesigned Joy-Con controllers and a more powerful SoC.

Other new sources have not only confirmed the information obtained by WSJ, but have also stated that the new model will be able to run games and stream videos at 4K resolution.

Optimistically, SciresM has a strong data background, especially with regard to the Nintendo Switch and its games. So far, the most recently discovered information seems to tick all the right boxes with the characteristics of the rumour model.

However, some Nintendo representatives quickly rejected these requests. The final push came from Doug Bowser, CEO of Nintendo of America, who commented in an interview that his company was too focused on building on the enormous success of the Switch and Switch Lite models.

This is not surprising, because these models have proven their longevity on the market. Although the company estimated the sales period in 2020, the total number of Nintendo Switch and Switch lite units sold worldwide in September 2020 was 68.3 million.

Switch Pro or new generation

Rumours about Switch Pro are very plausible, but it is possible that the information that turned them on was misunderstood.

Another possibility is that Aula is simply a development package used to calibrate future switching functions. If it is indeed a new model, it can be reserved for the next generation, i.e. switch 2.

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