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LeBron James angered many fans Friday night with his antics on the court. He used his well-known slapstick tactics to get some cheap shots against the Memphis Grizzlies. King was known as a flopper, one of the best (or worst) in the league, and he showed all his skills against a young Grizzlies team.

As James prepared to shake off Dillon Brooks and Grayson Allen, he found himself at the bottom of the heap, prompting the Grizzlies’ announcer to distance himself from him and express his frustration with the way LBJ makes mistakes, not just now, but throughout most of his career.

That LeBron bitch is outrageous. She really is. Monster man. pic.twitter.com/R14N82z2rF

– Chris Vernon (@ChrisVernonShow) February 13, 2021

This footage appeared on Twitter and the NBA community began to discuss it. Some defended LeBron and said Ja Morant had done the same thing against Anthony Davis in previous games, while others simply attacked the four-time NBA champion and said it was nothing new for him.

If that is the way to receive calls, so be it, for the obvious is not called.

– dee (@deetrippy12) February 13, 2021

Six feet tall, 90 pounds, and he fails. What a joke!

– David Joyner (@ddljoyner) February 13, 2021

Do you see how Yes is up against the AD?

– Cory Page (@coryrobertpage) February 13, 2021

How about a yes to the AD 2 minutes before the jump? That’s all right.

– Corey Thomas (@coreydale81) February 13, 2021

And the guy I saw slipping on the ice pick in the parking lot yesterday?

– Sagey (@SageOfTheWinds) February 13, 2021


🏀 (@dribblecity) February 13, 2021

Jordan has begun

– Repeat LA LAKERS (@la_reapeat) on February 13, 2021.

What kind of a champion is that? So weak… You have all the skills in the world, but you need those little phones. That’s the only reason it wasn’t unanimously approved by the G.O.A.T.

– Genaro Azpeitia (@NuBotzCity) February 13, 2021

I’m no fan of LeBron, but Brooks clearly prevents him from moving up.

– Michecites78 (@hatetwitaple) February 13, 2021

That’s exactly LeBron’s response to Yes’s blow to the head earlier. Out of context it’s a terrible flop, but in context it’s just his way of compensating for his opponent’s advantage. He saw what Yes was doing and said, “Okay, I got you.”

– Coach (@ro4fun) February 13, 2021

it is also rude or https://t.co/a90sQJAOqP.

– Belal. (@itsbelal_a) February 13, 2021

can we just agree that flopping is now part of the game …., if you are qualified enough to sell an appeal to the referee, then you deserve an appeal. ….

– Jan (@jjajakovljevjan) February 13, 2021

I don’t know if that’s an excuse for LeBron Lol’s failure.

– BESLEY WITH EURO (@geola388) February 13, 2021

Morant is a nobody compared to Leflop who should have been GOAT and the guy does stuff like that, come here.

– Mr. Solo Dolo (@ColdOpenFan) February 13, 2021

You’re right. You’re right. If only they hadn’t made that call. The Grizzlies would have won. pic.twitter.com/aF7iuEel8u

– Spider-Pelink (@Bens_head_space) February 13, 2021

Brother, he just touches ….it. Look at Dillion Brooks lmaooo pic.twitter.com/yvlvM84LWA

– Children’s Glory (@thekidfame) February 13, 2021

Okay, but she’s still a really bad whore.

– Johnny Mack (@Johnny_Mack96) February 13, 2021

Some of you have never tripped over anyone in your life, I think. Tried to fall backwards, and there was no room to swear it would fail. He literally fell, and according to the rules that’s a mistake 🤷🏽‍♂️ anyway , stay angry. It’s funny to see you all crying about it.

– a2 🤝 (@A2_Loading) February 13, 2021

You have to watch the games. It’s the only way to get bold calls. Watch the Lakers’ games and see how he gets hit on his way to the rim. If he jumps for free throws, so be it. It’s a game won.

– ansh7012 (@ansh7012) February 13, 2021

I’m not sure this man has fans who defend him. He’s obnoxious. That’s weird to say, but I think I’m condemning LeBron fans right now. For example, I don’t want my doctor to be a LeBron fan….he makes bad decisions.

– Bernie Lomax (@BernieLomaxII) February 13, 2021

All the time.

– Adam Patterson (@AdamPatter) February 13, 2021

LeBron is one of the best floppers in the league, and even though he went too far this time, the referees believed the play and called him out. It’s not something everyone in the league likes to see, but it’s there. He tricked the referees, took his liberties and ended the story.

Other players like Marcus Smart, Joel Embiid and others have been drafted as floppers, and Bron is no exception. However, it makes no difference to King or any other player who uses this tactic to reach the EC line.

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