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Field Yates already has experience with the New England Patriots, both at board and recruitment level. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University (CT) and regularly writes for the ESPN Boston Patriots and ESPN Insider.

On the last day of the year 2020 I got up a little earlier than usual. One of those mornings when you wake up before the alarm goes off, but you feel rested and ready to go, not ready to turn around and get some sleep.

The next free minutes of the year would be the perfect time to do what many of you who read this might expect: scroll through my imaginary football teams to review my current roster, consider canceling additions to the nutrition or look at which players have been added or dropped by other players, and of course, develop commercial offers.


The 2020-21 NBA season has already started, but you can still create or join an ESPN Fantasy Basketball League and start the season as soon as you have created your team.

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You see, if Sunday is the pinnacle of fantasy football, because we can watch a dozen or more games and feel that every result counts, then it’s the weekly management that makes it all worthwhile. It’s a lot less fun to watch games on Sunday when there are four resting players or a starting quarterback on the bench of his NFL team.

The best kind of Fantasy Football on Sunday is when you enjoy the fruits of your labor – a superfluous description of your efforts during the week, but you get the point.

I miss it already.

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But the beauty of fantasy sports is that if fantasy football is king, society can keep you busy all year round.

And in this case, I mean fantasy basketball.

Fantasy hoops have some fundamental similarities with football in that you sign a team and maneuver through your list of rejections, additions and deletions, offers and all that jazz throughout the week. (Look at the eight-team design we did Monday.)

But this is a slightly different exercise, and I am here to tell you why this unique season of NBA 2020-21 that has just begun is a great opportunity for fantasy football players to scratch the itch.

  • Community : It’s, uh… For me at least… most Fantasy Sports. Your competition may consist of your best friends from high school, your colleagues, your family, a group of ten strangers, and so on. Fantasy sports bring people together in a special and unique way that makes it all worthwhile (even if your team has a bad season). From design day to group discussions full of lively teasing, to off-season discussions and much more, the fantasy league is a linchpin.
  • Blood interests: You don’t have to be a big Phoenix Suns fan to see the Suns-Jazz contest on a Saturday night. You just need to have Mikal Bridges on your list to make it worthwhile, because that’s another factor that makes the great sport so great. Your interests range from the team you support to the many other teams in the league you follow, to the players on your roster.
  • Action! Action! action! action! action! action! action! action! action! action! action! action! Most sports fans I know have a common dream: one day to lead a professional team. You can count on me. And while managing the fantasy rankings is a distant cry from the NFL or NBA rankings, there are elements that we all love and that make it so much fun: Fantasy and trade execution, search the Bypass Wire for hidden gems that will boost your rankings, and of course, exciting victories. It’s our little chance to feel like a grandmaster or a coach for a day.
  • It starts now: The 2020-21 fantasy basketball season ended just before Christmas, which means you can get started without missing much. In fact, ESPN now allows you to start an NBA fantasy season after the design without having to score retrospectively. Set up this week, start the assessment next week.
  • Install identification signs once a week: If you want to have fun scuba diving, you can do daily activities, but you can also make it easier by setting your weekly schedule to Monday. 10 minutes of work for a week of fun.

Every Monday of the football season the incomparable Matthew Berry Twits comes out: What do you need to win a contest today? #WorldNightMiracle.

With Fantasy Football you can keep track of exactly what you need during the week. When you entrench yourself in an early hole because your opponent sends Alvin Kamara to the fantasy final on Christmas Day, you know that even a good performance from your team won’t be enough.

And while these Monday night wonders are a real rush, the weeks when your imaginary football team doesn’t make it against a superior opponent leave you a little uncomfortable. Imagine that the ESPN Fantasy application opens at 6:15 pm. AND on Sunday to an opponent with a lead of 40 points and an expected victory of 53 points. Takes the wind out of your sails.

Basketball is different, because while headers can occur in formats (and that’s not funny either), scoring is set so that your path to victory or defeat during the week is much less clear, especially in the face-to-face scoring category.

For example B. you are 6-3 behind in the categories participating in Sunday’s game, but your opponent is only three points ahead on flights, and his field goal percentage is only one decimal higher than yours. These two categories can be reversed… …and then flipped over again… at the end of the night, giving you a 5-4 advantage. You can also waste the advantage in the two categories you were ahead of at the end of the night.

Imaginary basketball is a real trip every week. Stay on the road.

It’s not too late to sign up. Do yourself a favor, take your friends, family, colleagues and try.

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