PITTSBURG — The Pittsburgh Steelworks didn’t win Washington’s soccer team on Monday, and coach Mike Tomlin agrees his team didn’t deserve the win.

For the second week in a row, the Steelmakers couldn’t get the ball moving in a short time and their racing game didn’t exist.

I live by the coaching credo: If you can’t get the yard, you don’t deserve to win, Tomlin said Tuesday, the day after the first loss of the season’s Steelmakers. That’s exactly what happened to us in this game. We had several sequences in which we had the option, if we got a yard, that was important for the development of the game’s result, but we were losing.

Not only were the Steelmakers unable to score points in a series of five seconds from the 1-yard line, but they were also unable to get points later on the board when they had a third and one of Washington’s 28.

Ben Rothlisberger, in third place, threw an incomplete pass at JuJu Smith-Schuster, followed by an unfinished bike ride to rookie Anthony McFarland, who had only five catches until Monday night.

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With an average of just 1.5 meters per load, the Steelers averaged only 21 meters at night and lacked the physical agility that was the hallmark of many teams in Pittsburgh.

If you can’t get a yard in our game, you don’t deserve to win, Tomlin said. They are all elements of football, an element of physical football. We didn’t succeed, so we still have work to do in this area.

For the second week in a row the Stalers were without the center of Morkis Pansi and led the race for James Conner.

Benny Snell, the straggler with 33 strokes, had eight pieces at five meters, while McFarland had four at 15 meters. Conner should be activated by the Buffalo game on Sunday, said Jeremy Fowler, ESPN source, while Tomlin said Pouncey also has a chance to come back.

But in his usual way, Tomlin didn’t apologize for his team’s performance.

If you’re a legal entity, if you’re an entity that has a product, you can absorb inaccuracies in the schedule, the actors – the protagonists – are absent, etc., and still get up at those moments, Tomlin said. This is our station as we prepare for the next race. … Ever since we missed some of these guys, we’ve lost our mobility.

Honestly, it pisses me off because we have to be a band that survives, no matter who’s available. In this way we build this group not only in terms of attracting actors, but also simply in terms of developing mentality and personality.

In addition to the attacking setbacks of the Steelers, there were 7 crashes of the Steelers’ receiver and the hard part of Eric Ebron, who left the Steelers with 31 crashes in the first division this season.

Broadband receiver Dionta Johnson, who leads the league with nine shots, had three on Monday night, Abron two. Tomlin was very excited when he was asked about the drops on Tuesday.

They can catch the ball, or be replaced by those who catch it, Tomlin said. It’s as simple as that. As I often say, I expect boys to play routine games. If there’s a tendency not to, we have to be careful who we throw the ball at.

The coach who catches football for those who work at this level is not something that I have a lot of patience for, it is not something that any of us have a lot of patience for. The job of these guys is to catch football, especially routine. If there is a pattern, fewer possibilities are to be expected.

Part of the problem with James Washington’s Wide Receiver is that it doesn’t focus on the catch itself.

I think a lot of us are somehow thinking about the next step instead of just catching the ball first, Washington said. It starts with a man. I know what group of people we’re going to focus on.

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