Davie, Fla. — Tua Tagovayloa’s left thumb injury continues in week two, casting a shadow of doubt on his ability to play against Cincinnati Bengal on Sunday.

If Tagovayloa, officially classified as dubious, could not play, veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick would play for the Miami Dolphins again.

The coach of the dolphins, Brian Flores, said Friday that the situation with the quarterback will be similar to last week, when the coaching staff will review the practice movie to determine if Tagovayloa is healthy enough to play and give them the best chance to win. The dolphins feel comfortable with Fitzpatrick, so they can bend over carefully if there are any doubts about Tagovayloa.

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When confronted with something that disturbs you, there is a certain influence on accuracy and speed. Every time there’s a problem, there’s an effect. This is clearly part of the evaluation, according to Flores. Both quarterbacks have been practicing, so we have to make a decision and we’ll make it soon enough.

Earlier this week Tagovayloa said he felt good and wanted to play, but he eventually turned to Flores and the coaching staff because he thought they had his interests at heart.

The newcomer sustained a thumb injury on his left hand, which he describes as a throw when he was killed on the 25th day. November hit his teammate’s helmet as he tried to get in shape during practice. Since then, Tagovayloa has participated in every practice session with a small team and this week, he added a black inning to his left, which he used to throw with.

The training of the Dolphins was limited this week, making it difficult to judge the accuracy with which Tagovayloa finished his passes and held his injured thumb, but Jake Grant’s wide receiver said he looked good on Wednesday. It will get better every day. He looked exactly the same. He continued where he left off.

Flores warned that coaches and management staff will have better indicators for the health of Tagovayloa than the beneficiaries.

I don’t know what evaluation eye these actors are looking at. I wouldn’t invest too much in their scouting skills, Flores said. We are going to go through this and make the best decision for the team, as we always do.

The Dolphins showed 7-4 that they can beat both Tagovayloa (3-1 as starting player) and Fitzpatrick (4-3 as starting player) against the quarterback. They will need a good performance against Cincinnati on Sunday to stay in the center of the AFC playoff movie.

Miami’s backfield is likely to be left without the other two contenders as running backs Salvon Ahmed (shoulder) and DeAndre Washington (hamstring) are considered doubtful for Sunday’s game. Upon his return Matt Brada also missed an undiscovered disease practice before he was admitted to the reserve/COVID-19.

The elusive Miles Gaskin, who has led most of the season, has missed the last four games due to a sprained knee. Flores said there would be a discussion with the coaches and the front office on whether or not to activate it in the 53-man lineup for Sunday’s game. Gaskin has practiced at least to a limited extent over the past two weeks.

When Gaskin is on, it is likely to make most of the contact in the background. Otherwise, the dolphins will probably have to rely on Patrick Laird. The Dolphins also have the full support of Chandler Cox and two broad receivers, Lynn Bowden Jr. and Malcolm Perry, who have some racing experience.

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