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The former star, Love and Hip-Hop, talked about near-death experiences. Chrissy Monroe, who played in the seventh season of Love and Hip-Hop New York, placed her picture in a hospital bed in Instagram and reported that she was hospitalized in October for a blood clot, underwent five operations in five days and was in a medical coma.

2. October 2020. You can fully see the light that disappeared from my eyes. In fact, I expected to die, but I wasn’t ready, there were still places I wanted to see and things I wanted to try. But the worst was yet to come: 5 operations in 5 days and then a medically induced coma, the priest even came, I don’t even remember, but he left me a pink rosary on the bed. For the first time in my life, I was scared. Something I never felt because I always knew I had everything under control, but this time my life was in other people’s hands because of a clot I didn’t know about! Surgeons, doctors and nurses! I had to renounce all my will and keep praying to God that everything would be all right and that I would live if that was meant for me.

In October Monroe released videos and photos of the hospital. On the 7th. In October she showed that she had undergone several clotting surgeries and on the video she stated that she did not have VID-19.

The hospital stay Monroe talked about was filled with loneliness and fear.

Monroe also talked about the loneliness and fear he felt. According to her, her father, who suffered from dementia, died earlier this year on social networks and she does not have many families that accept her mother, whom she described in her position as evil and hateful. At her post, she said that when the doctors told her friend to tell her family, she had no one to call.

I struggled with pain, loneliness and fear. The saddest part was when they asked Dawn to call a family member and she said she had nothing. ♀️ Since I was a child, I’ve spent countless holidays alone and got used to it, it doesn’t mean anything to me, but it really woke me up, because what if I can’t come? Who would take care of my pets? Who would have access to all the stuff I’ve worked so hard for? The smartest thing I’ve done is keep the life insurance policy with me as long as possible. I never want to be the godfather of anyone who finances my donation. I also went home and swore that my fortune would go to the people who were really there for me and who knew who they were. ❤ My worst nightmare would be if my mean, unpleasant mother came here and took everything away from me! She’s the one who wrote me karma – that’s b**** while I was on my deathbed. My health number 1, material s*** doesn’t matter, but good planning is important, especially if you have children. People keep the insurance on their cell phones, but they don’t keep it in their lives? I never understood that. It was an important call for me when I fully accepted it and became a much more pleasant and generally loving person. Every second counts! I get better every day. Thank God he got me out to write this article.

The 15th. In October she showed that she was going home to her post.

Still at home with a recovery program at the bedside, not allowed to drive or do too much, but very grateful to go home, not to the hospital! I can’t wait to get glamorous and dressed up again! Death almost humiliated me, and I take nothing or no one for granted.

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