Officially, the season of the Dallas Cowboys isn’t over yet. Even with a 3-9 record after the Baltimore Ravens lost on Tuesday with 34-17.

But it’s really over. And maybe it ended a few weeks ago. It may be over when the Cowboys lost the quarterback to Duck Prescott for the October season.

The Cowboys still clung to the idea that with the sloppy game of NFC East for them, anything was possible and all they had to do was set it up.

You can always say that if you want – there are only two matches left for first place – but a bell is ringing. It’s a bad team that does bad things and will be in the top 5 of the NFL draft next spring. Everything you need this week
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The Cowboys have lost six of their last seven games and their first record since 2015 is guaranteed. In the last 40 games, Mike McCarthy’s team has scored 14-25-1.

After a 12-day break because of the appearance of the COWID-19 Ravens, the cowboy defence looked like a unit that had not been trained at all. How else can you explain the refusal of three throws with at least 30 yards in the first half? For the fourth time this season, the Cowboys have missed more than 200 yards, the highest score in the NFL. This season 24 extra 200-yard games are allowed.

It wasn’t as bad as breaking the 307-yard franchise record on Cleveland Brownes in week four, but it was close. Baltimore finished the race with 294 meters on the ground, led by Gus Edwards with 101 meters. He needed seven porters. Lamar Jackson had 94 meters on 13 carriers. J.K. Dobbins was 71 meters on 11 flights.

Unfortunately, the situation is not as bad as in 2000, when the Cowboys played five games where they allowed at least 200 meters. But they still have four games to play.

The cowboy attack was functional, but still not explosive. The fighting in the red zone continued (2 of the 4). Andy Dalton was shot only once, but in the last minute of the race he was only 19 meters. He was also intercepted in the second quarter, which turned the Rooks into a touchdown game. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the cowboys were beaten with 120-28 points. Their less than 92 points is the biggest pool in the league.

Some people wonder if cowboys shouldn’t fail in the rest of the races. How do we know that?

Fault! The file name is not specified. Andy Dalton couldn’t help the cowboys with the ship against the Raven. Rob Carr/Getty Images

The biggest hole in the game plan: It may not be the biggest hole in a game that was such a disaster, but why didn’t Ezekiel Elliott get the ball? He had more feet in the first quarter than all of Washington on Thanksgiving. In the third quarter he opens a 14 and 3 yard series and is drawn in favour of Tony Pollard. If Pollard Elliott is sometimes well stocked, Tuesday wasn’t one of those nights. Elliott was decisive in his race and was able to break several grenades.

Unpleasant tendency: Greg Souerlein came onto the pitch on Tuesday, scoring eight goals in a row from 31 metres in the first quarter. He missed 40 yards in the second quarter (after penalty time), 53 yards in the third and 52 yards in the fourth quarter. He came into the game with three failed attempts this season. Formerly known as Greg the Leg, Zuerlein is the first of six attempts to score from 50 meters or more this season. His five misses of over 50 are among the highest in the NFL. If a team doesn’t have a chance to make a mistake, the striker just can’t miss it.

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