In the 2019-20 season, the Los Angeles Lakers won at +450 and went home for the 17th time. This is the second time in the history of the franchise that the Larry O’Brien trophy has been brought home. As the new season approaches, the chances of an NBA championship in 2021 predict a similar result.

The Lakers entered the season as the second biggest favorites to win the title, after the Los Angeles Clippers (+400).

In 2020-21, the Lakers will race for the NBA 2021 title as the +250 favorite, leading all odds in the NBA 2021 championship.

Kevin Durant and the rejuvenated Brooklyn Nets are right behind the champions at +650.

The Milwaukee Bucks (+650), Los Angeles Clippers (+650) and Boston Celtics (+1,400) are among the top five bookmakers in 2021.

In the top group we notice the absence of the defenders of the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat.

The heat season starts at +1,400, although it is a revelation in 2020.

Four teams were at the bottom of the table: The Cleveland Cavaliers, the Detroit Pistons, the New York Knicks and the Oklahoma City Thunder are the most serious contenders for the title in 2021 with a chance of +50,000.

Below are the last 2021 NBA championship opportunities for each team, updated weekly.

2021 NBA Championship bet

Lakers open as favorites to repeat

Los Angeles Lakers +250

Brooklyn Nets +650

Los Angeles Clippers +650

Milwaukee Bucks +650

Boston Celtics +1,400

Miami Heat +1,400

Philadelphia 76ers +1,600

Dallas Mavericks +2,000

Denver Nuggets +2,200

Golden State Warriors +2,500

Toronto Raptors +2 800

Portland Trail Blowers + $3,500

Phoenix Sens +4 000

Utah Jazz +5.000

Houston Missiles +6,600

New Orleans Pelicans +8,000

Atlanta Hawks +10,000

Washington Wizards +12 500

Indiana Pacers +12 500

Chicago bulls + 15 000

Orlando Magic +15,000

Memphis Grizzlies + $15,000

Minnesota Woodwolves +20,000

Charlotte Hornets +20,000

Kings of Sacramento +40,000

San Antonio Spurs +40,000

Cleveland Riders +50,000

Detroit pistons +50,000

New York Knicks + $50,000

Oklahoma City Thunder +50,000


Line change events

Lakers open as favorites to repeat

Below is a list of the major events that have moved the betting lines for the NBA Championship 2021, updated weekly.

[2. [December] Russell Westbrook for trading John Wall: The Houston Rockets and the Washington Wizards traded places with the All-Stars. Rocket’s odds have risen from +3,000 to +5,000. The valuation of the Wizards goes from +25,000 to +10,000.

(24 November) The Hornets have signed Gordon Hayward: The Hornets sign Gordon Hayward, who brings the former Celtic to Charlotte. The Hornets’ odds range from +22,500 to +20,000.

[24. [November] The holidays: The Milwaukee Bucks, the New Orleans Pelicans, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Denver Nuggets complete a team of four. The Bucks acquire Jrue Holiday and Sam Merrill. The Pelicans acquire Stephen Adams, Eric Bledsoe and two picks from the first round. Thunder acquires George Hill, Josh Gray, Kenrich Williams, Zylan Cheatham, Darius Miller, one choice in the first round and two choices in the second. The Nuggets will be taken over by RJ Hampton. Dollars opportunities range from +700 to +650. Pelicans’ chances also improve from +9,000 to +8,000. Thunder ratings have dropped from +9,000 to +10,000, Nuggets ratings remain unchanged.

(11/23) The Lakers sign off on middle front nr. 6 and Marc Gasol : The Los Angeles Lakers have signed three principals to support LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Marc Gasol, Montrezl Harrell and Dennis Schroeder join the defending champions. The Lakers’ odds range from +300 to +250.

(November 23rd) Clay Thompson confirmed: MRI confirms Clay Thompson has a tear in his right Achilles tendon.  The Warriors’ odds range from +1,000 to +2,200.

[19. [November] News of Clay Thompson’s injuries: The news reports that Klay Thompson injured himself playing basketball in Los Angeles. The severity of the injury has not been confirmed. The Warriors’ odds range from +800 to +1000. [18. [November] 2020. NBA project: Most lines remain clothed. The Hornets’ odds drop from +25,000 to +22,500 after signing the Rookie of the Year favourite LaMelo Ball in 2021. [18. Al Horford Trade: The Philadelphia 76ers sent Al Horford and two design pickers to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Sixers will host Danny Green, Terrance Ferguson and Vincent Poirier. The chances for the Sixers range from +1,700 to +1,600. The odds of thunder remain unchanged. [16. [November] Chris Paul Trade: Oklahoma City thunder sends Chris Paul to the Phoenix sun. The Thunder gets Kelly Oubre Jr., Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome, Jalen Lecca and a first-round pick in 2022. Sun ratings range from +6,500 to +4,000. Thunder’s rating ranges from +7,500 to +9,000. [16. [November] James Harden – Sixers Rumors: Rumor has it James Harden wants to leave Houston. The Brooklyn Nets have become a favorite place for Beard. The network rating ranges from +750 to +650.

NBA Championship 2021 Chance Analysis

The first step in choosing a team to bet on is analyzing whether the game is worth the money.

If you decide that the Lakers (+250) have the best chance of winning the championship, you can bet $100 on them to win $250.

Even if you think the Lakers have a better chance of winning the championship than any other team, it may be worth betting on another team for high winnings.

Even if you expect the Lakers to have a better chance of winning than the Lakers, the payout is considerably higher for the Lakers than for the Lakers.

While $100 will raise $250 if the Lakers win, $100 will raise $2000 if the Mavericks win (+2000).

Weigh your odds and choose the team that gives you the most value for money.

Lakers open as favorites to repeat

Lakers open as favorites to repeat

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