Kim Jong-un’s New Year’s message was short. He conveyed his thoughts by means of a handwritten letter. He said: I will work hard so that soon a new era will dawn in which the ideals and aspirations of our people will be realized. Observers have read with interest the strategies used by the North to revive the declining economy. Moreover, with the skills of a new man at the head of the White House, the North will have to develop a new action plan. This requires a different approach for the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden. North Korea’s economy needs a boost.

The country is subject to economic sanctions because of its nuclear ambitions. It should also combat the fear of the spread of the coronavirus. In order not to take any risks, he blocked the movement of people from China. This has a direct impact on the country’s economy as China is its main trading partner.

According to Bloomberg, Kim Jong-un is allowed to keep his rhetorical ammunition secret and mention it at the next congress of the Labour Party. The delegates have already arrived in the capital and are waiting for the meeting to begin. The details of the meeting are not yet known and all that is known is that it will start at the beginning of January.

The economy of North Korea is of concern to Kim Jong-un.

As an expert advisor to the South Korean government, Congress will focus on the roadmap for the next five years.

It will include all the economic, military and political projects of the Kingdom of Hermits. Kim Jong-un was able to make some changes to the head of the organisation in a context of a weakening economy of sanctions, natural disasters and the decision to close the borders against the coronavirus. Bloomberg is talking about the New Year celebration that will welcome the year 2021.

A flag ceremony was held in the centre of Pyongyang. It included song and dance programmes and fireworks. The state television broadcast the program. Kim visited the mausoleum of the Sun Palace in Kumsusan, where the bodies of her father and grandfather are buried. In April there was speculation about Kim Jong-un’s health, but the South confirmed that he is safe.

Comparison between Kim Jong-un and Jo Biden

The North Korean leader has spoken three times with US President Donald Trump about the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. In January 2019 Kim Jong-un sent a New Year’s message to Donald Trump. However, they could not agree on an acceptable solution. Joe Biden is the elected president, but so far Kim Jong-un has kept his distance. Bloomberg added that in his speech at a military parade in October he spoke about his country’s economic struggle under international sanctions. Kim Jong-un also shed tears for his people at the parade and exhibited part of the nuclear arsenal. Some of them could attack the United States and allied forces. The new environment of the White House leaves more room for negotiations, which is a positive sign.

You can continue where the previous administration left off or take a new path.

New Year’s party for Kim Jong-un

As reported in the U.K. Mirror, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un began the New Year by visiting the graves of his predecessors. At midnight he reaches the Sun Palace of Kumsusan. The bodies of his father and grandfather are kept here under glass. They were the previous leaders of the country. On this occasion Kim Jong-un sent a letter to the citizens of the country. He usually gives a speech on New Year’s Day, but this year things have changed with the coronavirus and the sanctions. The crowd gathered on the main square of Pyongyang for a concert and fireworks.

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