Arsenal players Arsenal players had their worst start in the first division season since 1974-75.

Kieran Tierney said the Arsenal deserved to be booed after being drugged at Burnley. What is the current situation of the Hanners?

An 1-0 loss thanks to an own goal from Captain Pierre-Emerica Aubameyang leaves the 15th team behind in the standings. The North London team is back at the table and has suffered seven defeats in the last ten games of the championship.

A number of 2,000 fans in the Emirate Stadium clearly expressed their displeasure after the match.

We don’t show the manager what we can do and how much we believe in him, says Scottish international Tierney.

In every game there are signs that we’re doing a little better, but it’s still not enough.

Work is the only thing that can solve [the problem], nothing else. There’s no excuse. I can’t say anything that would make people believe something positive would come out of it.

tierney’s got a point. If you’re a supporter of the arsenal, the statistics are grim:

  • The defeat meant that Arsenal lost four straight home games for the first time in 61 years.
  • The shooters spent 12 hours and 32 minutes with aerobatics without finding the starting line of the game open.
  • With four wins and a draw after 12 games, it was their worst start to the season since 1974-75, when they celebrated two wins and three draws.
  • Their ten goals after 12 Premier League appearances is the lowest at this stage of the high season since 1981-82, when they scored eight goals.
  • Arsenal has received six red Premier League cards since Michael Arteta took over the reins last December, twice as many as any other party in the same period.

The last act of undiscipline cost him a lot more than Burnley.

Game of the day 2 Wise Men Alex Scott and Germaine Jenas say Arsenal lacks leaders.

Sunday’s red card went to Granite Xaka for intercepting midfielder Clarence Ashley Westwood’s throat in just an hour, and the visitors scored the winning goal in the 15th minute.

For the second time this season, Arsenal has been fired for brutal behaviour after Nicolas Pepe signed a £72 million red card for a club in a draw with Leeds last month.

The hosts were lucky not to get the second red color when Mohammed Elneni put his hand on the face of James Tarkowsky in the corner, for which the Egyptian got yellow.

When asked whether it was unacceptable to fire Ksaki, Arveta replied to Sports: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. In my opinion, it’s too much to ask to be good, to compete, to do anything.

Ksaka can’t make these mistakes – Arteta.

We crossed, if you cross the line, you’ll be punished.

It won’t be any easier for Arsenal, who on Wednesday will take on Southampton at Emirates Stadium.

When asked where the game against Burnley would end, the Spanish player answered: Worst position.

When you have that kind of achievements, you have to win games, you have to win so easily. That puts us in a difficult position and we have to try again on Wednesday.

I think it’s clear what needs to be improved. I don’t know how to get the ball into the net.

said former Premier League striker Chris Sutton live on Radio 5: As an Arsenal fan I hear an interview with Michel Arteta and start to worry about the manager.

He said he liked that attitude, that he had a player, and that Mohamed Eleni had to go too.

He said they played well, that they were too close. Maybe I’m wrong, but I didn’t see him. I think he made a mistake.

Former Arsenal Defender Alex Scott has been included in the MOTD2 : First of all, you should not do it in the part of the field where the ksaka-granite catch is located. The reaction then is to let the players down, the fans down. It was a complete game changer. You can’t do that with the RVA.

It’s that red fog, it’s about having that control and knowing you can’t do it, and in the position we’re in, my team needs me.

If you’re watching tonight’s game, who’s the Arsenal star? this is young, left-handed Kieran Tierney. I am so disappointed in Willian that I saw him pass the ball without even moving.

Match on the banner photo of the day 2 FA Football Cup

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