Alliance supporters organize a march to protest the 2020 elections in Washington, D.C., December 12.


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Over the past year, we have been bombarded with analyses – some sober, some less – about how institutions can be abused to undermine the will of the people and reward President Trump with a second term of office he did not win. Now that the Electoral College has spoken out, let’s evaluate these warnings.

One prediction turned out to be correct: If Mr Trump lost the election, he wouldn’t admit it. A wave of tweets from the president came in: The election was rigged, Biden’s ballots were tampered with, Trump’s ballots were thrown away, election officials and judges were too weak to do their duty. He never bothered to explain why these thugs no longer bring great victories to the Democrats in Congress and in the civil service.

I should have foreseen this, but I didn’t know how many Mr. Trump’s supporters would believe it. He convinced more than three-quarters of his party that the President-elect…

Joe Biden

will take office illegally. It will be bad for the political system; the question of how bad is bad is open.

Nor did I expect more than 60 percent of the Republican party assembly in the House of Representatives to support the recent attempt by the Supreme Court to have the election results in four central states overturned – an attempt so unfounded that the judges have unsuccessfully dismissed the case. Maybe a quarter of congressional supporters believed the accusations. I think the others were motivated by a combination of cynicism and opportunism: The case is going nowhere, so why should I piss off the voters of the incumbent president, many of whom support me? The fact that these legislators had confidence in a dangerous forgery does not seem to have frightened them.

The good news is that the elections didn’t take place: Postal votes have not overwhelmed the voting machine; state and local government officials have not put party politics above their professional duties; courts have not given in to political pressure. Federalism and the judiciary successfully defended the integrity of the 2020 elections.

Despite a tidal wave of nearly 159 million votes, 20 million more than in 2016, counting and verifying the votes went surprisingly well. Many states reported their results four years ago. Most slow states suffered from the outdated ban on processing and counting votes by post until the polling stations closed. Post-election polls, including reviews in most regions of Georgia, did not reveal any errors or irregularities and only led to minor changes in the results. As Attorney General.

William Barr

said, much to President Trump’s regret, that we still haven’t seen a fraud of this magnitude that could affect the outcome of another election.

Once the results were clear, state and local government officials in the emerging states came under heavy pressure from the president and his supporters not to certify them. But almost without exception, these officials broke the rules. The Georgian Secretary of State has refused to violate his oath of office. The governors of Georgia and Arizona refused to go any further. And the President’s attempts to force Republican legislators to abolish popular voting in their states have failed miserably. In response to requests for help from the White House, Republican leaders in the House of Michigan and the Senate have asked the president for additional federal funding.

Mr. Trump is rightly proud of his success in appointing and confirming conservative federal judges. But when it comes to legally challenging the election results, he cannot be satisfied with the return on his political investment. In such cases, the conduct of the persons designated by him or her is difficult to distinguish from that of the judges elected by the previous Presidents. It turns out that in the American system people who end up as judges believe in the rule of law. Philosophy of law makes all the difference when it comes to major issues. But when it comes to the question of whether the complainants have provided the necessary evidence to substantiate the accusations of violation of the right to vote, almost all judges have seen the same thing, regardless of their partisan, ideological or judicial decisions.

Now that the sessions of the Electoral College are over, there is only one checkpoint left on the way to the inauguration of Joe Biden. The sixth. In January, Congress meets to count the votes of the electoral college cast by the states. Although the process is generally ceremonial, Congress has the power to decide when a state’s performance is questioned by at least one member of the House and Senate. Some of Mr Trump’s supporters in the House of Representatives seem to want to do this. It would take only one Republican senator to initiate a formal vote in both houses.

None of this will influence the outcome of the presidential election, there is no chance that the Democratically Controlled House of Representatives will vote to overthrow the state electoral college. But it would be a defining moment for the Republican legislators, who would then be forced to choose between the supporters of the president and reality.

Main Street: Bye Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are the Republican candidates, no one has more interest in keeping the Senate red than the President. Images : Getty Images Composite : Mark Kelly

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