In a world full of instant gratification, most people don’t want to take the time to think about what they’ve said on the Internet. We are more than quick to post angry, hurtful comments online, and we are quick to forget about those comments when a little time has passed. However, this is a problem that needs a little more than a two-sentence blog post to fix, so I want to start a new blog where we can all write about the things we’ve said online that we regret, and hopefully learn from those mistakes in the future.

Like me, you’ve probably said some things in the past that you wish you could take back. I’m not talking about the bad things I’ve said to people I’ve offended—but rather, when I was a kid, I said some things to my mom that I wish I could take back.

As a society, we all say a lot of bad things to ourselves, and I’m not talking about the stuff we say to the mirror in the mornings. I’m talking about the stuff we say and think to ourselves when we’re alone, when no one else can hear us. We all have those negative thoughts that we tell ourselves when we’re alone in the shower, or at night while we’re trying to fall asleep. We think things such as “I’m too fat to wear that dress/shirt/dress shirt.” We tell ourselves “I don’t deserve the happiness that’s right in front of me.” We tell ourselves “I wish I could be more

Needless to say, NBA players are very embarrassed. However, this trust comes in many forms. While some stars can be strong, silent players, Gary Payton preferred to silence his opponents with gruff chatter. In one situation, however, Payton went too far. After making a personal comment about his opponent’s dead mother, he had to apologize after the game.

Gary Payton was a fierce warrior and a ruthless cod

. COMPARED TO: Gary Payton tried to kill George Karl every other day During his time in the NBA, Payton earned a reputation as a tough defender. But that wasn’t the only way he could get his opponent under his thumb. Payton has proven to be a fierce competitor who does not shy away from any opponent. As we saw in the last dance, he was even ready to fight Michael Jordan. A lot of people have left Mike. I didn’t, the guard explained during the episode. I did it, I said, to exhaust him. Get him out of here. You just have to exhaust him. And I kept hitting him and hitting him and hitting him, it knocked Mike out. Jordan, by the way, claimed Payton didn’t hurt him. In addition to his physical defense, Glove was also known for throwing verbal punches. He once called an opposing coach a smurf. In another case, he threatened to kill his teammate’s family.

Guard had to apologize to Lamar Odom after he talked about his dead mother

. COMPARED TO: Gary Payton says LeBron James is a much better and more versatile basketball player than Michael Jordan As the cliché goes: All is fair in love and war. The same can be said for the NBA game, at least when Payton was on the floor. Lamar Odom is the only one I’ve really jumped on like that, Payton explained to Fair Game 2019. I was talking about his mother and I didn’t know his mother had just died. And I said a lot of bad things to him that I really regret. After the match, Odom was understandably upset. He told his agent what had happened, and the agent in turn spoke to Payton’s agent. Then the news reached Glove, who realized he had crossed the line. My agent came to get me in the locker room and told me that Lamar was just a little kid at the time and that he was very upset, Payton continued. And he was very emotional. And I had to go apologize, because if I had known that his mother had just died, this would never have happened. I said a lot of bad things to a lot of guys and hurt a lot of guys. And it was just me.

This isn’t the only time Gary Payton’s tirades have gotten him into trouble.

word-image-10602 word-image-10603 Gary Payton during his time with the Seattle Supersonics. | Hector Mata/AFP via Getty Images COMPARED TO: Gary Payton made $10 million more in the NBA than Michael Jordan Payton himself admitted that he was not afraid to hurt an opponent. Not surprisingly, he’s put himself in at least one more awkward situation than Odom. As explained in an article in the Players’ Tribune, quoted on ForTheWin, Payton once made the mistake of addressing the Chicago Bulls’ bench, including Michael Jordan, during a preseason game. When the two teams met in the regular season, His Highness made the newcomer pay. MJ scored 33 points on the night and matched Payton on Seattle’s bench late in the game. He looked me straight in the eye, Glove recalls. Is that (foul language) what you’re saying in the preseason? The most amazing thing is that MJ doesn’t even get angry and do anything. He chews his gum (rude). That’s the real thing (vulgar language) there. Welcome to the NBA, son. If you open your mouth and say unkind things, there’s always a chance you’ll get burned. It happened to Payton twice, but under very different circumstances.A few days ago I was talking to a friend about something that happened to him, and I said a lot of bad things. He was genuinely hurt, and I was surprised. Then I was amused, because I’d always thought that I’d be ashamed of my actions. But I must admit, I was wrong. If I were to do it again, what would I say? And if I were to reflect on what I’ve said or done in the past, would I say any of it again?. Read more about i only love my bed and my momma and let us know what you think.

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