Academic writing is a formal writing style used in educational institutions such as high schools, colleges and universities. It is a clear and structured form of writing that emphasizes research to express theoretical concepts in a logical way. Although writing rules may vary by subject, the universal characteristics of academia apply to all disciplines.

As a student, you need to communicate effectively in writing to show that you understand a particular subject.  Standard research papers are essays, proposals, term papers, proposals and essays.

The characteristics of academic writing are as follows:

  • Clear and concise.
  • Structured
  • Show evidence
  • Destination
  • Formal style and tone

This article provides a detailed guide to writing research papers and sound advice to help you write excellent papers.

Academic writing can be fun – here’s how

What is scientific writing? As mentioned earlier, it is part of the mandatory academic publications in the schools of the academic unit. Although most students find this form of writing boring, it can be fun to improve their planning and study skills.

If you want to write a clear and concise document, you need to understand the purpose of the research and the target audience. Most professors and teachers at universities often have a clear standard for academic writing that students must adhere to. It is necessary to use the correct standards, as these determine the final scoring system.  Therefore, you should read the question carefully before you start writing your essay.

Once you know what to expect from the document, you can move on to the preparation phase. Here you will need to do extensive research to gather the necessary data for your work. Writing a research paper requires enough time and effort to produce excellent results. So you have to sacrifice your busy schedule to plan your work, otherwise you end up with incomplete research and mistakes.

So divide your homework into sections and plan your work accordingly.  It’s essential to tackle academic writing from paragraph to essay, and before you know it you’ll have the whole research paper finished in no time.

Top 10 phrases for academic essays

Academic writing follows a certain formalism that students must adhere to or they will not meet the required standards. Therefore, it would be better if you learn more about writing academic essays to increase your vocabulary. Since academic writing requires skill, you can hone your formulations and become an exceptional writer over time.

Below are some key phrases to use in your research papers:

  1. via

You can use this sentence to start your essay or when you present your argument.

  1. First, second, third.

Although these phrases may seem obvious, they allow you to emphasize clarity and present your ideas in chronological order.

  1. According to

This wording introduces the perspective of other authors or researchers to your work.

  1. Opposite/subordinate

It expresses an alternative opinion or when you present a different argument on a particular subject.

  1. Again,

It demonstrates the positive factors of your research even without any evidence. This wording makes your work clear and professional.

  1. Related.

You can use this phrase when you want to show that two points of view agree.

  1. For example

You can use it when you want to give examples to support your arguments.

  1. So

Used when the arguments provided need to be expanded.

  1. Most importantly.

This is to emphasize the importance of a particular point.

  1. In conclusion

Use this sentence in the conclusion to prepare readers for the end of your article.

There are many other useful phrases you can use in your research papers. Therefore, study them carefully to understand how to use them properly.

Follow these instructions and relax

If you want to know how to write a research paper, follow the guide below:

Understanding academic work

Read the essay question carefully and understand what is expected of the essay. For example, the time limit, the word limit, the formatting style, etc.

Select subject

Think about it and find a suitable topic for your essay.

In-depth investigation

Conduct extensive research on a variety of primary and secondary sources to develop meaningful arguments in formulating research questions for management.

Thesis statement

Write a thesis statement that describes the main purpose of the research.

Developing a plan

It serves as a guide to make the writing process easier because you know where to place your points.

Complete the first project

Write your essay without perfecting it while articulating your points clearly.

Second project

Go back and rewrite the second draft, which includes the introduction, main points, and conclusion.

Revision level

Make sure you thoroughly edit and proofread your work to perfect it.


Use the Tutor’s Checklist to make sure you meet all the required standards.

How an academic writing service can help you

Since college life is quite hectic, most students find it difficult to finish their assignments on time. Even smart students run into difficult topics and get stuck in the introductory section. Therefore, most students prefer to take the help of competent writers for their academic papers.

Engaging professional experts is beneficial because it gives you extra time to relax or focus on your upcoming obligations. The writer will finish all your work and deliver it on time. That way, you don’t have to worry about tight deadlines and hefty fines. Since the experts are highly qualified in various disciplines, you will get a top quality original document that will help you get excellent grades and significantly improve your GPA.

Most people think that hiring experts in article writing is quite expensive. But these services are very affordable as most of the clients are students on a tight budget. Therefore, these services are available to anyone in need of academic assistance.

If you are looking for high quality content, make sure you hire a professional writer from a reputable writing service and you will never regret your decision.

FAQ : Academic writing made easy

Below are the most frequently asked questions about academic writing and detailed answers.

What is scientific literature?

It is a form of professional writing that uses research and evidence to explain theoretical concepts in a structured and logical way.

How do you make a transition between paragraphs in an essay?

Make sure the ideas flow logically into each other to indicate continuity of thought. You can include transition sentences in paragraphs to help the reader understand your point of view. Also, make sure there is a main sentence at the beginning of each supporting paragraph.

Can a scientific essay begin with a quotation?

While it is not entirely wrong to begin an essay with a quote, it is not advisable to begin or end an academic paper with a quote. So make sure you begin with an engaging introduction that lays out your ideas about the essay.

Do copywriting services really work?

Essay writing services work according to strict guidelines that ensure that the writers deliver all the work in accordance with the customer’s instructions. These services often hire reputed professionals online and provide a platform where clients can hire them to write different types of research papers.

Yes, there are many legitimate writing services in the digital space with real professionals. However, you should be careful and look for the best services before making payments. Not all companies are genuine, and therefore you should be very careful before hiring a professional writer online.

Not a fan of academic writing? We can help you!

Do you find writing research papers boring? Take it easy. We are here to help you become an excellent academic writer.

However, if you need help writing an academic essay, we offer top quality services based on the essay instructions. Even if it’s a complicated research topic, we’re here to help. Just contact us and we will put you in touch with a competent academic expert. You no longer have to submit poorly written documents with unstructured arguments.

You will also benefit from a personalized learning experience, improve your academic performance and become a better student. Talk to us now and take your writing to an unimaginable level.

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