We don’t have an Advent wine calendar anymore! He said Harrid Costco’s employee was coming after me. I just came in to Wayne, Angie, Costco, and he heard me say wine to my husband.

The Costco Advent calendar contains 24 half bottles of different wines and is sold for as little as $100 if you can find it. Neither the wine nor the desired bottles remain on the Costco shelves for a long time. Finding a seductive promise can end in disappointment – or a big bottle of wine.

Siobhan Clements,

The buyer of beer, wine and spirits from the northeast, Kostko, calls it a Kostko treasure hunt. The cooperation may consist of a small production of Pinot Noir or Costco’s own production, which is requested in Kirkland under the Rutherford Napa Valley Cabernet brand.

The bribe may be a small production of Pinot or Costco, which is popular with Kirkland Rutherford Napa Valley Cabernet.

I have written before about buying wine at Costco, but I was looking forward to my last visit to this store. The pandemic forced producers to divert wines destined for restaurants and hotels to the retail sector. Is one of these gems at Costco?

According to

Chad Falcon,

As Assistant Vice President and General Merchandise Manager at Costco Wine & Spirits, there are Costco wines, spirits and beer buyers, both corporate and regional, across the country. The Northeast region, which is served by Mrs. Clements, includes nine states and 35 stores that sell wine (about 80% of all Costcos), including Wayne, where I shopped this month.

Some brands were pleasant surprises and we could do very good business, Mrs. Clements said. For example, she received several cases of Austin Hope Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that was very well received by critics. She couldn’t tell me where all the stores ended, but she said Austin Hope wine was in some stores in New Jersey.


Did the wine from your favourite restaurant end up on the shelves of the local shopkeepers during the pandemic? Share your experiences. Take part in the interview below.

On my first trip to Costco I didn’t see an Austin Hope Cabernet, but I did it quickly. At 9 o’clock in the morning it was busy in the shop; I had to avoid my colleagues to keep the social distance. (Attendees who are also residents of California – the only state where Costco has a license to sell wine online – may choose online stores, but offers are limited and unattractive).

Next to the Kirkland wines stacked in the aisles, I found J-tags in the grocery store. Lohr and Sutter Home and famous bottles such as Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio ($22) and Veuve Clicquot Brut Non Vintage Champagne ($48.09). These wines are often very competitive at Costco; the Veuve Clicquot was worth two dollars less than in a nearby wine shop. Again, in 2019, the Chardonnay Carneros Carneros I found at Costco cost $39.99, $4 more than the same wine at Bottle King in the street. When I mentioned the discrepancy with Miss Clements, she was surprised. Our goal would be to be very competitive. I have to find out, she said.

I found some very good wines on the Kirkland label, including the Chablis Premier Crewe 2018 Kirkland Signature Series ($ 20) and the Rutherford Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Kirkland Signature Series Balanced ($ 19), which are characterized by bright red fruit and crisp acidity. The first one is made

Odile Van Der Moore

on the website of

Jean-Marc Brockard,

the highly esteemed manufacturer Shabelle, the latest…

Glenn Hugo,

a former winemaker from the Girard wine company in Napa, which has been producing Kirkland wines in various regions for more than ten years. Our goal is to produce affordable, balanced wines with good acidity, according to Hugo.

I also found some very good wines from Necklenland such as Dr. Konstantin Frank Dry Riesling ($12) 2019 from Finger Lakes in New York and Domaine Louis Jadot Marsannay Longeroies 2018 ($36) from Top Burgundies and Domaine Louis Jadot Marsannay Longeroies 2018 according to

Kurt Eckert,

The House of Louis Jadot, director of the national brand New York, is the latest wine exclusive to Costco in the United States. The company Costco sells several wines per year. We try to give them six points: three white and three red, Eckert said.

Megan Frank,

The CEO of Dr. Das Weingut Konstantin Frank in Hammondsport, NY, was happy that I found his (rather small) Riesling at Costco. In 2012 I heard a completely different reaction when I told the producers that I had found their wine at Costco. Then Doug Shafer, the president of Shafer Wineries in Napa, told me that the Shafer Merlot I found should have been sent there by mistake. I noticed that, Miss Frank. I think the pandemic is a very modest test for winemakers looking for luxury, she replied.

When I went back to Costco and looked for the Austin Hope Cabernet 2018 ($53) I also found the Dow Cabernet 2018 ($20) – a much more balanced and easier to drink wine with less alcohol.

George Dow,

The owner of the Dow family estate in Paso Robles, California, told me that he had bought Costco for years and found the beautiful Bordeaux in his local shop. If Costco is good enough for Chateau Margot and Chateau Latour, they’re good enough for Dow too, he argued.

I never found the first altitude in the Bordeaux Costco and I still have to see the Wine Advent calendar. But, uh…

Andrew Cullen,

the creator of CostcoWineBlog.com, sent me his opinion Mr. Callen has nothing to do with Costco; he and his fellow fans watch Costco wines just for fun. His review showed that there were indeed two different Costco Advent calendars for wine that were collected this season. The two bottles contain a varied selection of 24 half bottles; one costs $99.99 and the other $97.99. Wines from around the world are pretty good, Callen said.

A few days after he gave his preview, Mr. Cullen sent an update. He found a third calendar, apparently only available in Canada, with a brilliant selection. He also said he had heard that Costco might release a second wave of calendars. I sent Mr. Falcon an e-mail to see if it’s true. He said he didn’t have any information. It wasn’t really a no, so I can fall back on Costco just in case.

OENOFIL / Top Costco label

Holiday Wine Shopping: How to Win the ‘Costco Treasure Hunt’

1. 2019 Dr. Constantine Frank Dry Riesling Fingerseen New York 12

This producer of Thumensee is credited with bringing Riesling to the region and mentioned several examples of grapes, including this example of lime and pear, which are light and easy to drink.

2. 2018 Dow Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles California 20

According to Georges Daou, the owner of the Daou vineyard, Costco customers have bought enough boxes of this elegant Cabernet, which is characterized by bright red fruit, herbs and well-integrated tannins.

3. 2018 Kirkland signed Premier Crewe Chablis Series 20

This very pleasant and quite fruity Chablisch comes from several first class Chablisch vineyards, explains Chad Sokol of Costco. Directed by Odile Van der Moore, the head winemaker of the famous Chablis vineyard Jean-Marc Brockard.

4. 2018 Kirkland Rutherford Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Series Brands $19

Glenn Hugo, chief winemaker at Girard de Napa, produces a range of Kirkland wines. The fruit of this stylish, affordable and beautifully polished cabernet comes from the Rutherford district of Napa.

5. 2018 Domaine Louis Jado Marsannei Longeroies 36

The famous Burgundian Louis Jado produces this wine in one of the best watercress salads on the Côte de Nuits. Exclusively for the American Costco, characterized by aromas of red fruit and herbs and fine tannins. It’s good to drink.

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