When I first arrived in Guatemala, I was surprised to find that the majority of women I saw walking around in the streets were covered from head to toe. I told myself that this was not a style choice, but rather a sign of poverty, and I was in for a bitter shock when I saw that the same style was worn by women in the United States.

If you’ve ever visited Guatemala, you know that it is definitely a country full of beauty. The mountains of the Lacandón rainforest are breathtaking. Ancient Mayan cities are fascinating to explore. And the gorgeous blue lakes are always a welcomed sight. But few know that Guatemala is also a place where miracles happen on a regular basis, and you can be a part of that!

word-image-9784 This week, the 31st. In May, Memorial Day, the good doctor Sean Murphy (Freddie Highmore) travels to Guatemala with a team of volunteer surgeons from St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose. Once there, they not only face difficult medical decisions in a very arid and unforgiving environment, but must also play the role of God by deciding which of the hundreds of patients has the greatest chance of healing and survival. Lea (Paige Spara) also wants to play her part in Venga, episode 19 of season 4 and the first part of the season finale. Unfortunately, she cannot shake off this all-consuming sadness, no matter how hard she tries to pull herself together and cheer herself up. Fans will no doubt enjoy seeing Freddie Highmore demonstrate his fluent Spanish without subtitles, which TV Fanatic does on the 31st. Can find fault with it. Last year he got an all-Spanish role in Jaume Balaguero’s film Way Down. The good doctor is always at the center of television programs that highlight the human face of medicine. This episode immediately drags viewers into some of the most emotional moments of the season, with an unexpected surprise along the way.

In Good Doctor , some are better prepared for the journey than others.

Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) plays the dutiful chauffeur who takes the good doctor and Leah to the airport. The resident makes it more than clear that he is not just talking about the luggage when she assures him that it is not that heavy to lift. Sean’s mentor clearly hasn’t revealed his current family shortcomings. Sean asks him if he wants some rum from the duty free shop. Glassman punches Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) for taking a toilet seat. Mr. Andrews states that only someone who has never been on such a missionary trip would question whether to bring this item. In the beginning, the doctor Lim (Christina Chang) and Dr. Resnick (Fiona Gubelmann) seem the most enthusiastic. While viewers see the team on the bus heading to a remote location, Lims bag is missing and Morgan Resnick already looks worried. On the other hand, the good Dr. Brown (Antonia Thomas) offers her B-12 supplement. Drs. Murphy seems awake in anticipation of the adventure. During their journey, the good doctor discovers a fungal disease in the skin of a sheep farmer friend, who runs his flock off the road. The next day, Dr. Murphy manually administered an ointment for relief.

Good Doctor talks about life and death by the dozen

Upon their arrival at the village clinic, the head doctor (Osvaldo Benevides) informs the noble volunteers that only 12 patients can be selected. No matter how sick or sad the situation of the last hope is, they are sent home. The sickest, the elderly and the most severely affected are at risk of being left behind, as their chances of survival are already limited. The seriousness of the mission is evident on the face of the good doctor and the other team members as they call out the names of the crowd in the courtyard. One of the most touching encounters was between Dr. Andrews, who had already been nicknamed Dr. Toilet Seat because he had packed the same item when a resident visited, and a boy with a facial tumor. It’s so refreshing when the chief of surgery is just a caring doctor. The chemistry between Andrews and the precious baseball fan was palpable, both between the real people and between the actors in the role. Andrews warns that the surgery can be fatal because it involves many arteries. Yet he plans to change this life forever. For more on this plot, read next week’s Good Doctor. Other fathers and sons are not so happy with their news. They are discharged because the heart problems make the operation too risky. Morgan watches as the parent embraces his beloved child. Here her heroine shows the same heart she had when she risked her hands forever to save a patient. If she’s brave enough to let her walls down, Morgan becomes a redeeming soul. Dr. Park (Will Yoon Lee) watches his reaction from afar. The good doctor, on the other hand, discovers a problem in his patient, but the solution to that problem is not necessarily at hand. Dr. Murphy is examining a patient suspected of having a pulmonary embolism. When the nurse offers to turn him over and check his circulation in a different way, the good doctor realizes that the clot is in his brain. His mind, as usual, begins to plan the operation. In this case, however, normal care and treatment are not possible. He starts talking quickly in Spanish and then says: I’m not very good at bilingualism. The nurse suggests that the snake venom treatment will have the same effect as the necessary anticoagulant medications, so the surgery can go ahead. The same caring nurse approaches Claire Brown with a handkerchief during an unusual emotional crisis. The surgeon, full of self-mockery, apologizes and the nurse insists that humanity is the only way to save a life in these circumstances. They should focus on the miracles, she suggests. Otherwise, you’re not helping anyone. Brown’s patient becomes a single mother with a gallbladder problem. At the end of the first part of the season 4 finale, Claire comes to tell her daughter to wake up her mother because she is going to have surgery.

Good DoctorMother Abduction

Dr. Lim wonders about the flirtatious movements she sees from Dr. Andrews at the bar. He told her he was just being nice. She raises her eyebrows in response and quickly decides to take a cab to her hotel room. Without any fear, she jumps into the car, which she thinks is a rental car, and the doctor’s owner jumps in after her. By the time Dr. Mateo suspects they’ve been kidnapped, they’re out to get the good doctor. He advised Audrey Lim to remain calm. They arrive in a dark room where they discover a woman in labor. Lim checks that she has full dilation, but the baby is stuck in the birth canal. Mateo suggests a technique of grabbing a child to relieve the pressure on the shoulders. A successful move means a happy meeting. Not everything is dark in the adventure of the good doctor. Dr. Lim doesn’t feel tired after their amazing experience together. After a passionate kiss, Mateo enters her hotel room. Speaking of mothers: Lea does her best to fight and be as helpful as possible. Yet she cannot hide her desperate pain and grief over the loss of her unborn daughter. Through the window she witnesses the arrival of little Isabella and her parents. Later she comes to congratulate her mother and gives her knitted goods. She calls the girl a perfectionist, but understandably cannot hold the baby. Claire Brown is still learning to deal with her grief. She catches Leah in tears and tells her that Sean needs to know the whole truth. Lea rightly says that the good doctor cannot cure this pain. But together they can support him. The Daily Express newspaper of 1. June confirms that the ladies are taking the taffy of the evening. In the evening, Léa shares her moving experience. The good doctor holds out his hand. Lea adds that her mother wants her to go home to Hershey, Pennsylvania for a while. She tells Sean that a little time off would be good for him. I want you to be happy, he replied. These internal scars are going to take Sean down with a scalpel. I can’t even look into your beautiful blue eyes, she admits, because I wish our daughter had them too. Resentment bubbles to the surface in both Park and Resnick. When he tells her that he has seen her reaction to the little boy with his father, she responds in kind. She tells him that he cannot play the role of the sensitive benefactor after demanding that they maintain a strictly professional relationship. She’s right to be offended, but let’s hope they don’t ruin a good thing. Hope springs eternal with the good doctor. It looks like there will be hope in the operating room during medical outreach next week. The essence of catastrophic health meets the genius of the Good Doctor surgeons, and a glimpse of the final episode reveals that Sean and Leah are moving forward together.

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