Defense attorney Eric Nelson, left, and former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin listen to testimony in Chauvin’s trial at the Hennepin County courthouse in Minneapolis, Minn. Court TV/Pool/AP

The trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin resumes Thursday at 9:15 a.m.

Yesterday, jurors heard testimony and saw body camera footage of Minneapolis police officers.

If you are reading this, here is what happened on the third day of the trial:

CCTV camera

The video played in court Wednesday contained the first public defense of Chauvin’s actions, in his own words.

Shovin heard him explain his actions and say: We need to keep this guy under control because he’s big and looks like he’s up to something.

The video shows George Floyd crying and begging the officers not to shoot me as they approach him in the car. When they brought him out, Floyd told the officer that he didn’t know what was going on and that he was terrified.

The body camera footage also shows a witness begging the officers to check his pulse as Floyd lies face down on the pavement.

Bro, he’s not responding right now, a close witness can hear cops yelling outside the cell. Check his pulse, check his pulse.

He doesn’t move, another witness can hear screaming.

emotional message

Charles McMillian, the man who watched officers arrest Floyd, said he told Floyd to surrender to police when they tried to put him in the police car: You can’t win.

McMillian broke down during his testimony after seeing the footage of Floyd’s arrest. The video shows officers trying to get Floyd into a police car and then fighting with the police. Floyd can be heard on the recording saying that he is claustrophobic and that he is searching for air.

McMillian was one of the first witnesses at the scene and can be heard on surveillance footage telling officers that Floyd had stopped breathing.

Later, McMillian told Chauvin: I have no respect for what you did. McMillian also testified that he had seen Chauvin in south Minneapolis five days before the incident.

Video on mobile phone

Christopher Belfry, a Minneapolis resident who had parked his car on a street corner when he saw officers approach the vehicle Floyd was in, said he recorded a video on his cell phone showing Floyd being handcuffed and sitting on the ground outside after officers pulled him from the car.

Belfry said he started taking notes when he saw one of the officers pull out a gun.

branch employee

Christopher Martin, who was working at Cup Foods when the incident occurred, testified that he spoke with Floyd while he was in the store and testified that he believed Floyd was under the influence.

He said he sold Floyd cigarettes even though he knew the $20 bill was counterfeit. When he told his manager about the bill, the manager asked him to go to Floyd’s car and try to get him back to the store. When Floyd did not return, Martin said the manager told another employee to call the police.

As the video of the street corner played for the jury, Martin recounted how one of his colleagues in the crowd watched the incident from the sidewalk.

HLN’s Mike Galanos and CNN’s Omar Jimenez summarize the third day of the trial and look ahead to what will happen today:

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