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GameStop and Stock Market Live Updates

in connection with Gabriela Bhaskar’s credit report for the New York Times.

GameStop shares shot up Friday, the latest rebound in a week of sharp price swings for companies offered in a flurry of activity by retail investors.

This week, GameStop stock, which was neglected by Wall Street, reached $483 and fell to $61.

GameStop ended Thursday’s regular trading session down 44%. Earlier in the day, there was a drop as Robinhood and other trading platforms said they would limit the ability to buy certain securities, including AMC Entertainment and BlackBerry.

The store application subsequently lifted some restrictions. The stock rose about 65% in early trading on Friday.

We plan to allow limited purchases of these shares starting Friday, Robinhood said in a blog post Thursday afternoon. We will continue to monitor the situation and make any necessary adjustments.

Robinhood called his action a risk management decision and later said he had raised $1 billion to cover the cost of the high volume of transactions, so he did not have to impose new restrictions.

Other brokerage firms have also restricted trading in some of these stocks. The Securities and Exchange Commission said Wednesday that it is actively monitoring trading volatility.

Other titles encouraged by day traders on Reddit forums like Wall Street Betting include AMC Entertainment, the movie theater chain that managed to avoid bankruptcy four times in the past nine months, which rose 53 percent in early trading on Friday after falling 57 percent on Thursday.

Shares on Wall Street fell Friday after European and Asian indexes also fell, the latest twist in a volatile trading week.

The S&P 500 fell about 1% early in the session, extending its weekly loss of about 1.4% to Thursday and its worst week since late October.

Johnson & Johnson said Friday that its single-dose coronavirus vaccine provides strong protection against Covid-19 – but is less effective against new variants of the coronavirus. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is also less effective than Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccines, and Johnson & Johnson’s shares fell in early trading while those of the other two companies rose.

Wall Street was besieged this week by an army of day traders who whipped up a handful of stocks, forced hedge funds to take losses and attracted the attention of regulators and senators.

Similarly, GameStop and AMC Entertainment shares rose early on Friday after the Robinhood retail app announced it would lift certain restrictions that allow it to purchase new offerings. Both stocks fell Thursday after trading restrictions were imposed.

Memory trading is gaining momentum in cryptocurrencies, where wild price swings are not uncommon. Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that started as a joke, jumped 800% on the last day. Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla, caused a stir Thursday by tweeting another meme, a fake magazine cover featuring a dog. The billionaire also made his bio on Twitter simply #bitcoin, and cryptocurrency made a 15 percent jump.


  • The German and French economies did better than analysts expected at the end of last year, the data show. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, even recorded slight growth. But the struggle to increase vaccine stocks in the region has dampened optimism about an economic recovery this year. On Wednesday, Spain became the first EU country to partially suspend vaccination due to a shortage of doses.
  • The Stoxx Europe 600 Index fell more than 1%, with financial and consumer stocks suffering the biggest losses. The FTSE 100 in the UK fell about 1% and the DAX in Germany fell 0.8%.
  • Nokia shares rose more than 6% after Trade Republic, a German stock market app, lifted restrictions on certain stocks, including Nokia, GameStop and BlackBerry.


  • Asian stock markets closed lower. Japan’s Nikkei 225 fell 1.9% and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng fell 0.9%.
  • Hong Kong’s economy contracted 6.1% in 2020, slightly more than analysts had expected, with a slowdown in the fourth quarter.

GameStop and Stock Market Live Updates

The expansion of the trade has forced Robinhood to seek additional funding related to the Amy Lombard loan for the New York Times.

Robinhood raised $1 billion from investors on Thursday to meet its liquidity needs during this week’s frenzied trading session. But the online broker, a favorite spot for retail investors during the stock market craze of GameStop, AMC Entertainment and others, is still dealing with feelings of betrayal from its loyal customers and questions about its business model, writes the newsletter DealBook.

By imposing restrictions on popular stocks yesterday due to the financial demands of Wall Street’s central trading department, Robinhood alienated some of its key customers. (Small groups gathered for demonstrations in front of the New York Stock Exchange and Robinhood headquarters in Menlo Park, California). The sense of abandonment – that the brokerage has decided to protect Wall Street institutions at the risk of losing money to retail investors in the process – may be harder to overcome than the irritation of technical glitches like those that have hit the platform over the past year.

Meanwhile, Robinholding’s clandestine business model is coming under new pressure. The company has relied on existing investors and bank lines for liquidity as it is unable to raise funds by charging customers more. It benefits from increased trading – but more trading also means it needs more capital to hold its users’ trades, especially when volatility makes its execution partners more risk averse. Becoming a publicly traded company that can more easily sell shares and take on debt would be helpful, but the future trading frenzy could lead to greater demand for cash.

Washington also believes there is cause for concern. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said Friday that it will review actions that may disadvantage investors or unreasonably limit their ability to trade certain securities.

House and Senate lawmakers have pledged to hold hearings on Wall Street internal trading and may require dealers to set higher margin requirements to prevent such races. This can make trading more expensive for users and discourage some from doing business.

Chevron announced Friday its third consecutive quarterly loss as oil and natural gas prices remained low and the pandemic disrupted economic activity across the economy. It was the worst operating result in four years.

The oil industry was hit hard last year, forcing companies to cut jobs, write off their assets and, in the case of dozens of mostly small companies, file for bankruptcy.

Chevron had a stronger year than most of its peers thanks to its various international operations, but the California-based company still lost $665 million in the final three months of 2020. The company lost $5.5 billion for the full year, compared to a profit of $2.9 billion in 2019.

2020 was a year like no other, Chevron CEO Mike Wirth said in a statement. We were in a good position when the pandemic and the economic crisis hit, and we ended the year with a strong balance sheet.

As oil and gas prices rose late in the year, Chevron posted a $501 million profit in the fourth quarter, but its refining and chemical operations continued to suffer from continued weakness in the global economy.

GameStop and Stock Market Live Updates

A sign painted for the New York Stock Exchange. GameStop’s share rise was driven by a populist message related to Gabriela Bhaskar’s credit for the New York Times.

GameStop opened the week with a curiosity – by showing how markets have become disconnected from reality and how small traders can use options to drive up stock prices.

On Tuesday, the story of the stock became an obsession as the price nearly doubled. Dishonest groups of investors on forums such as Reddit and Discord tried to force a short squeeze, i.e., drive down the price of stocks that hedge funds had bet on.

GameStop shares were the most actively traded on Wednesday, valued at $24 billion, with the price up 135 percent. Brokers are worried about their risk and some have discouraged their clients from buying stocks on margin – by borrowing money. Elon Musk and Chamath Palihapitiya both seduced the crowd via Twitter. The Securities and Exchange Commission has stated that it is actively monitoring current market volatility.

The rise of GameStop and other stocks – AMC Entertainment and American Airlines were two other popular targets – began to wreak havoc on hedge funds. Earlier this week, Melvin Capital was expected to raise $2.75 billion to save Citadel and Point72. Its founder, Gabriel Plotkin, has confirmed to CNBC that he is throwing in the towel and stepping down.

Point72 sales were down nearly 15% through Wednesday, while Citadel sales were down 10%.

Shares fell for the first time in a week on Thursday as many traders counted on the stock being restricted. Among other things, Robinhood temporarily prevented its users from purchasing new items from GameStop and other companies. This announcement sparked the ire of users who felt the platform was selling them out to please big investors. They call themselves Robinhood, but they help the rich take money from the middle class, said a protester outside Robinhood’s headquarters.

Robinhood said there will be multiple trades on Friday, which could lead to another day of wild swings. She said that because of the financial difficulties, she has set limits and wants to raise $1 billion. The Council has also asked the United States to provide $11.5 million to ensure that it does not have to further downsize its operations.

Analysts expect GameStop to post a $465 million loss in 2020, on top of the $795 million lost in 2019.

GameStop and Stock Market Live Updates

Janet L. Yellen was sworn in as Treasury Secretary by Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday at the White House. credit related Doug Mills/The New York Times.

President Biden will get his first official economic briefing from Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen on Friday, as the White House rushes a rescue package through Congress.

The meeting took place in the Oval Office and was also attended by Vice President Kamala Harris. Yellen was sworn in Tuesday and spent her first days in office getting updates from advisers on the status of existing stimulus programs and discussing with foreign ministers America’s plans for cooperation with its allies. She also followed the unusual stock market activity related to GameStop this week.

The meeting comes at a time when the economic recovery is showing signs of slowing, leading White House officials to fear that there is little time left to approve a tough package before a number of emergency provisions expire in March. Democrats in Congress are still debating whether to advance the legislation on their own using a mechanism called reconciliation, or whether to work with Republicans on a bipartisan bill.

Ms Yellen referred to the advice she would give Mr Biden at his confirmation hearing last week. She urged lawmakers to take decisive action, saying that ensuring reliable support is a budget concern to avoid long-term damage to the economy.

Yellen’s team at the Treasury Department is still being assembled, and those close to her suggest that she will likely take on the role of senior White House economic adviser and help negotiate with lawmakers in Congress, rather than participate directly in the negotiations. The Treasury will also be actively involved in the design and implementation of assistance programmes.

In a speech at the White House, Biden said Thursday that passing aid legislation is his top priority.

We still have a lot of work to do, Biden said. And the first thing I need to do is deliver this package to Covid.

GameStop and Stock Market Live Updates

The market in Paris this month. The French economy contracted 8.3% overall in 2020, but the October-December performance was better than expected…Credit…Ludovic Marin/Agence France-Presse – Getty Images

The severe recessions in Germany and France caused by last year’s coronavirus pandemic began to improve slightly by the end of 2020, while a second round of local power cuts softened the impact on their economies, the governments said on Friday.

But the prospects for a recovery expected this year in Europe’s two largest economies may diminish as a new variant of the virus circulates and problems with vaccine supplies arise, economists warn.

France’s economy shrank 8.3% last year as two months of closures across the country hit economic activity hard, the national statistics agency said Friday.

But the overall decline was less than expected. By limiting the country’s second shutdown, which took effect in October and was largely limited to restaurants and cultural events, the government has avoided an even bigger economic blow, the statistics office said. Growth in the fourth quarter fell 1.3% from a year earlier – far less than the 4% growth many economists had predicted.

In a message to customers, the Dutch bank ING wrote The big question now is whether France will be able to prevent a second recession in 15 months.

Given the current health situation, another recession seems all but certain, the bank added.

The German economy grew by 0.1% in the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter, the Federal Statistical Office said. In the third quarter, growth was still 8.5%. At the time, the economy was recovering from a severe recession earlier in the year when a pandemic crippled German factories.

Overall, the German economy contracted by 5% in 2020, the statistics office said.

In a separate message to customers, ING said it was the worst performance since the 2009 financial crisis, but still much better than some feared at the start of the Covida 19 crisis.

Economists predict that the German economy will start shrinking again in the first quarter of 2020, as vaccine distribution is slow and local businesses remain idle longer.

GameStop and Stock Market Live Updates

Local businesses have been displaced by the pandemic. linked to Adria Malcolm’s credit for the New York Times.

The economic disruption caused by the pandemic is changing communities across the country. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have closed their doors, resulting in loss of livelihood and empty storefronts. Many of these things were mainstays of the neighborhood, beloved places we kept coming back to. In your neighborhood, you may no longer find the café where you met friends after work, the restaurant where your family celebrated birthdays, or the bookstore where you liked to browse.

The New York Times would like you to tell them about a local business that closed. Why was she special to you, and what do you miss? How does its absence change the structure of your community?

We can contact you for additional questions. And if you can, share a picture of the company.

Robinhood on Friday restricted trading in cryptocurrencies, its latest restriction on users in a week of crazy trading aimed at increasing the stock at video game retailer GameStop.

The trading platform has stated that instant deposits are temporarily unavailable for encrypted purchases, meaning users cannot buy anything until their deposit is paid. However, customers can still use the money in their account to buy cryptocurrencies.

Due to exceptional market conditions, we have temporarily disabled the instant buying power for cryptocurrency, Robinhood said in a statement. We will continue to monitor market conditions and communicate with our customers.

A spokesperson for the company said the overall goal is to give customers instant access to deposits up to $1,000. The new rules do not affect gold buyers.

Robinhood and other online brokers are scaling back their stock trading, including GameStop and movie chain AMC, which held a rally this week fueled by amateur investors. But the platform said it was beginning to ease some of those restrictions.

Robinhood currently allows its users to buy shares of some of the securities involved, but within certain limits: Users can buy as little as five shares of GameStop and up to 115 shares of AMC, depending on the website. Positions in option contracts are also limited.

GameStop and Stock Market Live Updates

Credit…Greg Baker/Agence France-Presse – Getty Images

HNA Group, the Chinese conglomerate that spent $50 billion on trophy deals around the world but has since been struggling with heavy debt, said Friday that a creditor has filed for bankruptcy.

HNA stated in a brief statement that the creditor has filed a petition with the court in the southern province of Hainan, where HNA’s headquarters is located, for the company’s failure to pay its debts. The company did not say whether the court had ruled on the motion.

The announcement underscores the problems that continue to plague this once high-flying company, which previously held significant stakes in Deutsche Bank, Hilton Hotels and Virgin Australia. HNA asked the Chinese government for help in rescuing the company last year, questioning the effect of the coronavirus on flight cancellations due to debt problems.

Founded as a regional airline, HNA was once a rising star among China’s new generation of airlines, which also include Anbang Insurance Group, Dalian Wanda and Fosun International. Fuelled by cheap loans from state banks and backed by strong political connections, these private companies made frantic deals all over the world, buying hotels, manufacturing companies and even stakes in the world’s biggest banks.

But as these companies expanded their empires, the authorities feared that the huge debts they had accumulated would pose a hidden risk to China’s financial system.

Faced with a huge debt of $90 billion, HNA sold billions of dollars worth of real estate. At one point he was so strapped for cash that he asked his own employees to lend him some.

Finally, the chairman of HNA admitted that the company had problems paying its bills and the salaries of some employees. Officials from the Civil Aviation Administration and the China Development Bank took over the company’s risk management last year. The HNA also gave two seats on the board to local officials.

HNA said Friday that a court in Hainan, where the company’s headquarters is located, has informed it that creditors have filed for bankruptcy. The company will cooperate with the court, the company said in a statement on its website.

frequently asked questions

Will GameStop shares continue to rise?

GameStop trade draws attention from government regulators GameStop stock is up 685 percent in 2021 alone – a growth rate that’s turning Wall Street analysts’ heads. Experts point to the speculative activity on options, the furor on the WallStreetBets forum on Reddit, and the incredible short-term interest in the stock.

Will Robinhood lock up the GameStop?

Investment app Robinhood on Thursday blocked access to GameStop and other popular names as trading increased among users. This decision follows last week’s surge in GameStop (GME) shares, which triggered a short squeeze. … Users began reporting that they could not trade with GameStop and other promotions on Thursday.

Why did Robinhood stop trading with GameStop?

The clearing house did not want to be caught with brokers who did not have the resources to settle. Robinhood and others therefore limited their purchases of these highly liquid shares until they had sufficient liquidity to pay the guarantee. … On Friday, Robinhood renewed its purchase of Gamestop and other recently released popular stocks.

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