Cyberpunk 2077 – has it gotten any better? (Photo: CD Projekt)

Monday’s attendees are wondering what Marvel’s next big-budget video game will be, because one player doesn’t like Kentucky Route Zero.

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Average mediocrity
It should come as no surprise that Cyberpunk 2077 is in the middle of the 2020 Readers’ Choice Top 20. No one could have predicted this a few months ago, but it’s not so bad considering the bad press he’s gotten.

Personally, I can’t say anything about the quality because I haven’t played it yet. I think it’s better to wait for the PlayStation 5 version when I know all the problems. Clearly, the wait is now longer than I thought in terms of console ownership and delays in the release of special next-gen versions.

So I wanted to hear what readers had to say about how the game works on the PlayStation 4, which I own. I’ve read about the recent patches, and while they seem to help, it seems the games are still pretty bad, and I still think waiting is the right thing to do. I’m waiting six more months!

Old Order
Like many others, I dug my delay during the slot and finally managed to play out the Wolfenstein game : New order after I bought it second hand a few years ago. At first I thought the game was 2014, but after two chapters I was sold!

The story is great, it’s the first time I’ve been interested in World War II since high school, and the game’s learning curve is excellent. I just bought the other three Wolfenstein games for PlayStation 4, so my order book isn’t going anywhere!
PS : Any word on Wolfenstein 3, GC? There hasn’t been much online since 2018, but Bethesda was confident that the trilogy would come to an end.

GC: Nothing happened. MachineGames is currently working on a new Indiana Jones game, which means it will probably be a while – if ever.

Avenge the Avengers
Nice to see that Crystal Dynamics already has a new Tomb Raider game online. After the Avengers disaster, I was worried about them because developers have been sidelined much less in the past.

I wonder what the future holds for other Marvel games. It was the first game not from Sony, and it fell like a lead ball, even though the game itself – if it was a single-player game – was actually pretty good. This means that the first prediction is that there will be no more silly games like service games.

Another problem with the Avengers game was that it didn’t have its own look and feel. Spider-Man games are very different from movies, so it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to copy them. The Avengers did this, and if something similar comes along, it should have its own identity. That’s why Ms. Marvel so good because it was unique and not comparable to movies.

I think Square Enix wants to get rid of the Avengers as soon as possible, even if Disney doesn’t want to cut ties first, but who else is going to get licenses? Will Microsoft try to join in, or will Sony shut them out and try to make everything Marvel-exclusive on PlayStation?

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Almost zero
One man’s art is another man’s work. I have to say that 70% of Route Zero in Kentucky falls under the latter. The first two acts in particular seem tedious, with seemingly endless bundles of boring lyrics that don’t amount to much. Thankfully, the game picks up speed from Act 3 onwards with some magical moments that add to the overall experience and artistic design of the game.

The idea that you’re involved in creating the details of the characters through the dialogue you’ve chosen is interesting, but I don’t think it would really contribute to a fun game. Their decisions, insignificant compared to the outcome of history, make it even less interactive than it already is. In the end, I almost didn’t care which dialogue option I chose, because the characters would always forget anyway.

Personally, I would not support this extremely static artistic approach to the games. The power of the game lies in its interactivity. I want to interact directly with the story through the game and really immerse myself in the world. Games like Inside, Journey, and even What’s Left of Edith Finch work so well because their gameplay propels and fuels the story forward in a way that would be impossible in any other art form.
Ryan O’D.

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First impressions
Recently I received a demo of Balan Wonderworld. I can’t say it was one of the most anticipated games of the year, but I was still intrigued by it. He had a good pedigree, was fantastic and the trailer is a reference to Nights Into Dreams. That’s all right.

Then play the thing. I won’t argue that Nintendo Life is completely bad – it’s just boring and tedious. I still love the aesthetics and the cheerfulness, but the controls are terrible. I can’t remember ever playing a platform game, 2D or 3D, with such poor performance. Your character is so wooden that the movement makes you feel like you’re walking in a cold mass. And jumping, regardless of costume, is ridiculously bad. Also, why any hops from the front button? In other words, if you turn into a dragon whose main skill is a fireball, you suddenly can’t jump! What have you been smoking, Yuji Naka?!

Well, the later levels can impress because the farm level is uninspired. Mafia Island in the Hat in Time was also the weakest part of this game. But Hat In Time still made a much better first impression than this one! Psychonauts too. Just like Sonic Adventure. 1 и 2 ! Like Sonic Heroes, dammit! In fact, the game will do very well if it turns out to be better than Sonic Forces. Yes, I was there!

Congrats to them for releasing this demo, but it will probably hurt sales. What? Just a few months before his release? It’s some kind of turkey….

The boss calls
A and warns anyone who missed it: Radio 3 has included the music of Boss as a theme in their program Sounds of Games. They also made a good selection (God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Legend of Zelda) and interviewed Stuart Chatwood, composer of The Darkest Dungeon and Prince of Persia. It’s worth listening to on the website.

Next Saturday’s episode is dedicated to music in platform games, with an interview with Celeste’s composer, Lena Raine.

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Step Five: Acceptance
I’ve accepted the PlayStation 5’s lack of stock and resigned myself to getting it when I can. I haven’t chosen a digital or disc version yet. I think it’s going to be digital, because we’re going to share the games with my nephew, so we can pick up the gaming sessions we had when I had an Xbox like he did.

I’m going to get my nephew a PS4 Pro and I hope he gets a PlayStation 5 for Christmas. If I keep the Pro as my main console, I can play games with any account on it without having to log in. Since my PlayStation 5 will not be my main console for my account, I will have to sign in to my account to play, but by sharing the game we can both play at the same time as if we had two discs with copies of the game. We both need PS Plus to play online.

I have 372 PlayStation 4 games, two of which are on disc, so the disc is redundant enough for me. Still, I hesitate to part with the disc because it means all purchases will go through the digital store. But the PSN store is very good for sales, and I’m going to do all my shopping digitally to share the games, so the disc won’t be used at all. I’m not a fan of film and television, so I’m glad I can watch this content digitally.

For better or worse, only time will tell if I will be 100% digital. But since Cyberpunk 2077 has already sold 10 million digital copies, I think the digital version will probably already account for a larger portion of game sales.

Has your copy of Cyber Shadow magazine not arrived yet?
Mexx 42

GC: It’s not, no. We’ll see if we can get our hands on a copy, but he may have missed his chance now.

I really hope Japan develops a vaccine against the coronavirus soon. Nintendo needs to get back to the office or they’ll never do anything!

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Will Cyberpunk 2077 be better on the PS4?

Sure, sacrifices had to be made to make Cyberpunk 2077 work on PS4, but that’s no excuse. On Sony’s base system, the game’s performance is terrible, with both desperate framerates and a huge amount of pop-ups. Slightly better on PS4 Pro, but still not good enough.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 really that bad on the PS4?

Consumers who purchased the Xbox One or PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 may have assumed that it would be similar to the PC experience. Unfortunately, the game suffers from serious bugs, a low frame rate and blurry textures.

How do you improve the image of cyberpunk on PS4?

Cyberpunk Guide 2077 : How to improve your image on Xbox and …

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