Editor’s comment: This story was originally published in February. The fight has been postponed until the 6th. June in Miami.

Yes, of course, it’s a backlog.

It’s true that Logan Paul, 5-foot-10 and 90 pounds heavier than Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be when they step into the ring on June 20. February 2021 action.

But don’t be afraid for Mayweather’s safety. He has spent 43 years on this spinning planet, while Paul has only 25. Life experiences have to be worth something, right?

Yes, off the field I don’t care, but isn’t that the point of these extravaganzas? Have fun… and make some money. And this one could do some serious business, because Mayweather hasn’t been nicknamed Money for nothing. It was the A-side of the four most profitable pay-per-view events in boxing history.

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How can you box? This new celebrity show can teach a new generation the joy of hitting. On the other hand, it could plunge a whole new depth of relegation into the long history of boxing filled spots. To capture the attention of younger, social media-savvy consumers, the boxing ring is in the spotlight. In good times and in bad.

Here’s what we know and what we still need to know about this fight that everyone will be talking about in February.

What’s all the fuss about?

Floyd Mayweather Jr, left, shows off his boxing skills as he takes on YouTube sensation Logan Paul in a practice match in February. Al Bello/Getty Images

Mayweather vs. Paul, which is expected to take place at a yet unknown location, is being announced as a special exhibition. Your guess is as good as any guess about what it entails. Will it be like a boxing match? How many cartridges and how long do they last? What size glove? How is a large difference in weight taken into account? Will there be a sports committee involved? Fanmio Boxing, the company involved in the event, declined to provide details.

How can I watch?

All accessories will be available for a fee. Again, the rules are different from a traditional boxing show. Fanmio is a company that specializes in online dating for celebrities. So anyone who buys the PPV is entering a draw for a virtual meeting with Mayweather and Paul. The first million paying customers will be able to see the show for $24.99. After a million purchases, the price drops to $39.99. From 29. In December, it will cost $59.99. And on the 11th. In February, the price of the delay increases to $69.99. Get in.

Who is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul, left, lost his only professional fight to fellow YouTuber KSI last November. Ed Mulholland/Matchbox USA

He is very well known on social media, which means he is one of those people who are known by their celebrity. Think about it: Kardashian wears 10 ounce gloves (oh wait, that really happened).

Is it known?

Paul’s YouTube channel has 22.6 million subscribers, who are treated to a steady stream of youthful, DIY, but cleverly crafted videos – I spent $150,000 on this Pokeman card, spread peanut butter and went to the dog park, etc. etc. Paul has 18.7 million followers on Instagram and 5.8 million on Twitter. In contrast, the number one boxer in the weight class, Terence Crawford, has 645,000 followers on Instagram and 206,000 on Twitter.

But Paul has boxed before, hasn’t he?

Yes, he has boxed twice with another YouTuber, a Brit named KSI. Their first encounter was a failed amateur fight in Manchester, England, in August 2018, where a majority was scored. That meant they had to do it again, and the rematch took place just over 14 months later – in the form of a failed professional boxing match at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission. CSI won the division.

Has Paul also had a recent argument with a former NBA player?



Jake Paul sends Nate Robinson to the mat and wins by knockout in the second round.

No, it was Logan’s little brother (and fellow Youtuber), Jake Paul. Jake has had two professional fights, both in 2020. The second, in November, was also held at Staples Center and served as the main event for Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Battle map. Paul, 23, fought a former champion… Well, at least the slam-dunk champion. He knocked out former NBA star Nate Robinson in two rounds before viciously insulting UFC star Conor McGregor.

So, both Paul brothers have a history with boxing. And Mayweather has a history with the show, right?

The 2017 fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr (right) and Conor McGregor sold over 4 million pay-per-view buys. Will Mayweather’s practice match against Logan Paul generate the same buzz? Joe Amon for ESPN.

That’s for sure. He retired in 2017 to knock out McGregor, who was making his professional boxing debut. It garnered 4.3 million buys, making it the second-highest boxing PV in history, behind only Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao in 2015 (4.6 million).

A year after the McGregor fight, Mayweather faced a 20-year-old Japanese kickboxer named Tenshin Nasukawa, who was a 30-year pro in his sport but had no experience as a professional boxer. On New Year’s Eve 2018 in Tokyo, under the auspices of MMA promotion Rizin – and under rules that remained a mystery almost until the bell rang – Mayweather won by knockout in the first round with a near-miss sweep. And would have received $9 million.

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But with an MMA fighter and a kickboxer, at least Mayweather was facing someone his own size. That wasn’t the case in 2008, when he stepped into the ring and defeated a man who was 6-foot-4 and weighed 500 pounds. Here’s how WWE announced Big Show as Floyd’s opponent (and eventual victim) at Wrestlemania XXIV.

The year before, Mayweather was put to the test during his appearance on Dancing with the Stars, where he suffered the only defeat of his career.

Total: Who will win?

Mayweather wins. Paul won. The company that pays per session wins. Those with disposable income and a penchant for spectacle, the more absurd the better, can feel like winners.

Boxing wins? That’s debatable. Shows like this put the spotlight on the sport, but how much of that brilliance turns into legitimate fights? And not that boxing – or MMA, for that matter – is a model of good taste, but the Pawls have a history of roughing it.

Wait, what was that about litigation?

For the 20. In February, nothing was announced other than Mayweather vs. Paul, but similar shows have made headlines in the past and fights between real professional boxers, some of which have been notable.

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For example, when Logan Paul set up a rematch against KSI at Staples Center in November 2019, there were two undercard world championship fights: Billy Joe Sanders defended his WBO super middleweight title and Devin Haney put his WBC lightweight belt on the line.

Mayweather Promotions has about 20 professional fighters. Don’t be surprised if some of them end up on this fake card.

Okay, I’m in. What can I expect?

You can expect boxing purists to taunt you with Kaiser Caveat! and quotes from P.T. Barnum. But there’s no denying that you’re not the only one passing up your $24.99, $39.99, $59.99 or $69.99 at the checkout. And on the night of the fight, you’re part of the biggest trending topic on social media. You might even have fun.

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