The qualifying games for England Markus Rashford, Northern Ireland Johnny Evans, Scotland Andy Robertson and Wales Gareth Bale take place from March to November 2021.

England will meet Polish Robert Lewandowski in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In the first group they also play against Hungary, Albania, Andorra and San Marino.

Wales will meet Belgium in Group E, beating them at Euro 2016.

Northern Ireland participated in Group C with Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

Scotland faces Denmark, Austria, Israel, the Faroe Islands and Moldova in group F.

In group A, the Republic of Ireland, Portugal will play Cristiano Ronaldo, Serbia, Luxembourg and Azerbaijan.

The qualifying games will take place from March to November 2021 and the play-offs are scheduled for March 2022.

Group C : Italy, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Lithuania.
Group E : Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Wales
Group F : Denmark, Austria, Scotland, Israel, Faroe Islands, Moldova.
Group I : England, Poland, Hungary, Albania, Andorra, San Marino
The complete drawing can be found here.

England face again Poland

England met Poland in 1974, 1990, 1994, 2006 and 2014 during the world championship qualifying tournaments. The two parties also met in the final round of 1986 in Mexico.

Poland may be the top scorer in world football so far, according to Lewandowski, who has scored 70 goals in 61 games for Bayern since the beginning of last season in Munich.

The Englishman Stephen Gerrard ( The last qualifier of the World Cup between England ( ) and Poland took place in 2014 when three Lions won 2-0.

There is a great history attached to this plane, said the English director Gareth Southgate. There was a spell where it felt like you were drawing it all the time.

The group also notes that England has three teams that they beat each time: Albania (four victories), Andorra (four) and San Marino (six).

Poland is clearly a very good place, added Southgate. Hungary has just been promoted to the first division of the League of Nations – so these two games will be particularly difficult.

The rest, when I played for England or controlled England, are complicated navigation games.

The encounter between England and San Marino is reminiscent of the 1993 World Cup qualifier, when three Lions lost in just 8.3 seconds – but won 7-1.

Wales has a chance to repeat its famousvictory.

If Ryan Giggs’ Welsh side was drawn into battle with the best players in the world, the famous triumph over the Belgians at the European Championships will remain in their memories four years ago.

The Welsh came back from behind, won 3-1 and reached the semifinals of a major tournament for the first time.

A big chance for Scotland?

Scotland qualified for Euro 2020 Scotland beat Serbia in last month’s Euro 2020 qualifications.

Scotland, which will participate in the deferred Euro 2020 next year, has moved to perhaps the lightest group of the four home countries, as it plans to return to the football World Cup for the first time since 1998.

They have never lost to the Faroe Islands or Moldova and have a good record against the group’s biggest competitor, Denmark, who have so far won 10 of their 16 matches.

Possibility of avenging Northern Ireland

In the group Northern Ireland, they resumed the fight against Switzerland, which controversially defeated them in the play-offs of the 2018 tournament.

Italy, whose last triumph came at the 2006 World Championships, takes the 10th place in the last Fifa ranking, Switzerland the 16th.

How does the qualification work?

Thirty-two teams will take part in the world championships in Qatar, 13 of them from Europe.

The winners of the 10 groups of the qualifying tournament will be placed in the tournament and the 10 winners of the group stage will participate in the qualifications with the top two of the League of Nations groups that do not finish in the first two groups of the World Cup Qualifying Tournament.

The 12 teams participating in the qualifications are drawn in three different ways, each consisting of a semifinal and a final, with the three winners going to Qatar.

When do the group matches of the World Cup Qualifying Stage take place?

March 2021: Days 1 to 3

September 2021: Day 4-6

October 2021: Authorization 7-8

November 2021: 9.-10. Game

March 2022: elimination game

And when will the World Cup finals be held?

Because of the intense heat of the summer in Qatar this world championship takes place from the 21st. From November to 18 December 2022, it will not take place for the first time in May, June or July.

The playback time has been reduced to 28 days.

Thirty-two teams will compete for the French championship title at eight locations in five host cities.

Match on the banner photo of the day 2 FA Football Cup

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